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Web applications development

Choose a long-term partner for your company, and we'll help you enhance your business. We develop software, design and maintain web applications. We know how to work with clients and their needs, so you're never left in the dark.

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How can we help you?

Build a product from scratch

The mDevelopers team has been creating mobile and custom web applications for over 12 years. Since then, we have completed over 200+ projects for both small and large companies. Thanks to many years of experience in product development from scratch, we have developed a transparent development process and dedicated workshops to successfully create a tailored product for you.

Optimization of existing product

The first step will be to verify the product in an ideation workshop. Then, we help you with factors such as code optimization, bug fixing, bottlenecking, security improvement, and product scaling. Once these obstacles are out of the way to success, the time will come for UX / UI tweaks to make your users love your product for sure.


Whether you come to us with an idea or a ready-made design, you can count on our team to deliver. We will guide you through the entire web app development process. From design, prototyping, coding, testing, and implementation to support even after the end of the project. We have been creating web applications since 2010, and our customer satisfaction rate has been very high so that you can rely on us.

Implementation of user-centric solutions (user experience)

The success of a product depends on many factors. The main two are a perfect understanding of the customer's problem and creating a product that will meet their needs and be easy to use and intuitive. All these features fall into the UI/UX domain. Our fantastic UI/UX and design team are some of the distinguishing features of mDevelopers on the market.

Minimum Viable Product

Building MVP is the first step to find out if your product fits the market needs. Critical factors for developing MVP are well-implemented UX/UI and solving problems of an end customer with a small number of functionalities. For years, we have been creating early-stage products focusing on the above values ​​and top-notch development. Our robust experience working with startups helps them to get fundings and succeed.


Throughout the work cycle, we make sure that your product is as well cared for as possible. Our DevOps team is a bridge between many of our other departments working on specific aspects to create one product together. It ensures clear lines of communication so that we can take this final step smoothly. Moreover, thanks to the agile methodology, we continuously deliver parts of the product in sprints, resulting in reduced costs, time, and risk of changes because the product is constantly upgraded. Even after the end of the project, we support the released product so that it is always on the highest level.

Experts in web technologies

Web application with us

We have a professional development team ready to work for you and create responsive web applications according to the highest standards, following your goals and requirements. Our main goal is to provide a high quality of work and complete customer satisfaction. We develop user-friendly, large-scale projects that help businesses grow and bring value. We like what we do by helping you transform your business needs into results. We use agile methodology and always keep clients up-to-date during all stages.


Over 200 successful web projects.

For over 12 years, mDevelopers has been the go-to web developer team for companies from various industries (Real Estate, E-learning, HealthTech, MedTech) and sizes. We are experts in creating internet apps dedicated to digital platforms (mobile phone, tablet) and desktop computers. Thanks to the completed nearly 200 successful projects, we can confidently say that we will provide you with the highest quality product.

End to end cooperation

Cooperation with one supplier facilitates communication and agreement on various aspects of the project, like UX / UI design through frontend and backend work. Responsibility for the entire project rests solely with the supplier; there are no more dozen subcontractors who blame each other when problems arise. The easiest way to outsource a project is to use help from a company with transparent product delivery processes and provide support at every stage. Starting with UX / UI and design, going through backend and frontend development on support and optimization of your product, ending with - we will do just this! Thanks to that - we are a one-stop-shop - we'll make sure you get everything you need at any stage during your project with us.

End to end cooperation

Each client expects the team to cooperate in product development to understand his ideas, business, needs, and requirements. Being aware of this fact, the mDev team constantly collaborates with a conversation and a discovery workshop. Thanks to this, both parties know their needs and expectations perfectly from the beginning of the project. Customers appreciate this approach very much. Mutual understanding and transparent communication are the guarantees of success.

Focus on your business

We will take care of product development for you. Let's meet at our Entry Discovery Workshop, during which you will describe your idea to us. Next, we will build a foundation of your product (for example, web portal development ), validate this idea, and create a document summarizing the planning workshop output. We'll start with an overview, and then we'll write down your statement for a web application in detail. As soon as we begin cooperation, we will report to you on our work progress regularly. Thanks to the agile methodology used by us, we can optimize current activities. While we create a product for you, develop your business!

You own the code

You are the owner of the code we created. Transparency at every stage of cooperation is inherent in our organizational culture and company philosophy. The mDev team always provides its clients with full ownership of the product. Thanks to this, we have gained the opinion of a professional and trustworthy software development company. It is one of the factors that our customers value very much. Therefore, we will always make sure that you have full access to your product.

Saved money and time

mDevelopers specializes in project management from start to finish. Our team members cooperate efficiently and have extensive competencies in every required field of knowledge (engineering, design, business). As a result, our clients save both money and valuable time, as they do not have to deal with several separate agencies. Instead, mDevelopers will take care of everything before handing the finished products directly to them - it's as simple.

Get a project implementation plan within a week.

If you are not sure how to go about digital product development, take advantage of our Feasibility Study and Discovery Workshop where we’ll prepare a project implementation plan for your digital product. All within one week! Don't waste time making uncertain decisions, use our workshop!

Project with us step-by-step

you can join at any moment of your project







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& Testing





or use go-to workshop for generating solutions at any stage of the cycle



or use go-to workshop for generating solutions at any stage of the cycle

Still not sure which technology to choose?

Contact us and after reviewing your project and idea, we will advise you on the best technology that will save your time and money!

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Asked Questions

What is the best methodology for the development of web applications?

If you hire a software development company to create your web app, they need to know what you expect and keep tabs on the process. They must communicate with you and explain how they'll work around any problems that may arise. Before starting any engagement, one of the most critical steps is deciding what software development methodology you want to use. Software development methodologies vary according to project goals, requirements, size, timeline, and team members. Of course, the best methodology for web application development is the methodology you are most comfortable with. You have a lot of methodologies: Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, and others. Check our article to expand this topic.

How to find out the cost of developing a custom web application?

Depending on many variables, the cost to create a custom web application can vary. It is essential to specify the nature of the employment (In-house, freelance, outsourcing). Secondly, it depends on the average income for a specific technology. Third, it is crucial to know the requirements to estimate how long it will take when building a web application.

Mobile app vs. web app

The difference between the mobile app and web apps are: Mobile apps are downloaded from an app store and installed on your phone. There is no limit to the number of free apps you can download for use on a single device. A key advantage of mobile applications in contrast with web-based media, which must be accessed through multiple devices, is that they operate only on a single machine. Web applications, also known as SaaS (Software as a Service), provide payment gateways or online banking systems in the cloud. They either require no installation or just a plugin to execute their functions like Flash player for video display. The advantages of web applications are cheap because anyone with access to the internet can use them. Devices are also not limited as people do not have to buy other devices to use an application reliably.

Difference between web apps and websites?

Web applications are pieces of software that can be accessed with a web browser like Safari or Google Chrome. Web applications are complicated. The web application needs a lot of things to work. It requires the server to be able to talk with the people who use it, and it also has scripts on the computer that help it do different things. A website could be a collection of all types of web pages organized into different categories and has different types of content. A website is a place where people can look at things and read them.

What is full-stack web development?

Full-stack web development means you can do all types of tasks in creating a website or application. Full-stack developers should be familiar with one or more popular server-side scripting languages (PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python Django, etc.). They also need to know HTML and CSS because those are building blocks for any website. So that kind of highly skilled developer can create a web app alone, long story short.

What is frontend web development?

Frontend web development is one of the main specialties in full-stack web development. It deals with anything in a website visible for a user, including website design and web application user interface (UI).

What is backend web development?

Backend web development involves creating server-side code or any program which can handle requests from the application layer via computer network protocols like HTTP. In other words, backend developers focus on making the data access layer and APIs to handle the requests.

Web app vs. native app

The difference between web and native apps is that a native app is created with the help of programming languages that are supported by the specific platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, for example). In comparison, a web application cannot be restricted to any hardware or software platform. A web application is usually displayed by using a browser.

What is web development?

Web development is a multifaceted effort that includes designing, creating content, and populating the site with information and coding scripts to function correctly. Web development is any action, update, or operation undertaken to ensure a website's performance to create an experience that is both fast and smooth.

What is the best technology for the WEB app?

Technology is best used for particular purposes, so it's best to consult professionals. Try our 4-hour free Entry Discovery Workshop where you'll get advice from our CTO with 12 years of experience in creating web solutions. He will help you determine the best course.

How is a WEB app developed?

For your web application to be successful, we need to know and understand your idea thoroughly. Therefore, we always start with a conversation and discovery workshop, and these factors are vital in understanding the project. We collect business requirements and technological expertise. The web design process begins with research. Then, wireframe models are developed based on what we determine when researching your needs. The next step is prototyping - low fidelity and high fidelity designs. Once the client approves the prototypes, we start frontend and backend product development. It then tests for possible errors, bugs, and bottlenecks. Last but not least is the implementation and maintenance of the end product.

Can I take a look at my web product while it is being built?

Yes, of course. Our basic principle is transparency at every stage of cooperation with our clients. When creating a product for your company, we regularly report on the work and tasks. We report on the progress of work and studies performed by us regularly on an ongoing basis. What's more, you can give your suggestions and ideas at every stage. After all, it's your project.

How long does web development take?

It all depends on the complexity and requirements of the product. The time frame consists of many factors such as technologies used, number of screens, number of functions created within this project. To get an accurate timeline for your project, contact us and tell us what needs to be done. Various aspects will affect how much work has to happen first to come true for your ideal vision.

How much does it cost to develop a web product?

Determining the price, like assessing the duration of a project, depends on the complexity and requirements of the product. Each project is different and requires an individual approach, so it isn't easy to generalize the costs. For exact costs, please get in touch with us. We will prepare you for our professional validation process that will provide detailed cost information for your project.

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