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React Native app development

If you want to have an app that will work both on Android and iOS platform, React Native is here to help!

This language combines the best features of native development with the great JavaScript library - React. There can be only one effect - a beautiful and quick cross-platform application. So look why it is worth choosing React Native!

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 React Native app development

What is React Native?

React Native is a Javascript-based mobile app framework with which you can build cross-platform mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Facebook developed the framework in 2015, and its goal was to create native-style applications that will run on the most popular mobile app platforms while using only one codebase. React Native turned out to be a hit because it is based on the React.js framework. The most significant advantage of React Native, apart from the possibility of cross-development, is that the mobile applications created with it are almost indistinguishable from those built natively. The power of this framework is being used in mobile apps by tech giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, or Oculus.

Why use React Native?

React Native is used mainly because of its benefits, and here is a couple of them:

Saved money & time

Saved money & time

Mobile apps development with React Native is a cross-platform one which means that you can simultaneously develop a mobile app for both Android and iOS using only one codebase! Such a solution means that you will need only one team, instead of a team for Android and a team for iOS native development. Fewer developers tell fewer expenses for your business. However, a minor team does not mean that the React Native app development process will take longer. Because one built code is enough to run two mobile apps, the use of React-native significantly boosts time to market.

Code is built fast

Code is built fast

React Native has many features that significantly accelerate the mobile app development process. This framework operates on built-in components while also having many complex third-party component libraries. React components are independent and reusable code, so building a mobile app using React Native is like using lego bricks. React Native developers use them to create unique user interfaces within a short period. Another great feature is hot-reloading. The developer can instantly see the changes he makes while the code is being written without saving them. This solution allows for faster encoding and reduces the risk of error.

Great performance

Great performance

Creating a mobile app using React Native is a great way to go when you want to have a cross-platform solution while also having near-native performance. React Native mobile apps can do it because of their nature. First of all, Facebook created this framework with the mobile app in mind only. Secondly, React Native app is taking advantage of device GPU instead of mainly focusing on the CPU. Third and most importantly, the performance of an application built on React Native is so close to native because React generates native elements with which it communicates and passes data asynchronously. Ultimately, the UI thread is used to display the content just like in native applications.

High integration possibilities

High integration possibilities

The community using both React Native and Javascript is already impressive at this point and continues to grow. The popularity of this technology allows for more integration with external programs than in any other framework. Moreover, you can easily use third-party plugins - JavaScript or native ones. The icing on the cake may be a technology supported by two tech giants - Microsoft and Facebook.

Little resources, big results

Little resources, big results

Thanks to the fast and relatively cheap development process, applications developed in React Native are an excellent solution for creating, for example, a Minimum Viable Product. What's more, the nature of this framework allows for quick changes in the project, and any mobile app developed in it is highly scalable.

Great UX/UI

Great UX/UI

One of the main advantages of React Native is the User Interface, which, regardless of the platform, is always fast and responsive. That's because React Native allows your application to use native elements on the mobile design. Instead of single components that render across both platforms, React Native is aware of native components and combines them with Javascript ones. The result? Apps look and work like a native app and have enhanced user experience because they're not configuring for different operating systems or experiencing differences in functionality from one platform to another.

See if React fits your project needs!

If you are still wondering how to approach React Native development in your project or want to hear more about it from industry experts - let’s get in touch!

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React Native development with us

Challenge solving

Where others say stop, we roll up our sleeves to work. Creating a mobile and internet application using the same code or two reanimated libraries to achieve native feel animations with improved UI quality is not a big deal. We also specialize in bridging with native modules to break through react limitations and wrapping unity games inside react native app - taking advantage of the powerful gaming engine, consuming less energy when unity engine is not required.


From startups to large corporations, from MedTech to Real Estate - a lot has happened over the 12 years of mDevelopers existence. We build React Native applications since 2017, and we were able to complete over 20 React-based projects. Thanks to this, we have gathered invaluable experience, one of our most important values.

Work Culture

By becoming our client, you become part of our team. That is why you always have at your disposal a cross-section of people from CTO to a junior developer who is ready to lend a helping hand at any time.

Business approach

Many customers appreciate that when we perform the work entrusted to us, we also advise on elements that can be improved, added, or removed. We do our best to recommend solutions that manage costs and significantly speed up the entire process. We are here to save your time and money.

Great quality

When you come to us, you can be sure that the final product of our development will be at the highest level. Thanks to our solutions, many companies have gained recognition on the market, and in the case of startups - financing./or the whole infrastructure on which the product is based. Transparency at every step of the cooperation is built into our organizational culture and company philosophy. That's why we will make sure that you have all the access to your product.


Many companies contacted us when their React-Native-based project ran into problems that prevented further development. Knowing that such a problem exists, we created a service - React Emergency. Its purpose is ad hoc and the fastest help provided by industry experts. This service is not connected with permanent cooperation, and we are here to find bottlenecks and propose solutions. So if the code does not work or you have a problem integrating some technologies, we invite you to use React Emergency!

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Frequently asked questions

React Native is based on React.js. It is a free and open-source javascript library for building user interfaces. Facebook also created it; the abbreviation "js" stands for JavaScript. React JS allows the creation of complex user interfaces for the web using components built into this software package, making your life much easier when trying to find ways to design an interface with ease!

React Native is unlike any other technology on the market because it has two independent threads that never interfere directly with each other. It ensures better stability and performance of the application. The main thread, which also occurs in native applications, displays the user interface and processes gestures while the second thread executes JavaScript code on a different JavaScript engine. JS thread is responsible for the whole structure and functionalities of the user interface. Thanks to "bridge," these two units can interact seamlessly for an experience like none before. React Native can also connect to platform APIs so that the mobile app build in this framework can access the platform camera or localization. Many world-class companies praise the flexibility of React.

If you decide to choose React Native as your cross-platform mobile app development framework, you can be sure you made the right decision. That's because React Native connects the world of JavaScript with the world of the native language. It means that when developing with this technology, you not only benefit from the most famous advantages of cross-platform application, that is:
saved money, saved time, acceleration of time-to-market, Maximum Exposure to the Entire Audience, Seamless Deployment and Maintenance, The mobile app is supported across many different operating systems.
But you also provide your application with a native-like look and performance.

React Native is still growing strong. The most popular mobile apps that use React Native are Tesla, Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, or Uber Eats. It only shows how much potential and power this framework has.

Of course, application development depends on many factors, such as the number of native modules or the complexity of the application's structure. However, the fact is that if you want to develop an application for both Android and iOS, React Native will save you a lot of time as we will only have to write one code instead of two or three separate ones.

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