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It is time for a professional team that delivers and communicates transparently.

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Make <span class="color-blue">Transition</span> Between Software Development Companies <span class="color-blue">as Seamless as Possible!</span> Make Transition Between Software Development Companies as Seamless as Possible!

The story began in 2010 when we established mDevelopers. Since then, we have supported our clients in creating web and mobile products. During these 12 years, we have delivered over 200 different types of digital projects that allowed our partners to achieve their business goals.

Our Extensive Experience + Clear Process Implemented = Successful Delivery of Your Project

Many of our clients came to us for help when their project was endangered because the company that carried it out was not keeping the contract. "Switch Fast" is a facilitation in changing software houses. It consists of four simple steps that will allow you to seamlessly hand over your project and finish it without any hiccups!



Recent case studies of our successful cooperations

Our developers are experts in the modern tech stack. Look what we have expertise in.

Hand over your project to the company that will deliver


“Thanks to the mDevelopers team we have retained our large client, generated new revenue opportunities, and our business is successful once again ...” as said by our Switch Fast client, Matt McCorkle Co-Founder at Clear Choice.

We will get back to you within 24h! 

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The benefits of choosing Switch Fast

  • The current product is reviewed, and we propose ideas for its improvement
  • You don't pay the full hourly rate until the third week of cooperation
  • The whole process takes from 10 to 20 days (including test sprint)
  • Every aspect of the project is discussed and approved
  • You don't have to deal with an unprofessional company
  • This service creates foundations on which the successful end product will be build
  • Your project is saved

What clients say about us

Frequently asked questions

If your current partner does not perform his work in the manner you choose, the frontend does not connect to the backend, deadlines are long exceeded, and the budget is strained, it is worth considering a change. We have never had to change partners, but all customers who took advantage of Switch Fast and changed their Software Development Company to mDevelopers did not regret their decision.

Our Switch Fast service is tailored to each client, so it's hard for us to determine how much it will cost just for you. If you would like to hear a very preliminary estimate, we invite you to our Free Consultation!

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