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Switch Fast
- Change Your Software Vendor

Sometimes the Software Development Company we work with does not fulfill its obligations and our requirements.

Switch Fast is a service that aims to give you a seamless experience when it comes to changing your Software Development Company. Please find out more about the process and the service itself!

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<span class="color-blue">Change your supplier </span>the right way Change your supplier the right way

In the case of IT outsourcing, sometimes it may turn out that the Software Development Company you started with does not stick to the deadlines, creates a poor-quality product, or there is simply no chemistry between you. The natural choice will be to change this company.

We at mDevelopers have created a process that improves the transition - Switch Fast. It is a 7-point process that allows us to seamlessly take over the project while discussing all the critical issues with the client. The result is always a revised code that eventually becomes a successful product. Please take a look at how our Switch Fast process looks like.


Our Switch Fast process

Code Review + Documentation analysis (1-3 days)

Goal: Review, Document, and Advise next steps.

We start each Switch Fast process by reviewing the existing elements of your digital product. We will see what tech stack your product is based on and what its architecture looks like. Then we'll review the code to see if it has no bugs and if we can work with it. When checking the code, we will also see if the security is strong enough, the performance is appropriate, and if the code will be scalable in the future.

Code Review + Documentation analysis (1-3 days)
Budgeting & Planning session (1-2 days)

Goal: Estimate timeline and budget & confirm work.

This step is straightforward, we have seen the entire product and know what you require. On this basis, we will prepare the estimated budget and timeline. If you want, we can review and actualize the budget and timeline delivered by the previous company.

We work in Agile methodology, so our work is based on sprints. After approval of the estimate, we will determine when the first sprint will take place and how long it will take.

Budgeting & Planning session (1-2 days)
Kick-off meeting

Goal: Full understanding Everything is settled, time to get to work!

Just one last meeting where we'll make sure we're all on the same page, and you give us the go-ahead to get started.

Kick-off meeting
First Test Sprint (5-10 days)

Goal: To show you that mDEVELOPERS delivers.

We know that you have changed your Software Development Company and trusted us. Therefore, we will make a test sprint to show you that you made the right decision. To illustrate the certainty in the quality of our work, you will pay only 80% of the hourly rate in the first week, 90% in the second week, and if cooperation with us suits you, we will switch to the full rate and extend the contract.

First Test Sprint (5-10 days)

Additionally, you can add these steps to the Switch Fast process

<span class="color-blue">Additionally</span>, you can add these steps to the Switch Fast process
1-4 days
Discovery Workshop

Discovery Workshop

Goal: Build one vision of your product.

If you want, we can meet at a Discovery Workshop where we will get to know your product and business model better. During these workshops, we will create a shared foundational understanding of the product, its stand-out features and outline solid business and product goals.

Thanks to the fact that we've already looked at the code and familiarized ourselves with the architecture, we can show you where the risks associated with UX and technology are and how we will remove them.

Additionally, we would like to know who your end-users are and define metrics that will allow you to monitor and evaluate the work. At the end of the workshop, we will also present a preliminary budget and timeline estimation.


1-4 days
Project Management Workshop

Project Management Workshop

Goal: Establish a coordination process, methods, and tools.

Before we start working on the project, we can also conduct a Project Management Workshop with you. It takes only one day, but we believe it is worth doing. During this workshop, we will discuss all issues related to our cooperation.

We will choose the tools that will be used for communication (Slack, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.), and we will determine on which days the meetings will take place and which meeting model suits you best (Daily, Weekly, etc.). Additionally, we will be able to discuss our sprint and task planning methodologies.


1-4 days
Team Introduction Session

Team Introduction Session

Goal: Introduce the mDEVELOPERS team.

If you want to meet the team that will be working on your project, we'd love to introduce ourselves! At mDevelopers, transparency is a priority, so you will be able to talk to everyone involved in the project and get to know them better.


The benefits of choosing Switch Fast

  • The current product is reviewed, and we propose ideas for its improvement
  • You don't pay the full hourly rate until the third week of cooperation
  • The whole process takes from 10 to 20 days (including test sprint)
  • Every aspect of the project is discussed and approved
  • You don't have to deal with an unprofessional company
  • This service creates foundations on which the successful end product will be build
  • Your project is saved


Recent case studies of our successful cooperations

Our developers are experts in the modern tech stack. Look what we have expertise in.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, our American client - ClearChoice, came to us when it turned out that their web application did not meet the expectations of either the users or their clients. The company's business situation deteriorated due to the continuously declining number of users/customers. The client needed to improve the web application's operation as soon as possible. We had to become acquainted with the code and introduce new necessary features for Clear Choice in only two weeks. Read more about this cooperation here - Clear Choice Case Study.

Such situations happen very rarely, and we at mDevelopers always try to work on what the client provides us with to reduce costs and save time as much as possible. However, if the code is useless, we have the qualifications to create a new code from scratch. We always leave the decision to you. If you think the code can be saved, you can always consult another company.

If your current partner does not perform his work in the manner you choose, the frontend does not connect to the backend, deadlines are long exceeded, and the budget is strained, it is worth considering a change. We have never had to change partners, but all customers who took advantage of Switch Fast and changed their Software Development Company to mDevelopers did not regret their decision.

Our Switch Fast service is tailored to each client, so it's hard for us to determine how much it will cost, just for you. If you would like to hear a very preliminary estimate, we invite you to our Free Consultation!

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