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Warehouse market - step out in digital!

Client: Cushman & Wakefield

Online: www.industrial.pl

Services: UI Design, UX Review, Product Design

Technologies: PHP Laravel

Workshops: Discovery Workshop, Prototype Workshop

Cushman & Wakefield

“Industrial department knows that, thanks to digital solutions built by the mDEVELOPERS team, we have more leads and we step out of our competitors.”

Cushman & Wakefield

Marketing Manager

Our success

  • Offering preparation process shortened from 8 days to 10 minutes 
  • Increased the average time spent to over 20%
  • A safe solution with fast delivery
  • Support after implementation


The Warehouse market is very stable and growing worldwide with a great pace each quarter. The forecast for Poland reaches 20 billion sq.m. of modern warehouses in the next 2-3 years. It is said that COVID-19 pandemic will make an impact on logistics & production according to the tenant category. Automotive and retailer companies are most affected nowadays. On the other hand, there are e-commerce segments that exceed it’s pre-Christmas pick.

According to Damian Kołata Associate, Industrial and Logistics Agency, Cushman & Wakefield, online shopping “remains one of the key industries driving demand for modern warehouse space”. Warehouse agencies need to deliver high-quality products and differentiate their services using digital technologies.


The Industrial and Logistics department of Cushman & Wakefield wanted to be the first from all warehouse agencies in EMEA that will use digital technologies to extend its online visibility on the market. Marketing Manager who is responsible for the new release of Industrial website wanted to provide company customers with the highest standard of design, UX, and UI. “We wanted our new Industrial.pl to be user-friendly, focus on lead generation, and offer functionalities to assist tenants in their search for ideal warehouse spaces” - he said.

The Cushman & Wakefield team prepared an algorithmic engine that will allow tenants to identify information about locations that offer the highest level of state aid. It is called - Special Economic Zone Calculator. They wanted to be the first one on the market that will differentiate them from competitors. mDEVELOPERS was selected for this challenge. We were asked to program all algorithms and integrate them into the new portal.

The challenge was extended when the sales department joined the project. Partner and Head of Industrial & Logistics agency Cushman & Wakefield wanted to optimize the offering preparation process. At that time it took 2 days but at the picks even 5-8 days. Her goal was to shorten it to 1-2 hours.

Warehouse market - step out in digital!


They wanted the mDEVELOPERS team to be a solution for their challenge. We were chosen as a technology partner and design agency. It was obvious for us that we needed to exceed high-quality standards to get another reference partner and extend our cooperation for other Cushman & Wakefield branches and we did our best to get there.

Cooperation with Cushman & Wakefield started from workshops. Our creative part of the team worked hard for 2 months. We went through the designing process, building user stories, preparing high fidelity mockups and design. As soon as we heard from client “It was a pleasure to work with mDEVELOPERS. The designs that we have are above my expectations. I am impressed with the creative team”.

At that stage, our development team knew that we would be working harder for the next 5 months to deliver a high-quality solution. We suggested building a modular solution based on PHP Laravel framework due to high availability standards, security protection against CSRF attacks.

The solution was a new portal that required the highest standards of:

  • User Interface - esthetic, professional and distinguish from other portals
  • User Experience - to provide the finest customer experience
  • Design - to step ahead of the competition
  • Data integration - to display appropriate data from different systems
  • Easy to use for the Cushman & Wakefield team

According to our company principles we delivered a high-quality portal on time, in the budget and agreed scope of a project.


UI Design



Warehouse market - step out in digital!


Cushman & Wakefield released a new industrial portal that will allow their customers to find information about locations that offer the highest level of state aid. The Special Economic Zone Calculator tool is the only one on the Polish market and customers using it on a daily basis.

Analytical data shows the greater interest in Cushman & Wakefield services. The  new portal quickly gained popularity and visibility in the warehouse industry and it also gained its recognition in the EMEA region. There are a number of clients that expressed their feelings about the new portal. They confirmed that it is easy to navigate, modern and functional. 

The mDEVELOPERS team reduces the time of offering the preparation process from a few days to 10 minutes. The Industrial Sales Department has a chance to spend more time with their customers than ever before. The Cushman & Wakefield team can focus on digital media presence and building strong relationships.

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