Polish cosmetics company

Polish cosmetics company

About our client

Bielenda is one of the largest Polish cosmetics companies known in the markets around the world. The company has many years of experience producing natural cosmetics for face, body, and hair care.

The brand's products can be used in beauty salons, SPA centers, and homes. Bielenda cosmetics are available in numerous series and lines.





Services & Workshops

Web Development, UI/UX Design

Project details

The cosmetics market is growing dynamically. According to Allied Market Research, it is estimated that the cosmetics market will reach $ 429.8 billion in 2022. Among the regions, Europe ranks first with a significant 30% share of world cosmetics.

One of the most recognizable companies in EMEA is Bielenda. The company entered new markets, won new awards, and strengthened its leadership position.

The client wanted the company to be perceived by consumers as modern and following trends in the virtual world. Therefore, it was decided to create a new website to meet consumers' expectations and stand out from the competition.

The client decided to cooperate with mDevelopers due to our extensive experience in creating unconventional designs and the UX / UI area, which is crucial in this type of project.


Solution & results

While implementing the project, we wanted the new portal to be not only modern but also designed with the best practices in the UX / UI area. We were aware that the competition in our client's industry is enormous and that even minimal shortcomings related to, for example, page loading speed may cause the client to lose a user irretrievably. That is why we focused on users' expectations and meeting their needs. Based on our experience, we knew that the consumer must be the center of attention. Satisfying the user's needs is the bare minimum of what a good product should do. It is the only way to gain user recognition, loyalty, and competitive advantage.Of course, the visual side cannot be neglected. That is why we have made every effort to ensure that the new portal is modern and the design is fresh and timeless.

In addition, the client expected that due to the need to adapt the offer on the website quickly, its service would be fast and straightforward. For this reason, the mDevelopers team proposed to create an efficient, modular, and easy-to-use Content Management System. In addition, we have migrated data from legacy CMS to the mPOWER engine.The result of our work is a modern portal that meets all users' expectations, is intuitive, and with an original design. The website was published in 2020 and immediately gained recognition in the eyes of consumers and our client's business partners.

Benefits of our solution


The high quality of the project implementation exceeded the client's expectations. The opinions of the website users confirmed its modern design and intuitive use of the website. The achieved results meant that the company maintained its leading position in its industry and gained new consumers.

winning new consumers
a modern portal that is a response to all the expectations of users and business partners of the client
website extremely intuitive to use
increasing the average time spent on the website to over 20%
increasing traffic to the site
it is easy to change the content and offer on the website (thanks to the easy-to-use Content Management System)

We know how to create modern products in line with current trends!

If you are looking for a partner who knows how to create a modern product in line with users' current trends and expectations, you are in the right place.

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