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Create a light and fast web application with one of the best frameworks out there - Angular!

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The fact that Angular we know today, started as AngularJS back in 2010, and we're experts in both, speaks for itself! With the amount of acquired knowledge and dozens of web apps that our qualified team has created over the years, you can trust us when we say that your solution will be top-notch!

Why choose Angular?

(Custom) Components

(Custom) Components

Building an application with Angular is like arranging a puzzle - thanks to its component-based architecture. Components are reusable building blocks consisting of application code that the developer can use or create new ones himself. Having such a component, you can copy and paste it as many times as you want, thanks to which application development is much faster, and errors are much less common.

Clean Code

Clean Code

Angular was written using TypeScript - one of the best programming languages in the world. Thanks to it, your code is always in the best possible condition! Clean and understandable code is crucial, especially in large applications. TypeScript has many benefits, including making errors easier to spot when writing lines of code. It makes debugging much quicker and simpler for developers because they can see what went wrong instantly instead of spending hours tracking down the problem by trial-and-error or through painstaking manual inspection with only partial information about where the fault might be hiding! Thanks to this transparency from TypeScript, your code is always in the best possible condition!



Moving the application from the older version of Angular to the latest version with this framework is not a problem. Angular is constantly developed by google. It started as AngularJS back in 2010, then Google converted it into a separate entity and called it Angular 2. The current version of Angular is Angular 11. As you can see, Angular has gained many updates over the years. Fortunately, moving the application from the older version to the latest version with this framework is not a problem. When updating the code to the new version, all components are updated, i.e., HTTP, Routing, Angular Material, etc. Thanks to this, your application will always run on the latest version of the Angular framework, and its update is simple!

Excellent UI Library

Excellent UI Library

Angular comes in with well-designed and ready-made Material Design Components from the UI family. Angular comes in with well-designed and ready-made Material Design Components from the UI family. This collection is called Angular Material and follows all the principles of material design from Google. Thanks to this, developers can find all the necessary UI elements, such as buttons, navigation patterns, etc., in one place, thanks to which their work is significantly improved. We can always be sure that the UI complies with the guidelines of Google.

Fast Development Process

Fast Development Process

The Angular framework allows for quick, and practical development of web applications, because of many technical advantages. The Angular framework makes the development of web applications high-speed and practical. Angular has many technical advantages over its competitors, such as the previously mentioned libraries, components, or Data Binding (an automated code generation process). Without delving further into the technicalities, it should be added that it is a framework supported by a large community and Google, which ensures the best possible support. Therefore, if any difficulties arise on the project, they are solved quickly because someone has already found a solution.

Great Quality

Great Quality

An experienced developer can use Angular, to create the highest quality web application, ideally suited to the client's needs. Angular has many options and features that are difficult for young inexperienced developers to learn, and development using this framework is complicated. However, suppose Angular is used by an experienced developer who has an understanding of this framework. In that case, he can create the highest quality web application, ideally suited to the client's needs. Moreover, thanks to the official Angular library, there is no need to implement insecure third-party components. It ensures much better stability and quality of the code itself.

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Why do clients choose us?

Structured process

You always know at what stage your project is. The entire software development process is already prepared and tested with hundreds of clients. From the beginning to the end of the process, there are 6 steps that are designed to exactly meet your needs and provide elements that will construct your project. Daily, weekly and monthly meetings will allow you to be up to date with the current state of work.

On-time delivery

We always keep up with the set deadlines. Our clients appreciate the fact that when we set a deadline we always keep it. Time is one of the most important values ​​that both the client and we have. That is why we respect time very much when providing our Angular application development services. Our experience and knowledge ensure that the projects we manage are always delivered on time.


Our vast knowledge allows us to help you in every matter. Our Angular development team consists not only of experienced and battle-tested developers, but also of project managers, designers, CTOs, and many more! Thanks to the combined competencies of our employees, we can guarantee that we will be able to help with any project-related issue!

Great visual side

The front-end created by our experts is always appreciated by users. The visual side of the product is one of the most important aspects you should pay attention to when creating your own web application! Angular web development services that we serve are highly appreciated by our partners because of the great value that we put into designing the front-end of their products. Great front-end means a higher user satisfaction rate and retention rate!

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Frequently asked questions

Angular is Google's open-source, client-side framework written in typescript and based on an MIT license. Angular has been designed to create dynamic web applications and is most often used for Single Page Applications, or SPA as they're commonly known, and robust enterprise apps. What makes it an excellent choice for web development is that when Angular developers use this framework, they don't have to rewrite lines of code laboriously. Instead, a fixed structure with built-in tools is available, streamlining development time while improving quality and speed!

Angular is a framework that relies on specific ideas. The basic components of this framework are components that are nothing but the building blocks of the application. Components can connect and create ever more significant parts. Components then connect to NgModules, which gather the code into a working element. NgModules define the Angular application structure. Thanks to component-based architecture, Angular is the best option to develop your application fast and with excellent quality. Angular, like many frameworks out there, has a command-line interface. Angular CLI is a tool that allows for an easy way to start Angular applications. This simple interface saves time and effort when setting up software development projects and makes Angular development faster with increased efficiency. Another core part of Angular is dependency injection. Without it, you can't build even the most straightforward applications. Root module is another functionality without which the app won't even start. Its function in the Angular framework is empowering bootstrapping that launches the app.

AngularJS is the framework from which Angular is derived. As the ending suggests, it is a JavaScript-based framework and, just like Angular, was developed by Google. Interestingly, despite the creation of Angular in 2016, AngularJS is still supported and updated. The main goal of this framework was to implement the model view controller pattern for creating web applications to ensure better testing and more room for development. A couple of years ago, we switched from being an Angular JS development company to just an Angular development company.

Angular is used for building web applications with the use of HTML and TypeScript. Developers often reach this web framework when they build SPA (Single Page Applications) and massive enterprise-level apps. Features such as web workers allow Angular applications to be performative even if they make CPU-intensive computations because they free up the main thread. Angular mobile app development is also something that developers can perform. Building mobile apps with Angular is based on connecting this framework with NativeScript. As we are a leading Angular development company, we can always serve you with web and mobile development services! Also if you would like to hire Angular developers just get in touch with us!

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks in the world when it comes to building web applications. The list of Angular companies includes excellent enterprises such as Lego, Paypal, Rockstar Games, and many Google services such as Gmail.

As we know, Angular is a client-side network, but it can become a server-side rendering framework using the Angular universal solution. It means that instead of rendering pages in the DOM in response to a user action, Angular Universal performs ahead of time rendering on the server-side. In some situations, it significantly speeds up the operation of the application.

Angular Ivy is an entirely new rendering engine which comes in with Angular 9. Ivy renderer is a much more efficient solution than the previous engine known as View Engine. Development is much faster because the Angular Ivy Compiler allows compiling components more independently of each other. Add to that the fact that Ivy renders significantly speeds up development time, and we have a reason why developers love this new rendering engine.


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