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Artificial Intelligence Development Services

Artificial intelligence sounds like it’s out of this world, but nowadays, such solutions can be implemented in companies of any size.

No time to lose, let’s build your innovative app together! With the help of AI software development, you can take your business to the next level and unleash the great potential of your digital product.

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The <span class="color-blue">artificial intelligence development</span> company The artificial intelligence development company

We are a company that provides its partners with top-notch AI software development services tailored to their needs. The development of solutions from the Artificial Intelligence family is handled by our highly educated and experienced software developers, for whom nothing is impossible. 

We use the latest technological advances such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, or Deep Learning in our work. For 12 years, we have created many AI-based software development projects, making it possible for companies to make smarter decisions, and easily solve complex problems.

Our AI development services
Our AI services include but aren't limited to:

AI integration

AI integration

Building a solution based on artificial intelligence does not require a completely new system. If you already have your own product or platform that you would like to improve and start using data to your advantage, we can probably implement AI solutions in it. It all depends on your needs and the nature of your current solution.

Custom AI software development

Custom AI software development

We believe that every business is one of a kind, that's why our software solutions are custom-made from scratch. Whether our tailor-made software will support medical professionals or sales departments, it will do it in the best possible way. First, we will conduct a free AI consulting session on which you will tell us about your pains and needs. After gaining actionable insights, we will be able to propose to you an AI solution that will fit your business needs best.

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Our business process automation services are the future of any company. The goal of our BPA services is to create solutions that increase efficiency, accelerate decision-making processes, and automate business operations. Such use of AI technology relieves employees and reduces the customer churn rate. Find out more on our BPA page.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Self-improving software is possible thanks to the use of Machine Learning. If you would like a large amount of data in your application for continuous automatic improvement, ML is the way to go! Machine Learning algorithms make your application predict solutions and adapt to new situations, thanks to intel aggregated from analyzed data. ML is used for solutions such as Computer Vision (drawing useful insights from images and videos).

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Use the latest technologies to gain recognition on the market, increase commitment and improve the users’ experience. Natural Language Processing can take many forms, from chatbots to search engines. It is a convenient form of communication between the company and the client, which can be adjusted depending on the company's profile and the expectations of its clients. NLP software can process large amounts of natural human language and mimic it.

Deep learning

Deep learning

The computing power of the human brain is a fascinating topic. Deep learning makes it possible to make cognitive applications that work and learn just like humans do by using ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks). Deep Learning apps are capable of both supervised and unsupervised learning processes. Moreover, the learning process with DL is much more efficient than with ML. This solution is the best choice when you have an enormous amount of data that can feed the Deep Learning algorithms.

Why is it worth implementing AI technologies in the first place?

Smart decision making

Smart decision making

AI is used in many areas of today's life. From faster and safer security features such as Face ID through ChatBots, the customer can always receive an answer to a question. AI-based applications can recommend songs based on previously listened to. Thanks to greater personalization and adjustment to the needs of an individual user, all these solutions increase user engagement and satisfaction.

Increasing the productivity of your business

Increasing the productivity of your business

Artificial Intelligence boosts business productivity because it is much more efficient than a human - it does not need sleep, rest, or a coffee break. Tasks performed 24/7 mean that what would take 6 days for a human, AI does in less than 2 days. In addition, AI algorithms are constantly learning, so they continuously improve the processes they perform. 

Better customer experience and retention

Better customer experience and retention

Artificial Intelligence is all about data. Each application, platform, or digital product collects huge amounts of data about users' behavior, preferences, and patterns that occur and contains data entered manually. AI uses all this data to learn and anticipate various scenarios in the application. Predictive analytics can anticipate customer behaviors and predict business outcomes.

Still not sure about using AI in your company?

If you are still wondering how to approach AI in your company or want to hear more about it from industry experts - go to our free consultation!

Why is it worth implementing AI with us?

Full development life cycle

We are a company that can create a product from scratch. We always start with getting to know and verify the idea, and then we create an accurate action plan and implement it. As a one-stop-shop company, we have specialists in various areas and technologies. If you only want an AI module - we will deliver it with the highest quality. If you're going to build an entire application based on artificial intelligence - we will help you in every aspect of your work. The scope of our cooperation depends on you. Supply chain management is our core feature!

Work methodology

We work in an agile methodology based on sprints. Thanks to this solution, we can constantly introduce changes to your needs. What's more, cooperation is always based on conversation and mutual understanding, which is why workshops and daily/weekly meetings are an essential part of our software development.


We have been creating AI solutions for over 6 years, and during this time, we have helped startups, SMEs, large corporations, and even government institutions! The experience and knowledge gained through dozens of corporations allow us to advise on selecting the best solutions, and the skills of our programmers allow for the effective and safe implementation of AI solutions.

Knowledge of both ML and DL

Most companies on the market mainly offer Machine Learning as AI-related services. At mDevelopers, the customer always comes first. Our offer includes both ML and Deep Learning, thanks to which all services are provided by one subcontractor, which results in reduced costs and shorter delivery times. Regardless of whether you want your application to be more complex and learn without supervision or more straightforward and automate basic tasks, we are here to deliver.

Our Artificial Intelligence development process

  • 1

    First, we need to understand your needs and what will be best for your business so that we will meet at Free Consultation first. Then if you want to work with us, we will discuss the project assumptions at the Discovery Workshop.

  • 2
    Data acquisition & organization

    If the AI solution we will develop has been chosen, now is the best time to start collecting data and arranging it in an understandable way to the algorithm. If we are to develop an application for you from scratch, this stage will be preceded by creating the application itself.

  • 3
    Model building

    After collecting and organizing the data, it will be time to build the entire algorithm. Our experienced developers will take care of this task.

  • 4
    Model learning

    Once we have an algorithm, it needs to be fed with data to learn and find the schemas and bindings that the developers had previously established. It is the longest stage of the process because for the AI ​​algorithm to work at its best, and it has to process a huge amount of data.

  • 5
    Prototyping & Testing

    If the algorithm learns its tasks, it will be time to implement them in the application and test whether it works properly in combination with other features.

  • 6

    The algorithm learns and performs its tasks correctly. Now it's time to implement it in the application fully.  Once implemented, the application can finally be released for use by third parties.

  • 7
    Continuous maintenance

    Even after the development process is completed, we will support your algorithm so that it brings the best results for your business!


Frequently asked questions

It all depends on the complexity of the project and your needs. Naturally, integrating AI solutions will be much cheaper than building the whole app backed by it, and deep learning will be more cost full than machine learning, etc. That's why we have Free Consultation. Free Consultation is a 20-30 minute meeting with our CTO, in which you will be able to present your needs and pains, and our CTO will be able to pre-estimate your project.

Artificial Intelligence is all the technological solutions that leverage computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind.

Business Process Automation (BPA) replaces manual efforts with technology solutions to automate recurring tasks or processes. Business process automation isn't just about saving labor costs; it is also an efficient way to save valuable employee hours manually completing routine workflows. There is also robotic process automation (RPA). It is a software technology that allows you to build, deploy, and manage software robots that mimic human behavior interacting with digital systems and software. Read our article if you want to learn more about process automation in general!

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