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Break into the mobile applications market and improve business results, by developing an Android app with us.

Look why is it worth choosing the native Android development!

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We are a Software Development Company which have extensive experience when it comes to mobile app development

If you want your application to run exclusively on the Android operating system, we're here to help. Our Android development services are based on the Kotlin framework, which was chosen by Google in 2019 as the preferred language for Android app development. 

However, our tech stack also includes many cross-platform solutions, such as React Native, Ionic, and Flutter framework. That is if you want your app to run on different platforms. 

Why choose native Android development?

Native development of Android applications is a great choice for many reasons. Here are some of them!

Best performance

Best performance

Native applications are much faster and more responsive than hybrid ones. It is because for their development we use the official language focused on a given operating system. In the case of Android, this language is Kotlin. The native code of the application perfectly harmonizes with the structure of Android, so the application will always be lightning fast!



By creating a native android app, we ensure greater peace of mind and transparency after the application is released to the market. Especially in the case of the Android app, it is very important as there are over 30,000 devices with this system. Having a native application makes it much easier to issue new updates and fix bugs because android application developers can focus on a given platform and fine-tune it to the maximum!

Screen size

Screen size

The number of different devices operating on Android makes maintaining a good and transparent user interface a challenge. This is because every Android device has a different screen size so the UI has to fit with it. Native development allows us to use specific tools that solve this problem. The application adapts perfectly to all devices, which results in user satisfaction, regardless of the phone model!

Great UX/UI

Great UX/UI

No matter how great cross-platform apps can mimic native android apps, they never will. Applications developed using Kotlin specifically for Android devices fully follow Google's design guidelines. For designing Android apps we mostly use Material Design. The feel of native mobile apps is something that users simply love!

Fast development

Fast development

Android application development is a process where tools provided by Google are boosting development time significantly. One of such tools is Android SDK - Software Development Kit. We can find there everything that is needed to build an application. From APIs documentation to resourceful libraries and code samples. Using the tools included in the SDK, development is progressing at an express pace! 

Access to all the features

Access to all the features

When creating an application for Andriod, you will most likely have to connect to the native modules of the device, such as GPS, camera, flashlight, or microphone. APIs are used for this in the app development process. For hybrid applications, the most common way to do this is to use bridging to access the APIs. If we create a native application in Kotlin, we immediately have access to all the functions of hardwearing devices!

See if Android fits your project needs!

If you are still wondering how to approach Android development in your project or want to hear more about it from industry experts - let’s get in touch!

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Why do clients choose us?


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We know that choosing a mobile app development company is not easy, so we will be more than happy to guarantee you the best possible experience and help you choose! Regardless of whether you come from the Real Estate or Agritech industry, you can be sure that our team of tech experts will help you realize your bold ideas! If you want to know more, we invite you to our free consultation.

The best Android developers

As we have already mentioned, the native Android app development at mDevelopers is based on the Kotlin framework. Our mobile app developers specializing in this technology have graduated from top IT universities and delivered dozens of successful projects! You can be sure that they will transform your app idea into a successful application.

We'll be in touch

If you decide to run your project with us, you can be sure that you will always be up-to-speed. We know how important communication is during cooperation, which is why we will provide you with a dedicated contact that will keep you updated. Moreover, if you want, we can set up daily meetings, where we will discuss the development of your project on an ongoing basis!

Save resources

Our cooperation will start with the Discovery workshop where we will discuss all the assumptions of your project and propose the best possible solutions. Native Android development may seem like a fairly simple issue, but choosing the right functionalities and business model, can significantly reduce the time and budget needed to create your Android app. But that's not the end. Throughout the whole project life cycle, we will advise you so that the result is a great application created without wasting resources!

Great quality

When you come to work with us, it's essential to understand what sets us apart from other agencies - quality above all else! We've had success helping clients across industries reach new heights thanks to brilliant ideas and innovative products tailored specifically towards them. More unique businesses looking for assistance in launching an MVP are sure not disappointed when they turn to our team!

Clear process

Our Software Development Life Cycle is designed to be as transparent as possible for every client! First, we will start with a free consultation where we will discuss your needs. Then we will start putting your idea into the Discovery Workshop. When everything is in order, it's time for Design & Prototyping Workshop, where we will create an initial design and mockups. If you accept these elements, it will be time for development and testing. The final stage is the launch of the application and its continued support. If you want we can sign the NDA!

Want to experience the highest quality of our services?

If you want to experience the highest quality of our services firsthand, meet us at our Free Consultation.

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Frequently asked questions

When it comes to native development, our main technology is Kotlin. Kotlin is the best choice if you want to create an application that works on Android platforms. Google, owners of this specific mobile operating system announced back in 2019 that Kotlin is now a preferred development language for Android developers. Ipso facto Kotlin took place of Java. More than half of the top 1,000 apps on the Google Play Store are written in this language. If you want your app to run on different platforms then we can offer you languages such as React Native, Flutter, or Ionic. All of those languages are made for cross-platform and hybrid app development.

The cost of Android app development depends on many factors that affect the final estimate. These factors among others are the complexity, technologies used, external integrations, number of screen pages, and many many more. At mDevelopers, we attach great importance to discussing all these factors and preparing the best possible estimate. Therefore, the best way to find out about development costs is to contact us, and/or use our Free Consultation!

People spend in front of the smartphone screen approximately 5h a day, according to Statista research. This means that a smartphone application can be a full-fledged channel for generating business. The growing dominance of mobile applications makes it much more difficult, if not impossible, to stay on the market without such a tool. What's more, having a mobile application, you have a chance to increase the visibility of your brand and reach a wider group of users. When you decide to cooperate with mDevelopers we can guarantee that this investment will pay off.

Yes. Android application development, like any mobile app development, is an ongoing process. You will need to fix bugs that arise, update your app to suit changing market needs, and stay updated with evolving regulations. Our team provides ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your app offers high performance and grows in line with your business ambitions.

It all depends on the platforms your application should run on. It is worth paying attention to this aspect at the beginning of the project, so the long-term success will be within the reach. Hybrid applications - those that work on both iOS and Android, are a great solution if your business needs to anticipate the release of applications for these two most important mobile operating systems. By using technologies such as Ionic, React Native, or Flutter, developers are able to create one code that will work on all mobile platforms. These applications only mimic the feel of native applications. So if your application is to hit only one platform (in this case Android), native development is the way to go!

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