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Design is much more than visuals. That's why we'll guide you through every step of the design process. All this to UI UX design and frontend work match up nicely. Moreover, our designers will work with you to make sure your product is tailored perfectly for users' needs and business requirements and in line with current design trends.

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UI UX Design Company

We're a professional design and development team that provides UX and UI services for both web and mobile apps. Our designers have years of experience working in digital products, so they can deliver what your target audience needs! 

Our Design services includes

Web & Mobile Design

Great design is a crucial factor when it comes to encouraging new users to interact with the application. By supporting you in this regard, we will become your team whose goal will be to ensure your success. Our clients appreciate that we focus mainly on increasing their products' traffic and retention rate during cooperation. We have 10 years of experience in IT, and our knowledge is here to help you.

Custom Web Design

We are happy to provide web design services to your business with a custom design that will match your service, application, or product requirements. We work together with our development team and project managers to ensure that the result is user-friendly and precisely what you need. To see more pls check our LINK.

Custom Mobile App Design

Mobile apps are becoming more popular, so you need a mobile app to stay top of your niche. We specialize in custom mobile design for iOS and Android platforms. We will work with you to create an app that is visually appealing and intuitive to use for your target audience. To see more pls check our LINK.

Graphic Design Services

We know that the image is as important as the content itself for making business online. We can create outstanding graphics for your website or any marketing materials (posters, banners, flyers, etc.). Get ready to be admired by your users!

User Interface Design Services

Take care of the appearance of your product! UI designing focuses mainly on creating the graphic side and the leading style of the product.Using the design principles, we take care of the perfect visual layer of your app from layout, graphic style, and transitions to buttons, icons, forms, and more - every aspect of the customer experience. People are demanding nowadays; therefore, the highest quality design and implementation are crucial to keeping the user with you.

User Experience Design Services

Help your customers to navigate through your app easily! Start with an analysis of your target customer, competition, and product structure. Our UX design team will help you create a background for an intuitive and customer-centric product, fulfilling end client needs. Moreover, professional market research will ensure that your app will fit market needs. Our robust experience in creating UX design for mobile and web applications will raise your project to the next level.

Color consulting

Do you have no idea how to choose colors that will match each other? Do not worry because we got you covered! Just provide us with a description of what kind of emotions you want to trigger and let our designers take care.


Building wireframes and low-fidelity and high-fidelity mockups is an essential part of the design process. That is why it has its particular place in our product life cycle. This approach allows us to always agree with the client on both the functionalities and design of the product.

End to end service

Let us work for you and focus on your business. Regardless of whether you plan to create a product from scratch or rebuild an existing one, we will help you throughout the entire process. We will guide you through the UX and UI design process, and we will develop software and support it after the end of the project. Such an approach saves time and money as only one company is involved in product development. Read more in our Product Life Cycle Article.

Software Design and Prototype Workshop

Design Workshops consider each new idea, discuss problems and solutions, and verify all product assumptions. We focus on the user's needs during the workshop and create a shared vision of the product. We need to understand and establish the product's essential functions to reduce the risk of unnecessary costs and wasted time. Thanks to this, we can increase the value of the final product. A design workshop is a milestone in the entire design process. You save time and money, and most of all, you have clarity on what should be done. Nothing will surprise you during the development.

Boosted retention rate and user engagement

Creating a design that will attract the user and stay with the product for longer is very important. More than 1.5 billion websites and 2,5 billion mobile applications are on the market; therefore, the user has a vast selection and can quickly become alienated from the product. Thanks to the combined work of our UX / UI designers and front-enders, we provide the highest level of intuitiveness, speed, and product appearance, which results in loyal and satisfied end-users.

Focus on the end-user

Design is a critical factor in any project. No one needs to be convinced of the legitimacy of an attractive graphic design or a legible font. However, a design that does not meet the needs of users is... useless. Satisfying the user's requirements is the absolute minimum of what a good product should do. A good product must not only be visually attractive, engaging, and intuitive. It must also respond to the needs of end-users, solve their problems and meet their expectations. A good user experience is about designing user experiences to evoke positive feelings in those who use it. Today, a positive user experience is the best method of gaining an advantage, a way to achieve the sympathy and loyalty of users, and simply a necessity. Even the best design will not convince the user if the product does not meet his needs. Therefore, the key to the success of any product is to combine design with design positive user experience.


Guarantee of operation on each device 

If your app is to be on different platforms, our specialists will take care of it. It is displayed as it should on every device. We use a responsive design, so the website changes its size depending on the size and settings on which the strength is. Each element that adjusts in dimension to the device on which the speech reigns is a page. Thanks to the experience gained over 200+ projects, we can guarantee end-user satisfaction.

Analysis and research make an excellent foundation for success

The visual side of the project, functionality, intuitiveness, or even the layout of buttons are the key aspects of each project. To create a good design, it is necessary to research users in advance and carefully analyze the market and competition. At mDevelopers, our UX / UI designers are responsible for this. Their goal is to create a design that responds to the needs of users. It is the only way to gain user loyalty and market advantage.

Great front-end development

Did you know that if an app's load time increases from 1 to 3 seconds, the probability of it being rejected increases by 32%? And if the delay increases to 6 seconds, the bounce rate will exceed 106%? People expect immediate solutions these days, and having to wait always causes them discomfort. It is why taking care of the fast loading of the website or application is so important. Our front-enders will do their best to keep everything running smoothly and without disruptions.

Transparent Process

A transparent and clear process is the basis of good cooperation. Mutual respect, partnership relations, open communication, commitment, and simple cooperation rules are the key factors in building trust and effective software delivery. Thanks to the procedures and workshops developed over the years, you always know your design stage. If you want to see if we are the right company for you, we invite you to the free 4h Entry Discovery Workshop where you will discuss your challenges and needs with our CTO.

Get a project implementation plan within a week.

If you are not sure how to go about digital product development, take advantage of our Feasibility Study and Discovery Workshop where we’ll prepare a project implementation plan for your digital product. All within one week! Don't waste time making uncertain decisions, use our workshop!

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or use go-to workshop for generating solutions at any stage of the cycle



or use go-to workshop for generating solutions at any stage of the cycle

Want to experience the highest quality of our services ?

If you want to experience the highest quality of our services firsthand, meet us at the Design Workshop. This service is always tailored to your needs so that the results are satisfactory.

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Asked Questions

How do mDevelopers' design and development process work?

To ensure that your new design will attract loyal customers, we start with a discovery workshop whose goal is to grasp your idea, get to know your brand book and general outline of the project. Once we have everything needed down on paper (or computer screen), it's time to start building! The design process begins with research and analysis of future customer needs & problems and reviewing the competition. Next, wireframes are drawn up based on what we found during our investigation of the market and discovery workshops. Then there are prototyping - low and high-fidelity designs. When the client approves prototypes, we start front and backend development of the product. Then there is testing for possible bugs, errors, and bottlenecks. Last but not least is the implementation and support of the end product.

What is the difference between UI and UX?

The terms User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) often coexist. Without a well-designed UX, it is difficult to find an effective UI - and vice versa. UX and UI design processes should be interrelated to bring the expected results. However, this does not mean that the two terms mean the same thing. UI stands for User Interface. It is the part visible to the user, i.e., the appearance and style of the application, the choice of colors, typography, buttons, forms, photos, and graphics - all that the user can interact with. And all designed in such a way as to create a coherent and eye-catching whole. UX stands for User Experience. It focuses on how the user experiences contact with a given website or application. It is the fundament on which the UI is built. User experience requires to meet the user's needs without unnecessary obstacles and problems and the simplicity and intuitiveness of products, the use of which is a pleasure.

What are the essential features of a good UX?

Each industry has its specifics, but most of the golden rules for creating a good UX remain universal, regardless of the industry or business size. Read our article: "Golden Rules of UX in the EdTech Industry" if you want to know more. You will indeed find the answer to your question in it.

How to prepare for the workshop?

Before the workshop, we need to understand your idea. Therefore, please share with us any related materials. It will allow us to prepare for the workshop. We expect an open mind and willingness to cooperate with you during the workshop. Our first free workshop is designed to build the foundations of your product and clarify your idea.

Why choose mDevelopers?

We are a company with an established market position. During over 12 years of work, we have created 200+ projects that we are proud of. As a one-stop-shop company, we provide full service for each project. It facilitates communication, agreement on all aspects of the project and makes the responsibility for the entire project rests solely with the supplier. Therefore, it does not have to look for various subcontractors or creative agencies. We will take care of every aspect of your project. You can count on our support and professional advice all the time.

What is a software design?

The process of designing software, also referred to as "software engineering," involves conceptualizing the goals for a software artifact before implementing it, what might engineers use to test a new software design.

Which is a good app design practice?

Long story short: It would help if you looked at other people's work to learn what to do. Write down your ideas. Make sure that you are the same way every day. One way to make your app better is to make it easy to use. Make sure that people can figure out how to use the app without any problems. Efficient Onboarding Try not to force users to sign up right away. If you are using a phone, tablet, or computer, use the navigation patterns used for those devices. Think about what people might want. Use Attractive Images Readability Do not use words that you will need a dictionary to understand. Quick Reversal When people use your website or mobile application, they should not have to type much. A website should be quick and responsive. The page should not take a long time to load. The latest technologies can be helpful! Optimizing user flow means that you make the user's experience better. Things like reducing load time or making sure there is a clear path for what they are doing. You can use gestures that people already know and understand. Building Significance Personalization is important. That will increase user attention. Push notifications tell you when you get a new message on your phone. They can be helpful if you have an important message that needs to be read right away. You are going to test out a new app. You will get paid for this work, and it is a lot of fun! That means you will be one of the first people to see it and give feedback.

What is a digital design?

Digital design is the graphic design made specifically to be used on computers. That contains mobile app and web designing.

What is a user experience design?

The sum of all a user's experiences while using the product. This term is most often used concerning websites, mobile applications, or devices with screens.

What is interface design?

User interface design makes certain websites, applications, machines, and electronics are intuitive for the user.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is a demanding craft in which professionals use graphics and other visual elements to convey messages. Graphic designers use typography, images, colors, and more to meet specific needs and focus on the user experience; their goal is constantly optimizing the interaction.

What is a user interface?

Space where people interact directly with technology.

How much to design an app?

It depends on the scale of a project.

Why is graphic design important?

Graphic design creates a powerful impression, facilitates an original identity for your brand, and improves communication. Graphic design is one way to convey professionalism and build credibility.

What makes good graphic design?

Lines, color, texture, size, shape, space, and value (how light or dark an area looks in a design). In a word, everything that affects the visual assessment of the user.

What makes a good website design?

Your website should be easy for people to use. They should be able to find what they want and do what they need to do quickly. The best way to have a good user experience on your website is if it's simple. Navigation is the way to find things on a website. Good navigation means that people will stay on your website longer because they can easily find what they are looking for. The Western-style of reading is an F-pattern. On-screen, people most often follow the pattern from top to bottom and left to right. For a website's design to be effective, it should work with people's natural scanning habits. Information hierarchy typically uses a visitor's proximity to show what is the most important. A good web design has both excellent design and quality content. Designing a grid is essential for creating an aesthetically pleasing site. The design should foster order and provide balance to the layout. Grids are arranged in columns, which align elements on the page. Visitor expectations range from 2 seconds to 5 seconds when loading a site. Losing visitors due to an unavailable site will inhibit your bottom line. Optimizing image sizes will help sites load promptly and keep visitors engaged. One trend we've seen is that more people are using their phones or other devices to browse the web. Your website design needs to be responsive, meaning it will adjust depending on what screen size you're viewing it in.

How to choose a web design company?

They listen to your ideas and offer their own. They have an experienced team that employs responsive web design, a mobile-first approach, and conversion optimization. They stay up-to-date with design trends. The company has a proven record of success and case studies from multiple industries. They have an understandable, measurable process that establishes goals makes progress attainable, and isn't cheapest.

Why is UX design important?

User experience is significant because it aims to provide positive experiences that build customer loyalty. We also want to create journeys on your product that will lead most successfully to business success.

What is a wireframe in web design?

The wireframe is a visual guide for the overall layout of a website, including contents and navigational systems.

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