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The most interesting React Native apps 2022

The most interesting React Native apps 2022



React Native has already gained the reputation of being trustworthy among well-known companies. Almost all applications of the Meta organization (formerly Facebook) use this technology to build their mobile apps. It is quite a significant guarantee of effective functioning since such a giant uses this technology.

With React Native, you can build more complex apps than before. This framework lets you use numerous applications to create a single product. We've compiled a list of the most fascinating and innovative React Native Android and iOS apps available.

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List of popular React Native apps


Airbnb is a well-known online marketplace for arranging or providing mainly accommodation, holiday cottages, travel services, and lodgings. Even though the Airbnb staff has now decided to use a different framework, React Native assisted the company in improving their mobile app several years ago. It is a great example to illustrate what React Native is for, and it's for making a building process of an application not tedious and overly time-consuming but productive and satisfying.


Artsy is an online art market with more than 1 million works by over 100,000 artists. It enables members to bid in live auctions and sell items from their collection. Thanks to React Native, Artsy doesn't need a specialized iOS apps development team. Reducing costs for additional staff allowed them to invest more money developing their idea. They added React Native to a large existing codebase because they wanted to be able to test it safely in a sandboxed environment. It turned out that it accelerated and streamlined the entire process of mobile app development.


Bunch is a gaming social network that allows gamers to group in a video chat while playing mobile games. You can connect with friends over video chat and play your favorite multiplayer games. It's available for both Android and iOS, thanks to React Native.


Cake is designed with a wide range of materials and features to assist you in enhancing your English speaking abilities. The computer will grade your pronunciation and let you know which words you should improve. 


Discord is an app that allows you to talk via voice, video, and text with the option to post photos. It was created for gamers initially, but its dependability has motivated business professionals and others to adopt it. Now it is one of the most used communication applications. React Native was created for iOS and is available for Microsoft Windows, Android, and macOS. While we started by just trying to improve the app's FPS, our exploration ultimately resulted in fluid gesture interactions for our core navigational system, a reasonably consistent 60 FPS across our supported devices, and an average of two seconds shaved off the initial load time. They said, "Although there are real pain points and challenges to using React Native, the overall gains significantly outweigh the costs which motivate us to keep investing in the platform."


It goes without saying what the Facebook application is for. The company has made such a reputation that it is now hard to find a person who would not know about its existence. Facebook's hackathon project developed a React Native mobile app. Facebook wanted to combine all of the advantages of web development, such as fast iteration, and to have a single team that develops the complete product on mobile devices. They decided to choose React Native due to its reliability and universality.

Facebook Ads

After launching its primary application, Facebook didn't stop there. During the mobile app development process, numerous components were created alongside the Facebook Ads app that has been useful for other developers building their apps. Another of the best examples is Facebook Ads Manager, cross-platform software solely using React Native app development language. Facebook Ads was the first React Native app for Android. The app is responsible for ad formats, time zones, date formats, currencies, and many other variables depending on different users. React Native seemed like an ideal solution since most of the code was written in JavaScript.


It's hard to imagine today's world without Instagram. All the hot news from the life of celebrities, exercises from personal trainers, or even recipes, we can find all this in this app. They wanted to integrate React Native into their existing native app, starting with the Push Notifications. According to Instagram developers, deploying features to iOS and Android apps faster was made possible by using React Native. Post Promote is a lightweight interface for promoting posts on Instagram. This feature was originally designed as a WebView because it allowed the team to iterate more quickly than native code. Because WebViews have an inferior UX and take a long time to start up, they were phased out in favor of React Native, and the results were astonishing.



Knowt helps you study faster by automatically using artifficial intelligence and machine learning to create your notes. All you need to do is place your notes. This application will automatically detect critical phrases, make a quiz thanks to which you will repeat knowledge more interestingly, and prepare flashcards. It's a mobile app built with React Native available on iOS and Android.



At Oval, you may get financial guidance. The app features the function of setting rules according to which you want to save, and then it will assist you in achieving your goal. This app can help you change your money management habits, whether in-store buying, online shopping, or money-saving routine. Even if you lose your card, you can block it via a mobile app.



Another very famous and recognizable native app, but this one focuses on inspiring and sharing ideas. Here, you will find inspirational photos of every part of your life: a kitchen renovation plan, a new art creation, or a tattoo idea. All this is shared by others looking for inspiration, and the total community of this portal is over 500 million users. Their dev team decided to use React Native to decrease development time and acquire native usability. They wanted to bring the mobile and web development ecosystems closer together by building React Native components that conform to Gestalt, the open-sourced set of components used by the Pinterest web app.



It is an application for composing recipes for dishes. When creating your favorite meals, you enter the ingredients and steps needed to create them, and an interesting feature is that after adding a few recipes, they turn into a cookbook of your own. The book is saved privately, but there is an option to share it with others. You can also find shared recipes that interest you by filters such as specific ingredients, type of diet, or difficulty in the preparing process.



Shine is a stress-reduction and relaxation program that includes motivational articles, sayings, and tools to tackle tension. It has the voices of experts creating inspiring recordings. This React-based application is quite popular in Canada and the United States. The creators wanted to make an application for iOS, so the main target was users from the United States because this is where most people use Apple products.



Shopify is an e-commerce platform where you can build your online and offline store. It offers all the tools you need to manage showcase products, engage with customers, accept payments, etc. They chose to rewrite their app from Array to React Native, and supposedly "the team felt that they were twice as productive than using native development." However, they don't want to rewrite all the apps on their platform on React Native. They will change the core that will be compatible with both Array and React Native, and choosing the language of a particular application is up to their creators.



Skype is a famous text, voice, and video communicator. It is of the last two functions that it is most recognizable. The team decided to replace the existing app with a React Native app in 2017. The users noticed several complimentary upgrades, from a complete layout redesign to a visible advancement in functionality. However, in 2020, Microsoft switched from React Native to an Electron version with some new features. React Native is designed to develop mobile platforms for iOS and Android apps, whereas Electron is focused on desktop GUIs that integrate the Chromium engine and Node.js runtime.



The well-known American electric car manufacturer also uses React Native. Tesla used React Native to create its app, allowing owners to control their vehicles from smartphones or tablets. It may seem that they are using a cross-platform app built since the Tesla OS in the car and Tesla mobile app have a similar layout. But it's not true as they use React Native only for their Android and iOS app.

Uber Eats


UberEats is a platform where you can find your favorite restaurant or search for food places that interest you and order it with home delivery. All this in one application with the same menu and prices, without calling individual places. The developers made a Restaurant Dashboard with React Native, but they didn't expect it to be convenient for so many places, and thus the popularity of Restaurant Dashboard grew. The creators stayed with their idea, constantly improving it. Now, UberEats is one of the largest food delivery networks in the world.



UJJI is the world's first game-based life coaching app. This application contains specific games that you can use to improve your skills, such as perceptiveness, focus, memory, or creativity. This native app uses a specially created artificial intelligence, which over time thanks can better choose games that will allow you to develop your skills more efficiently. This self-coach app uses gamification, and the goal is to reduce the akrasia effect.

We are proud to be able to participate in the process of creating this application. You can read more about this project in our case study - The World's First Self Coach Mobile App

It's worth mentioning that UJJI combines React Native with the Unity engine. It is rarely used because it is time-consuming and requires a lot of work and great specialists, but the effects can compensate for all the effort devoted to development.  



Wix is a well-known provider of website creation and management tools. Users may create and manage their websites in HTML5/CSS and mobile sites. Wix, who previously worked with React, felt it was a natural progression to have React front-end developers work on the Wix mobile app in React Native. Wix was able to leverage the speed and agility of web app development in the hybrid space thanks to React Native.


Wrapping this list, we can find common elements for these mobile apps. They are all popular, were based on great app ideas, have been successful, and have gathered a lot of users who give more feedback, which is essential to develop the application further.

All apps are also different from each other; some are more advanced, the others less, some are intended to reach a mass audience, and there are a bit specific to a unique group of users. The differences between the two are clear. React Native is flexible in that it may be used for a wide range of tasks. Despite some drawbacks, it offers an extensive range of possibilities, as demonstrated by the various and common components. We'll see many more React Native applications appear in the near future as dynamic community growth and more incredible popularity continue to rise. So if you're wondering what to choose for mobile app development, React Native is worth considering.

If you would like to discuss the topic of React Native mobile app development we invite you to our Free Consultation service, where you will meet with our CTO, who will be happy to answer all your questions. 

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