Mobile Advertising Platform For Taxi Industry

Mobile Advertising Platform For Taxi Industry

About our client

Our client is the originator of the TouchtaxiTV multimedia infotainment system for taxis. The idea of the system is that it provides taxi users with entertainment and access to a lot of useful information: data on departures and arrivals of planes, attractions in the area, or news from around the world.

TouchtaxiTV is an extremely innovative idea that ushered in the era of interactive platforms for taxi customers.




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Project details

Our client wanted to create a multimedia information system for taxis that offers passengers much more than entertainment and information. The TouchtaxiTV project was to cover the largest cities in Switzerland. It was the first project on the market, so we did not have any competition data.

The mDevelopers team was asked to create an infrastructure for mobile infokiosks and an MDM system that downloads and analyzes data.

Our client wanted to cooperate with a partner who has extensive experience in innovative projects and can advise and thoroughly understand the idea of the project. A key factor was also the issue of timeliness and high-quality communication. Our client also attached great importance to the point of system security.


Solution & results

The mDevelopers team created the TouchtaxiTV system, which delighted users by offering them more than they expected!Thanks to intensive work, a system of mobile infokiosks that work online and offline was created. TouchtaxiTV enables taxi passengers to access many data: tourist information, news about local attractions, flight schedules from nearby airports, regional newspapers, and weather forecasts. Additionally, we enabled passengers to use the mobile hotspot. In addition, promotions and discount coupons for restaurants, shops, and other attractions appear on the screen located on the headrest of the tablet. The ads and offers are only valid for places close to the passenger. In addition, thanks to the geolocation function, users can find the data they are interested in faster and more efficiently. We have also not forgotten about the entertainment aspect of the system: the passenger has the opportunity to take a souvenir photo and send it to his email address.

In TouchtaxiTV, we have used the MDM system, which allows you to configure, manage, operate, and secure mobile devices through MDM profiles installed on tablets. Of course, it is also possible to troubleshoot remotely and remotely lock the device and even delete all data there.Our system also collects and analyzes statistics for advertisers. It allows better to match the displayed ads to the preferences of users.TouchtaxiTV has been implemented in Switzerland's largest taxi companies, incl. in Zurich and Bassel. The system meets the OWASP TOP 10 security standards. Our implementation turned out to be one of the first mobile advertising platforms in Europe. It was enthusiastically received by users and initiated the development of this segment.

Benefits of our solution


Switzerland's first interactive and multimedia infotainment system for passengers
a precursor of interactive platforms for taxi customers
new advertising channel
innovation and modernity

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