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Our client was a large German conglomerate from the Agritech industry, which wanted to build a solution using the domains of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to help farmers increase their yields.





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The US National Institute of Health predicts that there will be between 8.0 and 10.4 billion people on Earth. Total consumption by then will increase by 50-70% without extra land. The forecasted 2⁰C increase will provide opportunities to manipulate agronomy to improve crop performance. Farmers need to increase their yields by 50% by 2050 to feed the world.

Given the above situation, our main challenge was to deliver a solution to measure and monitor farms and the fields, analyze data, and advise farmers on crop and livestock management, tasks, milk production, and more.

The expected solution consisted of a web portal for farmers, a mobile app, sensors, an integration module, and artificial intelligence that helped maximize profitability results.

Our customer asked the mDevelopers team for mobile application development, data aggregation, and sensor integrations.

The client expected high-quality solutions, and the project schedule was extremely tight (we had 12 months to deliver an MVP solution).


Specialists we've delivered

Four developers worked on this project:

Specialists we've delivered

Solution & results

As soon as we joined the existing development teams, we established workshops that defined a detailed scope and started working. The mDEVELOPERS team was asked to help with sensors integration and data aggregation.

Our team built:

a scalable and secured solution,
a new mobile application,
user-friendly interface,
data aggregation module,
an API that allows integration with new sensors
The delivered solution fulfilled high-quality customer requirements, and the conglomerate decided to prolong the contract for the following year.The mDEVELOPERS team took a significant part in building a system improving large farms’ work by aggregating data and providing immediate information on issues such as the conditions of soil, yields, animals, or watering and feeding systems.An innovative solution automated the farm staff to react adequately to information aggregated from the field and farm sensors. The system reduces expenditure related to agricultural production data that enables effective farm management.The extended project scope was delivered within the expected timeline and budget.

Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning solutions to accelerate your business operations!

If you are still unsure about the implementation of algorithms in your business, we will help dispel your doubts.

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