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Our client was a cruise operator who organized cruises around the world. It started its activity in the 90s with trips organized by one ship. After a few years, it managed a vast fleet and directed its offer to consumers from almost all continents.





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The travel industry has constantly been changing and developing. Success in this increasingly competitive industry depends on reinventing business models to create compelling customer experiences and respond to evolving requirements and regulations.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to accelerate the digital transformation of the entire industry. Next-generation solutions are needed to accelerate development, increase efficiency and create differentiated customer experiences. A consumer-centric, data-driven mindset is critical to gaining a competitive advantage. Changing market dynamics has highlighted the need for greater flexibility and rethinking existing consumer engagement strategies while lowering operating costs.

The crew and ship owners were under constant pressure, and the organization of the voyages became more and more time-consuming. It turned out that shipowners needed tools that would allow them to manage both a single ship and their fleet. For this reason, our client asked the mDevelopers team to create a modern ship management platform designed to meet new and changing market demands. The critical issue was to shorten the cruise organization process and minimize the risk related to the human factor (errors and omissions). In addition, it was necessary to focus on users' needs, which are constantly changing. Our challenge was to create a system that would allow us to meet all the shipowner's obligations simply and intuitively.


Solution & results

While implementing the project, we focused on the requirements and expectations of our client. We knew that the project had to be completed on time and with utmost care.

he result of our work was an integrated system that made it possible to manage all the most essential processes that take place during the cruise (from the preparation stage to the end and summary of the cruise). The system was created from several SPA (single-page applications), which supports logistically and operationally passenger ships. The solution allows you to manage, among other things, personnel, passenger lists, and the onboarding process. One of the modules provided reporting on the availability of stocks and the demand for goods. Another element was controlling the crew and generating reports on their work. Due to the need to meet the growing expectations of consumers, a module for managing the infotainment system was also developed.

The system we have created for our client allows us to plan the entire course of the cruise accurately. New solution:
enabled the acceleration of the cruise organization process by as much as 35% and reduced human error by 80%.
A simple, intuitive system allows the shipowner to manage the entire process with a few clicks. The perfect implementation of the project allowed our client to achieve a competitive advantage and flexibly react to the constantly changing market conditions.

We know how to create a successful product for an ever-changing industry! an ever-changing industry!

We understand the need for flexibility and quick adaptation to diminishing market conditions. We're here to help you create the best product in the world.

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