Internet platform for ordering custom packaging

Internet platform for ordering custom packaging

About our client

Box Academy is an e-commerce company which offers its customers packaging according to their individual needs and preferences. The company operates mainly in the Polish market, and its clients are companies from almost every industry.

Creating new packaging is the main mission of Box Academy. Its designers create new designs every day, test new constructions, and use different raw materials. Thanks to this, Box Academy packaging had refined down to the smallest detail, and an individual approach to each project allows the company to create tailor-made packaging. Box Academy attaches great importance to the quality of its packaging: starting from selecting the appropriate raw material through processing and individual character, which ends with assembling ready-made packages and preparing them for shipment.





Services & Workshops

Web Development, UI/UX Design

Project details

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the already dynamic development of the e-commerce industry, which we have observed for the last few years. The packaging market is also dynamically developing and changing, adapting to the needs of consumers. It is due to several factors. Apart from the increase in consumption, the pace of growth is also caused by a change in lifestyle, a demographic factor (increased demand for drugs in an aging society), increased consumer demands (increased demand for luxury goods packaging), as well as the marketing factor (packaging is associated with the product brand), environmental and technological. More and more new visually attractive products are introduced, and their packaging must be original, encouraging to buy, and adapted to the market requirements. Increased customer demand and a greater level of environmental awareness accelerate the packaging production process and invest in the development of this industry.

Analysts predict that the greatest demand for packaging will be in the food industry, while slightly lower in the industrial products industry.

Due to the changing market requirements, our client decided to create a website based on current trends, using the latest technologies. The website required an e-commerce platform to handle orders without an employee's participation.

Box Academy was looking for a partner who would have extensive experience in this type of project and would be able to follow the current trends in both the industry and design. For these reasons, Box Academy decided to cooperate with mDevelopers.


Solution & results

We started our cooperation with an in-depth knowledge of the needs of the client and website users. Then, we proposed solutions that will allow the client to gain a competitive advantage and, at the same time, will be modern and in line with current trends. Our client wanted high quality and fast delivery of the proposed solutions. The new website had to be highly intuitive to use. That is why we focused all our attention on creating a simple, user-friendly e-commerce system. In addition, we designed a new logotype that was completely different from the previous one. We wanted to create a simple, well-thought-out logo that would be modern and timeless at the same time.

The project was implemented according to the initially agreed schedule. The result of our work was a simple, modern, and intuitive portal that helps Box Academy gain new customers, increase sales and stand out from the competition. In addition, the automatic possibility of processing orders accelerated the time of their implementation and reduced costs.

Benefits of our solution


The project was completed on time and followed all our client's requirements. The result of our work was a modern website, thanks to which our client not only increased the sales of his products but also gained new customers. It gained recognition in the eyes of Box Academy's business partners and distinguished the company from the huge competition.

increasing sales
faster order fulfillment time
winning new consumers
increasing traffic to the website
cost reduction
a modern portal that is a response to all the expectations of users and business partners of the client
modern, intuitive system in line with current trends

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