Managing robots - what a challenge!

Managing robots - what a challenge!

About our client

Skriware is an international educational technology company. As experts in programming, robotics, and 3D printing, they decided to create products that support children in the learning process.

Skriware is a producer of the SkriLab educational laboratory, which is unique globally. The laboratory includes educational robots, a set of building blocks, a 3D printer, a platform with lesson plans for teachers, online programs for spatial design, programming tools, and educational and engineering mats and cards that additionally enrich learning SkriLab. Thanks to its complexity and based on the STEAM methodology (from English Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics),it helps to conduct school lessons interestingly.





Services & Workshops

Mobile Development, UI/UX Design, Discovery Workshop

Project details

The EdTech industry is a combination of modern technological tools (software, hardware) and innovative pedagogical processes and methodologies to increase teaching effectiveness.

For many years the EdTech industry grew quite harmoniously until the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, which caused the almost immediate and rapid growth of this segment. In 2020, the level of investment in educational technologies reached a record level of $ 41 billion - as much as 10 times more than in 2014. According to experts, the value of the entire e-learning market will reach $ 325 billion already in 2025. According to, the average revenue in the online education industry has increased by over 900% compared to 2000.

Due to the market situation, our client had to redesign the current mobile application very quickly so that it would keep up with the current trends. It needed to respond to the expectations and needs of students, which increased remarkably in a short period of time.

Our client wanted to cooperate with a technological partner who would not only perfectly perform the entrusted task but also help in choosing the technology for robot management and understand the philosophy of the STEAM learning process.

Time was also a key issue - Skriware had to present investors with a new version of the mobile application within 3 months, which was to teach children programming by playing with a robot.

Skriware decided to choose mDevelopers due to our experience in this project.

The mDevelopers team was asked to expressly build a scalable, flexible, and open-to-integration application with new sensors. Our team only had 3 months to create an application for both iOS and Android.


Solution & results

We started the project by conducting workshops, thanks to which we understood the needs and expectations of the students the application is aimed at. The mockups focused on the children's behavior and interaction with the new interface. We suggested building a native application in Swift and Java. It was obvious that the application should be built on those technologies. At that time, the React Native framework had only one thread on JS, so you could not calculate and animate at the same time asynchronously. The Skriware application needed high performance to manage many interactions and animations. It required the seamless motion of a robot. Those features were one of the main reasons to choose native programming languages.

We decided that for the new application to meet the requirements of both students and our client, it must meet the following conditions:

modular and configurable to work as different educational sets (Mars rover or a piano)
supported by the kid (without an animator)
focused on components (user-defined blocks) that allow building a new app
redesigned for students' behavior and interactions
efficient in its performance
easy to integrate with planned sensors.
We managed to achieve all our goals, and the new version of the application turned out to be a huge success. It is best illustrated by the words of Karol Górnowicz, CEO of Skriware: "The new interface of our application is great. Thanks to the new features developed by mDevelopers, students can enjoy this more. "Currently, another version of the application is being prepared.

Benefits of our solution


Our client remained a leader in its industry and gained recognition in the eyes of users and business partners. The high quality of the project implementation exceeded the expectations of our client. The students were delighted with the new version of the application.

A modern application that meets all the needs of children - the most demanding users of the world
Support students' learning process
Delivered before the expected time
Solution efficient in its performance
App easy to integrate with sensors in the future

What client says about our cooperation

Karol Górnowicz

“It was a pleasure working with the mDevelopers team. They are excellent in mobile applications development, they build a friendly environment of cooperation and they have delivered before the expected timeline.”

Karol Górnowicz

CEO at Skriware

Get your app developed with mDevelopers! Get your app developed within the timeline & budget.

We believe that the combination of innovative tools and modern teaching methods is the key to the success of modern education!

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