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The most interesting Flutter apps 2022

The most interesting Flutter apps 2022



The development and popularity of mobile applications force companies to meet the increasing expectations of users and native mobile app development for major mobile platforms.

Unfortunately, native mobile development involves the use of different solutions for devices with mobile Android and iOS operating systems, which makes it an expensive undertaking.It is where cross-platform technologies come in, which enable the creation of a mobile application simultaneously for both of these platforms, but at a lower cost and in a shorter time. And both time and budget are critical factors in any software development project. Learn more about software development costs in our article.

Of course, there are technologies available on the market that enable cross-platform app development. One of them is Flutter, which developers highly appreciate. Flutter applications are characterized by an extraordinary UX/UI design, which translates into a high reputation among users.

It is not without significance that Flutter is recognized as a great solution for MVP development, thanks to which, for example, startups gain funds for the following stages of software development.

Let's look at some of the mobile applications developed with Flutter and how their innovative features have aided their success.

Flutter – a short introduction

In 2015, during the Dart Developer Summit, Flutter was announced. It previously let you create apps for the Android mobile operating system. In February 2018, a Google team revealed the first beta of Flutter at Mobile World Congress. Since then, it has been a huge step forward for the technology because Flutter was declared stable and ready for production in December 2018. On March 3, 2021, the second edition of the SDK was released, which provides the creation of web and computer programs in the development version. Google has continuously updated Flutter, and new versions have been introduced. Its most recent version is 2.2.0, announced at Google in May 2021. Developers may now use Flutter to code once and compile for multiple platforms, which is one of the main reasons they are attracted to it. Apart from having a single codebase to create apps for different platforms, Flutter uses the Dart programming language.

Flutter is a portable software development kit for building mobile apps. In other words, it's a comprehensive app SDK (Software Development Kit) that includes widgets and tools for native app development, cross-platform app development, desktop, and web applications. Flutter is an open-source project with contributions from Google and the Flutter community members. Furthermore, hundreds of modifications were made in Flutter 2.0.0 due to the developers' community.

How Many Flutter Applications Exist?

The number of Flutter-developed apps available on the Play Store increased from 50,000 to 90,000 after Google released Flutter 1.20. By March 2021, when Flutter 2 was launched, there were over 150,000 Flutter applications on Play Store. The number of Flutter apps available on the Apple App Store has grown even faster than those on Google Play Store – from less than 20,000 in March 2019 to over 90,000 now.

Popular apps are made with the Flutter framework

Flutter helped develop many innovative applications, such as Google AdSense, Xianyu from Alibaba, and Hamilton. This feature aids in the creation of new apps and sales. Those who aren't utilizing Flutter have been amazed at how many other developers were employing it and how easily Flutter can streamline the mobile application development process. Mobile app development is faster and simpler thanks to the single codebase, hot reload, and material design widgets. Flutter has equal popularity with React Native. In our recent article, we've also compared Flutter vs. React Native advantages and disadvantages.

eBay Motors

ebay-motors flutter app

One of the most popular apps constructed with Flutter is eBay's automobile portal eBay Motors. The software allows you to buy and sell automobiles and accessories, search for new listings and connect with auto buyers and sellers.

They could test functional prototypes quickly with fast reload and automated testing. The development process was uneventful, and apps provided a consistent user experience. The Flutter team's code-sharing features shortened the platform-specific integration deployment time. The team used Flutter plugins already available to integrate device APIs promptly.

Google Pay

google-pay flutter app

With over 100 million downloads, Google Pay is one of the world's most popular digital payments apps. The software gives users the ability to pay for items and services in some of the remotest regions on Earth.

Every country or region requires its own set of characteristics to develop. As the number of iOS and Android users increased, time was spent duplicating efforts. Finding and recruiting more engineers was also a never-ending struggle. It made perfect sense to use Flutter as a development language.

Google Pay, built on Flutter, was launched in the US and Indian markets to 100 million monthly active users. Google Pay's development on Flutter reduced costs and streamlined engineering resources, allowing it to combine teams. With 150 engineers, the team converted and tested the existing app with 300+ features.

Google Ads

google-ads flutter app

One of the most popular Flutter apps is this platform. The program was released on October 23, 2000, and was widely praised by digital marketers. You may view Google Ads advertisements and campaigns relevant to your interests and monitor your campaign in real-time using Google Ads. This online advertising system provides many services, excellent coverage for goods, and alternative web content marketing. Google Ads is a superb tool for allowing services under the pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model. The spots may be found in search engine results pages, websites, mobile apps, and other online platforms. You can use the new Google Ads app to get better insight into their campaigns, receive campaign management notifications, and modify existing campaigns while communicating with Google experts.

Google Stadia

google-stadia flutter app

Google Stadia is a cloud-based video game streaming service that allows you to play games on your smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet.

Flutter was said to have accelerated the controller setup procedure in the company's official blog. In Flutter, code writing was faster, and team productivity almost doubled. Google Stadia also benefited from Flutter's cross-platform consistency.

Google Stadia utilized the already-written custom Bluetooth plugin code, saving time and effort. The team was able to add features rapidly across iOS and Android versions. Shared source code and hot reloading allowed for quicker development. Flutter's automated testing also worked quickly and accurately.

Hamilton app

hamilton flutter app

Hamilton is a music app that was developed using the Flutter framework. The band's massive group of fans are informed of all music news thanks to the developer, who designed Hamilton in this manner. It also has a karaoke function for you to sing along to your favorite songs, as well as a variety of Hamilton lottery games access, as well as unique videos and slideshows. Users of this platform can rejoice at how simple the application is to use. This software was designed to operate on both Android and iOS systems. It's also more fun to look through it as one of the apps developed with Flutter. Apps created with Flutter may be quickly and effectively distributed, resulting in better quality.


klaster flutter app

KlasterMe makes it easy for users to post content and provides attractive designs for their work. It is a unique sensation for every KlasterMeer! The technology framework gives credibility to this software, which is true of many Flutter apps. KlasterMe is an online platform where users can contribute material. They may create their website and add images, blogs, articles, research surveys, and entries. It also allows users to collaborate on projects with people on social media. Users may connect and inspire creativity with KlasterMe. This app makes it possible for them to collaborate on their projects. Flutter's platforms are typical of high quality, evident in the app's photographs and user interface. KlasterMe's cross-platform capabilities make Flutter apps feasible. The developer has published the software on both Android and iOS platforms.

My BMW App


With Flutter engineering entirely developed in-house by the BMW Group, it is positioning itself as a top vehicle application developer and supplier. With the turn of events and the introduction of My BMW, an app created using Flutter, BMW is progressing ahead. In July 2020, the public got its first look at this vital link between phones and automobiles. A flexible and widespread programming architecture supports the fast expansion of the My BMW app's material and its rapid rollout. The Flutter/Dart development group at the BMW Group is one of the world's largest, with 300 employees working together. The My BMW app is available for download from Apple's App Store or Google Play Store and uses iOS and Android software.

New York Times

nytimes flutter app

The New York Times used Flutter to build a cross-platform app for their readers. The NYT was looking for new methods to engage its audience and improve the user experience, as millions of people read it every day. The popular KenKen puzzle, developed by the New York Times for its launch on Flutter, is an excellent example of Flutter's cross-platform capabilities.

Developers face the challenge of providing a smooth experience across platforms all the time. Flutter's single codebase allowed the team to simultaneously release KenKen Puzzles for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and the web. Flutter allowed the NYT team to iterate and test in real-time, saving time and money. It quickly helped the NYT staff develop a compatible version of KenKen puzzles across platforms. The app was the first commercial Flutter web prototype to debut at Google.


nubank flutter app

Nubank, one of the world's largest independent digital banks, serves 48+ million people worldwide. Nubank's app improves financial access in underserved areas by simplifying the process.

As the business expanded, it could not locate enough native mobile developers to launch new features. The dearth of high-quality talent resulted in platform-specific improvements. They decided to use Flutter after thoroughly examining alternatives for cross-platform development. Development experience, documentation, and stability were better with Flutter than with any other platform.

Nubank chose Flutter because it allowed them to hire local talent quickly and get them up to speed on the development team in days rather than weeks. With Flutter, the developers introduced new features simultaneously across platforms. The ability to reload the app while it's still in development and use an internal developer tool developed with Flutter aided testing efficiency.



Instagram is quickly becoming the most popular social media platform, and it's not difficult to see why. Instagram offers some of the most innovative and creative features available. From stories to reels to other entertaining features, there's a lot of creativity on Instagram. Now that so many new companies are using Instagram, it's only natural that they utilize high-resolution images for business branding. For this reason, PostMuse was created by the developers. Instagram lets users manage and modify a variety of photographs in one arrangement. Still, PostMuse has taken it further by suggesting the best photo that fits your marketing and services. Apps created with Flutter are all similar. And this is one of PostMuse's selling features. In terms of usefulness, it lends credibility to social media marketing by appearing natural and appealing.

realtor flutter app, based in Santa Clara, California, is a well-known real estate firm that is the second most Googled real estate company in 2021. Their organizational structure included two separate Android and iOS development teams and codebases until mid-2019. The business started utilizing new features using Flutter's Add to App feature after seeing the advantages of having a single codebase.

Flutter's presence in the mobile app environment has several benefits. For example, it relieved their web developers to master two new languages and platforms. Furthermore, developing features for both iOS and Android simultaneously enhanced team productivity. Features launch and code modifications now take only half as many person-months to complete.


reflecty flutter app

Mental health professionals use the Reflectly app to assist patients with psychological problems. It's one of the Flutter-based applications. And it's an AI-powered personal journaling program that combines cognitive-behavioral therapy, meditation, and positive psychology to help people deal with everyday stress, combat negative thoughts, and maintain a good mood. It allows users to advertise their mental health and care for it. Reflectly, as can be seen, provides essential services. Towards the end of this essay discusses the value and importance of apps created using Flutter. Many internet users worldwide turn to Reflectly for answers on mental difficulties.


sonos flutter app

You may now play music from popular streaming services, including Spotify, Gaana, and Apple Music, on any Sonos speaker. To connect their home speakers to streaming services, people utilize the free Sonos software on their mobile phone, tablet, PC, or laptop. For their app development efforts, Sonos began employing Flutter in 2020. Their existing application had several flaws, including a perplexing (and buggy) speaker setup wizard.

It was an essential tool in the Sonos team's ability to create new apps. The framework saved hundreds of hours and quickly enabled the team to release a modern and user-friendly cross-platform app. They eliminated existing problems while adding new features to enhance the user experience. The UI of Sonos was overhauled, and end-users across all platforms were given assistive features. Flutter made it simple to incorporate sound, animations, transitions, and walkthroughs. The new features and user experience resolved the issues while also pleasing the current and growing audience of the app.

SpaceX Go!

spaceX flutter app

The unofficial SpaceX Go app allows you to keep up with Tesla's space division. The app offers news on SpaceX, including information launches, vehicles, ships, and Tesla. The app features an easy-to-use design that is simple to use and pleasing to the eye.


tencent flutter app

The greatest project that works across borders and provides digital items and services, according to my research, utilizes Flutter - not just for one but several of their applications. That includes DingDang, Mr. Interpreter, AITeacher, QiDian, K12, and Now Live. The main goal for Tencent was to provide a pleasant and satisfactory experience for each of their clients, no matter what product they encountered. Their programs have made them one of the most popular apps developed in Flutter. They assist with various activities such as work, traveling, studying, and daily. With several milestones crossed, Tencent was flexible and accessible with its offering.

Topline Abbey Road Studios

topline abbey road studios flutter app

The free version of the app allows users to save music ideas. Artists may record songs, add verses, and create works on their phones or any other device with a microphone and internet connection. The program keeps everything in the cloud, so artists never have to worry about losing their unbelievable beat.

Abbey Road Studios created it for iOS first. The app's uniqueness and usefulness made it a hit right away. Though there was no intention of creating an Android version at the onset, demand for the product persisted, prompting the developers to explore other options. Audio latency on Android makes it more challenging to build a music production app than iOS. Limited resources and a small team compounded their problems.

The Topline team felt that using Flutter for cross-platform development made sense because it allowed them to generate Android and iOS versions from a single codebase.


watermaniac flutter app

Watermaniac is a Flutter-based app that is currently riding on the framework's enthusiasm. Watermaniac, as a lightweight water monitoring software on Flutters, aids users in controlling their consumption. Users may track how much water they use and how much more they need to drink. You can set alerts for each individual on the app's calendar, with customizable delivery dates and times. The software has some functionalities to create reminders at intervals and provide a 100 percent monitoring experience.

Xianyu by Alibaba

xianyu-flutter app

Xianyu is a mobile eCommerce app developed with Flutter. It has more than 200 million registered users and over 10 million active and frequent users. It's the Alibaba Group's second most popular retail platform, and it's gained a significant piece of the internet market. Xianyu, an Alibaba app built with Flutter, has benefited from the framework's seamless technology. Space functionality is clear proof of the Flutter framework's flexibility. There's still room for improvement with each new update by the developers. The Xianyu app on Alibaba has been maintained in real-time thanks to the framework's one codebase, which means that it can keep up with customer demand even as development continues.

Flutter: Good Choice for Cross-Platform App Development

Only a few Flutter-based apps are included in the post. Flutter is an excellent method to create visually appealing iOS and Android apps from a single codebase. Cross-platform apps made with the Flutter framework are the best choice for your next smartphone app development.

If you are still unsure whether Flutter is the right technology for your software development project, arrange a free consultation with us, during which we will share our knowledge and experience.

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