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Outsourcing Strategies thanks to which Your Company will Succeed

Outsourcing Strategies thanks to which Your Company will Succeed



The goal of every company is to be successful in the market, but no company is an expert in everything. Understanding this simple relationship has made many companies outsource various processes and tasks to focus entirely on the company's core business. It resulted in the dynamic development of outsourcing and the emergence of many flexible outsourcing models so that each company could adjust the appropriate cooperation model with an outsourcing company.

Depending on your company's needs, you can strengthen your team using the Staff Augmentation model. If a one-time project needs to be completed quickly, choose project-based outsourcing. However, if you anticipate an extended project lead time with the discovery phase included in the process, the dedicated development team model will be best for you.

However, it is worth remembering that for the adventure with outsourcing to be effective, it is necessary to develop an effective outsourcing strategy because the success of your projects depends on it. This article will explain outsourcing strategies and why they allow companies to optimize their operations and grow.

What is Strategic Outsourcing?

Strategic outsourcing is a mutually beneficial business partnership between the client and a third-party service provider that brings long-term, optimized results. Strategic outsourcing is about using the latest technology, industry trends, and the highest level of expertise to increase your company's efficiency and success. Companies can use external resources efficiently to stay ahead of the competition while increasing productivity.

This relatively new business concept initially became a solution for small companies with limited internal resources and needed the support of external resources. However, with time, it turned out that also for medium-sized companies and corporate giants, this process has become a successful outsourcing strategy.

Thanks to intelligent outsourcing, enterprises of all industries and sizes can take advantage of the knowledge and many years of experience of outsourcing companies. Thanks to this, they can gain a competitive advantage and improve their business status.

Outsourcing services are a comprehensive solution for companies to optimize the production process and reduce costs for the main activity. Whether it's just one operation or an entire lifecycle, outsourcing can help you achieve greater efficiency while reducing costs.

Types of Strategic Outsourcing

When deciding on strategic outsourcing, an enterprise sets specific strategic goals. These goals can be achieved by implementing one or several types of strategic outsourcing. The most popular types of outsourcing strategies include:

IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is currently one of the most common strategic outsourcing. It is because nowadays, almost every company has specific IT needs, regardless of the type of business. Meanwhile, hiring an IT specialist with the appropriate level of knowledge and experience is expensive. No wonder companies prefer to outsource these services to third-party companies. In addition, thanks to IT outsourcing, companies can outsource both minor tasks (such as equipment maintenance or computer network support) and major projects (such as software development or network infrastructure). It allows them to remain flexible and adapt tasks to the company's current goals.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing, also known as professional outsourcing, is a highly effective type of outsourcing that allows companies to achieve savings and, at the same time, use a professionally managed team of specialists. It transfers internal business processes to a third-party provider, eliminating the need to maintain an in-house team.

Business process outsourcing includes a range of expert services such as marketing, accounting, hiring and recruitment, legal advice, public relations, and many other specialized services that require a specific team of specialists.

Thanks to these outsourcing contracts, companies cannot only access high-class specialists at a reasonable price but also focus on the company's core business. Of course, this applies to processes that do not directly generate profit but are crucial for the proper functioning of the company (e.g., accounting). In the case of critical processes for the company, strategic outsourcing allows companies to gain greater flexibility and competitiveness in the market.

Production Outsourcing

This type of outsourcing is typical for manufacturing companies. It is because it is often not profitable for companies to organize production lines or specific stages of production on their own. The purchase of specialized production machines, the need to have a specific space, as well as the need to employ qualified employees are the factors that make even large companies such as Ikea outsource production. Small and medium-sized enterprises also use this outsourcing strategy, as most do not have adequate capital to invest in the most modern equipment and employ a team of experts. And this almost makes it impossible for them to develop and gain a competitive advantage. Thanks to the outsourcing of production, they can invest in other areas of the company's activity. Of course, they must actively track outsourcing progress, but at the same time, they save their time and money.

Despite the undeniable advantages, outsourcing production is also associated with risks you must be aware of. One of the most critical threats is the quality issue because, despite the best efforts, you are not able to supervise the work of the outsourcing vendor all the time. Therefore, it is vital to outsource all tasks to a proven outsourcing company.

Advantages of Strategic Outsourcing

Advantages of Strategic Outsourcing

Strategic outsourcing is an activity that positively affects the development of the company. It allows you to reach a new group of recipients, increases work efficiency and leads to the development of enterprises on many levels. Nowadays, it is a necessary action in almost all industries. The main advantages of strategic outsourcing include the following:

Cost Reduction

The possibility of outsourcing various tasks, processes, and projects means that the company does not have to permanently employ teams of qualified specialists, which generates vast costs. Instead, it outsources tasks to an outsourcing company as needed and at any time.


Strategic outsourcing is a highly time-saving solution because you do not have to spend valuable hours searching for and training the right specialists to help the company achieve its development goals.

Higher Efficiency

Higher Efficiency

Outsourcing is an effective way to increase efficiency because you can draw on the expertise of experienced teams that can handle complex tasks and deliver tailored solutions that work best for your business. Their in-depth knowledge of their field and years of experience allow them to maximize productivity and increase efficiency.

Focus on Core Business

The outsourcing company will take care of all tasks, regardless of their priority and level of complexity. And that means you can use your company's internal resources to deal with tasks critical to growing your business and generating revenue.

High-quality Specialists

An outsourcing service provider provides access to a team of competent, experienced professionals who can implement any project. Thanks to their experience, a successful product will be created that will meet the expectations of both customers and consumers.

Disadvantages of Strategic Outsourcing

Disadvantages of Strategic Outsourcing

Despite many advantages, strategic outsourcing also has some disadvantages that cannot be overlooked. Data security risks, disaster recovery complications, and potential information ownership disputes can present difficulties for companies attempting to outsource operations. In addition, for some companies, ongoing communication may be a barrier, mainly when the external team is located in another country or continent.

Finding a trustworthy outsourcing partner will make it easy for you to avoid these problems. An experienced outsourcing company will find a way to keep you in touch with the team, even if you are in different time zones. In addition, signing the contract will guarantee you security and property rights. A trustworthy external supplier cares not only about the high level of services provided but also about good relations with its clients because they will ensure further orders.


Outsourcing gives every company great opportunities and a chance to gain a market advantage. Access to great specialists and the latest technologies at a reasonable price has made outsourcing highly dynamic for several years.

However, it is worth remembering that developing effective outsourcing strategies is an important task that requires your full attention and commitment because the success of your project depends on it. Therefore, it is essential to define business goals because it has a direct impact on outsourcing strategies.

If you want to learn more about finding the right outsourcing strategy, make an appointment with our specialists for a free consultation. Together we will find a solution that will be ideally suited to your needs and expectations.

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