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Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team



Gaining market advantage is the goal of every company. That's why companies are doing everything in their power to create excellent products that meet users' expectations while paying more attention to costs than ever before. These factors have resulted in the dynamic development of outsourcing, which is currently used by most companies, regardless of their size or income level.

Many models of outsourcing have been created to best respond to the needs and expectations of customers. You can strengthen your team using the Staff Augmentation model. But perhaps you prefer to outsource the entire project, and then you will choose the Project-based outsourcing model. But if your project is long-term and requires a discovery phase, then perhaps the best solution will be a dedicated team model. Regardless of what you need, a professional outsourcing company will offer you a solution that will be perfectly tailored to your needs. But to make an informed decision, you need to learn as much as possible about  outsourcing. In today's article, we will discuss the most popular type of outsourcing, i.e., dedicated development team. Find out everything about it and decide if this solution is best for you and your company.

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team is a team of external specialists whose task is to implement your project. Such a team functions like your in-house team, but unlike your own employees, you do not have to deal with administrative, social, or tax issues. All the organizational problems are on the side of the outsourcing company. If during the project, another specialist is needed, it is also up to the external company to find and hire him.

As a rule, a dedicated software development team runs long-term projects. It is worth noting that this outsourcing model is one of the most popular.

Structure of a Dedicated Development Team

Structure of a Dedicated Development Team

The dedicated team model structure depends on the project type and your business requirements. The outsourcing company will provide you with recommendations regarding the team's composition so that it is ideally suited to the project's needs. As a rule, a dedicated outsourced team includes the following specialists:

  • Project Manager (PM)

The Project Manager is a crucial member of the team. His task is to coordinate the work of all project participants and lead to timely and successful project completion. The scope of his responsibilities is broad and additionally requires many soft skills. A good project manager must be a great organizer who understands all the dependencies in the development process. For this reason, proven project managers are in demand in the labor market.

  • Business Analyst (BM)

Business Analysts (BAs) are invaluable members of any team, bridging the gap between technology and business operations. They identify the goals of the project and the company, analyze the basic procedures and systems, and ensure the project's compliance with the technology. A good business analyst constantly checks what works and doesn't and decides on the following product development steps.

  • UX/UI Designer

UX/UI designers are the creative forces that give a product a unique look and feel, ensuring that each feature meets the user's needs and company goals. Their main goal is to make the use of the product easy and intuitive for customers and to make the product solve specific user problems. In this way, they provide users with a pleasant experience every time users use the product.

  • Developers (Front-end/ Back-end)

Developers are responsible for coding. Front-end developers create the product's customer experience and visual appeal. Back-end developers take care of its behind-the-scenes features that the user does not see but still impact his perception of the product. It is impossible to imagine software development dedicated teams without developers.

  • Quality Assurance Engineer (QA)

The role of the quality assurance (QA) engineer cannot be underestimated. The QA engineer's job is to test products, identify bugs and defects, and ensure they meet all standards. Due to the growing requirements of users and the fact that cybersecurity is crucial for all companies, each software development project should be implemented under the supervision of such an expert.

  • DevOps Experts

DevOps Experts work with software development teams and quality control specialists to coordinate the development and proper operation of the product and build comfortable conditions for testing the product.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Development Teams

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Development Teams

  • Cost Savings

Hiring an external dedicated team is much cheaper than creating an in-house team. It is because all costs related to employment and team management are on the side of the outsourcing company. In addition, the recruitment process is highly time-consuming, which is why companies prefer this task to be performed by external companies. Especially since modern employees prefer long-term cooperation and are usually not interested in joining a company to carry out only one project because it means that after a few months, they have to start looking for a job again. An external software development company does not have this problem because it employs specialists permanently, and thanks to this, it can implement various projects for different companies.

  • Access to a Vast Talent Pool

External outsourcing companies can recruit specialists from all over the world. Thanks to the dedicated team model, your project can be carried out by high-class specialists that your company would not be able to recruit in the normal recruitment process. In addition, projects carried out by experienced specialists are characterized by higher quality.

  • Flexibility

Hiring a dedicated development team is associated with great flexibility. You decide on its structure, and you can ask for an enlargement of the team at any time. The development team can be expanded anytime if your project requires additional specialists.

  • Simple Management

Managing a dedicated development team is simple and depends only on your preferences. You can manage such an external team yourself, and you can also entrust the management to a project manager who will be a link between your company and a dedicated team. The Project Manager can be your employee and part of an external team.

  • Quick Start

Thanks to the employment of a dedicated team, you can start implementing your project very quickly because you do not have to waste time recruiting and onboarding new employees. As a result, your product can be launched earlier.

  • Focus on One Project

The dedicated development team is responsible for the implementation of your project only. Therefore, all team members are entirely focused on one project. Thanks to this, dedicated software developers work more effectively and are open to proactive problem-solving.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Development Team

Disadvantages of Dedicated Development Team

The dedicated team model has many benefits, and we are sure the above list is incomplete. But you know perfectly well that there are no perfect solutions. Therefore, below you will find the disadvantages of this solution. How important they are to you is up to you.

  • The Problem with the Choice

You've probably wondered more than once how to hire dedicated developers. Many software companies offer dedicated team model services. They have different experiences, technology stacks, locations, and work cultures. All this makes finding a trusted outsourcing company extremely difficult.

Our article "Choosing the right software partner - guide" described what you should pay attention to when choosing an outsourcing company with talented developers.

  • Project Control

The level of control in this project is mainly up to you. When starting cooperation with an external team, you should make an appointment for periodic reporting of the work status. These can be daily summaries, or they can be weekly. However, if you are someone who wants to control every bit of code, working with an external team can be frustrating.

When is it Worth Considering Cooperation with a Dedicated Development Team?

Cooperation with a dedicated development team has many advantages. Still, this cooperation model must fit your and your project's requirements. It is worth considering working with a dedicated team when dealing with the following situations.

  • Your Project is Long-Term

A dedicated team is a perfect solution for long-term, extensive projects with high growth potential. To unleash the true potential of your project and fulfill its mission, you need a dedicated group of developers to help you. With a committed team, you are guaranteed that the people who start working on it will stay until its completion.

  • Your Project Requires a Discovery Stage

You have an idea for a product and a general idea of its functionality and appearance. You need more details and knowledge about whether all elements of your concept are feasible. It means that your project requires a discovery stage to fully use its potential and meet users' expectations.

In such a situation, a dedicated development team is a perfect solution, as it will help you create the fundamental basis of the entire project development mechanism.

  • You need Time and Resources for your Core Business

Hiring a dedicated team is the best solution if your internal team is busy with many projects and you have neither time nor resources to focus on the company's core business and development. Thanks to this, you will save time on recruitment and burdensome administrative issues. You will take care of what is most important, and an external team will take over the additional work.

When is the Dedicated Team Model Not for You?

When is the Dedicated Team Model Not for You

The dedicated team model is not a universal solution despite its many advantages. There are situations where it is better to consider using a different outsourcing model. Below you will find several cases in which it is better to use something other than this model.

  • Your Project is Short-Term

There are better solutions than the dedicated team model when your project is short-term. Then hiring a special team is simply unprofitable. In the case of medium- and short-term projects, it is better to consider another solution, such as staff augmentation or a project-based outsourcing model.

  • Your Project is Precisely Defined

Don't hire a dedicated development team when your project is fully defined, and every feature is invented and described. This level of project preparation means you don't need a discovery or creativity phase, just a contractor. So there is no point in hiring a whole team of specialists.

How to choose a Dedicated Development Team?

To choose well, a dedicated development team must have clearly defined expectations and requirements for your cooperation. Choosing this outsourcing model means you need a team of talented, creative specialists with extensive experience creating successful products.

The country that has one of the best developers in the world is Poland. In addition, the rates of Polish developers are highly competitive. For this reason, Poland has become a power in the software development outsourcing industry for several years. It is due not only to its favorable location but also to its commitment to technological progress. Moreover, it should be noted that Polish developers can deliver quality work with minimal communication barriers. This factor makes Poland an ideal choice for outsourcing projects. The article "Why Choose Outsourcing to Poland?" discusses this issue in detail.

How to choose a Dedicated Development Team

Of course, choosing a great dedicated team requires more than deciding on a location. That's why in the article "How to choose a Dedicated Software Development Team? Everything you should know," we thoroughly discussed all the steps that will allow you to choose the best dedicated team.


The dedicated team model is ideal for long-term projects that require a discovery phase. This model is highly flexible, so you can either decide the team structure yourself or trust the recommendation of an outsourcing company. In addition, you can work with top-class specialists that you would not be able to recruit independently. Their creativity and openness will help create a successful product.

But if you are still trying to decide whether this cooperation model is for you, make an appointment for a free consultation with our specialists. We will help you choose the best cooperation model for you. We have been creating successful projects for many years, and we love to advise clients on various issues.

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