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Why Choose Outsourcing to Poland?

Why Choose Outsourcing to Poland?



For many years, IT Outsourcing has become more and more popular. It's no secret that the industry is struggling to find and retain qualified developers. With such a dynamic labor market and competition, keeping these talented individuals on board for the long haul can be difficult. In addition, there are issues related to tight budgets and limited time. In this situation, outsourcing is the best solution, regardless of whether you want to create a mobile application or consider web development.

Poland has been the main outsourcing destination for many companies worldwide for many years. Read our article and find out why you should consider outsourcing IT projects to Poland.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing to Poland

Poland has been becoming a power in the field of software development outsourcing for several years. It is due not only to Poland's ideal geographical location in Europe but also to the fact that Polish developers are among the best in the world, and Poland focuses on technological development. Of course, the high quality of work and the lack of communication barriers are also important. If you are still hesitating about whether Poland is the right outsourcing destination, read the detailed benefits of outsourcing to Poland.

  • An Effective Educational System

The education system in Poland is at a very high level. According to various rankings, the Polish education system ranks among the top five in Europe and the top fifteen worldwide. For example, a review of the school system by PISA shows that math skills in this country are solid. In 2008, 32% of Poles had higher education, and 10 years later, it was already 44%. Poles attach great importance to education because, in their opinion, education guarantees a good job and a high standard of living. Many Poles also study abroad, for example, in the USA or England. Due to the dynamic development of the Polish economy, Poles can also afford many specialized training courses that improve their knowledge. Polish companies, on the other hand, attach great importance to the high competence of their employees. It is not surprising that Polish developers have excellent educational facilities, thanks to which they are on the list of the best developers in the world. Poland is the leading outsourcing destination for Western European countries and the USA or Canada. Gradually, outsourcing to Poland will be even more beneficial than now, so if you care about long-term cooperation, Poland is a perfect choice for software outsourcing.

  • Poland's Technical Talent is World-Class

Compared to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Poland's talent pool is the largest. The German Outsourcing Association estimates that over 300,000 programmers are working in Poland. Computer science is popular among students in Poland. About 75,000 students apply for computer science studies every year, and about 15,000 computer science graduates enter the labor market. According to the Harvard Business Review 2019, Polish software developers have high technical skills, thanks to which they take 5th place in the ranking, ahead of, e.g., Germany.

  • Cultural Similarity

Due to their complicated history and geographical location, Poles are very open. They travel and study abroad, which makes cooperation with them no different from collaboration with citizens of western European countries. In addition, Polish companies often cooperate with foreign companies, and thanks to this experience, the software development outsourcing process runs smoothly.

  • High Work Ethic

High Work Ethic

A high work ethic distinguishes Polish developers. Therefore, you can be sure that your software development partner will attach great importance to order and punctuality. Thanks to the excellent organization of work, each Polish software development team implements the project by the time and budget assumptions. It is natural for Polish software development companies to control costs and recommend solutions that prevent excessive expenses and save the client's time.

In addition, Polish software developers understand the importance of communication between themselves and clients. They are flexible in their thinking and always search for the best solutions. They strive to produce high-quality work on every project.

  • No Language Barrier

The EF English Proficiency Index reported that Poles have better language skills than any other Central and Eastern European country. Additionally, Poland ranks 13th in the world for knowledge of English. Because of this, investors are more likely to be attracted to doing business in Poland.

The lack of a language barrier is an essential distinguishing feature because we know perfectly well that a low level of English makes it difficult or even impossible to run software development projects effectively. Outsourcing companies attach great importance to a high level of foreign language skills because they understand that it is a competitive advantage of business process outsourcing.

  • Great Technical Infrastructure

A powerful technological environment also distinguishes Poland. The country's infrastructure is currently at a very high level. It is due to several issues:

  • Recently, multiple governments and business initiatives have emerged that aim to expand local infrastructure. As a result, Poland has become one of the leading European countries in direct investment. When you outsource software development to Poland, you will also gain access to local solid development tools – making it all the more beneficial for your company.
  • Poland's entry into the IT industry occurred later than other countries, but this is an advantage. The later start allowed Poland to adopt newer technologies from the beginning. Therefore, services like software development are based on telecommunications infrastructure from 2010 instead of 2000. It makes processes both faster and more innovative.

The excellent technical infrastructure is a great incentive for all considering outsourcing to Poland.

  • Technological Advancements

Technological Advancements

Poland is also a leader in technological advancements, such as cloud computing, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). It is because Polish developers follow global trends in the IT industry on an ongoing basis and to the fact that there is no shortage of talented programmers in Poland. Therefore, it is not surprising that the IT outsourcing industry in Poland is gradually moving away from traditional outsourcing in favor of cloud outsourcing and SaaS, which are more modern solutions. Analysts predict that the market value of SaaS in Poland will double from USD 255.8 million in 2019 to USD 536.4 million in 2024.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning development in Poland should also not be surprising because these areas are developing dynamically worldwide. According to the Digital Poland 2021 State of Poland AI report, Poland was ranked 7th out of 27 in the EU in terms of the development of artificial intelligence.

  • Legal Regulations

Poland has been a member of the European Union since 2004, so all legal regulations are in line with EU standards. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a critical regulation that applies to all industries in the EU. This regulation also legally obliges each outsourcing company to handle all personal data appropriately. It helps to outsource software development companies to comply with the necessary EU outsourcing standards.

In addition, Polish companies provide outsourcing services to countries outside the European Union, such as the USA or Canada, which means they know legal regulations outside the European Union.

  • The Perfect Time Zone

The Perfect Time Zone

Due to its geographical location, Poland has an ideal time zone. France, Germany, and Poland are in the same time zone, and there is only an hour difference between Poland and the UK.

Besides, a 6-hour difference between Poland and the USA is much more advantageous than a 10-hour or 12-hour difference between India, China, and the United States. Polish companies very often run software development projects with partners from the USA and therefore try to adapt to the time zone of their clients. That is why they offer their pro-employees the opportunity to start work at noon to ensure trouble-free cooperation with contractors.

  • Low Costs

Low cost outsouring Poland

Eurostat states that the average labor cost is €28.50/hour in the EU and a mere €11/hour in Poland, meaning labor costs are more than 50% lower in Poland. On average, Polish developers earn €16 per hour in the IT industry. However, this is still below the average EU labor cost.

When looking to hire a programmer, you will find that the average cost in a Polish company is higher than what you would pay in places such as India, China, or Latin America. However, this disadvantage is minimized by such benefits as the European working environment (compliant working weeks, working hours, holidays, etc.) and highly qualified programmers.

In addition to reasonable labor costs, Poland offers a business-friendly tax system with perks like the R&D tax credit. Additionally, Poland has signed 85 tax treaties in total.

  • Best Value for Money

Polish developers are certainly not the cheapest. Developers from Asia have much lower rates, while developers from Western Europe are much more expensive than those from Poland.

However, what distinguishes Polish outsourcing companies is the high quality of work, which translates into the successful development of high-quality products. Creating a great product is the primary goal of every software development team in Poland. That may be why many international companies use the potential of Polish outsourcing.

The decision to outsource the IT project to Poland undoubtedly guarantees a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

Biggest IT Companies Outsourcing to Poland

Many IT companies open their branches in Poland. Google has opened its most important office in Europe in Poland, and many companies have established research and development centers. Moving their projects here is a profitable and future-proof move for these companies. The most famous companies that have their offices or R&D centers in Poland include:

  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Kroll
  • Capgemini
  • Amazon

The fact that leading technology companies are present in Poland indicates the high quality of IT knowledge in this country.


Poland is a great choice for software outsourcing, thanks to the numerous benefits we have briefly discussed. Undoubtedly, Poland's most significant advantage over other countries is highly qualified software developers who create great products for reasonable prices. Creativity and the ability to look for optimal solutions are also features that distinguish Polish developers. If you add to this ideal location on the map of Europe and access the latest technologies in which this country is a leader - you have a ready recipe for success.

If you are considering cooperation with a Polish team of programmers, make an appointment for a free consultation with our specialists, who will answer all your questions. As part of IT outsourcing, our company has been creating great software projects for several years, and we are happy to share our knowledge and experience.

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