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How to choose a Dedicated Software Development Team? Everything you should know

How to choose a Dedicated Software Development Team? Everything you should know



The IT industry is constantly developing, increasing the demand for experienced programmers. At the same time, the number of IT projects is growing year by year. All this means that the market is highly competitive in acquiring IT talents, and in addition, the high earnings of internal IT teams force companies to look for alternative solutions. A well-selected dedicated software development team has a real impact on your business. It will not only lower the project's cost but also improve it and make it a business success.

What is a Dedicated Software Development Team?

Dedicated development teams are a business model in which you hire technology experts from a vendor for your project. The client typically runs dedicated teams and does not interact with the in-house team.

Clients may pick engineers based on their talents and the project's technical stack. They can handle the assigned team alone or work with the vendor's project manager.

Benefits of having a Dedicated Development Team

Benefits of having a Dedicated Development Team

The dedicated development team model, which is transparent and successful, may be a good fit for your business.

  • Access to Talent Pool

If you care about the best programmers on the market, a dedicated software development team is the perfect solution for you. You can enlarge your team without wasting time on a long and tedious hiring process. And all legal aspects related to the new team are external to the company. Thanks to this solution, you can access high-class programmers specializing in various programming languages with different years of service and experience in multiple industries. You have the opportunity to run a project with specialists who, as a rule, would not have a chance to recruit.

  • Flexibility

Employing a dedicated team of programmers is also great flexibility. Does your project require one additional developer? No problem! Or maybe you need a dozen or so programmers with different experience and skills? It's also very easy! You can decide on a dedicated project software development team structure on an ongoing basis. You don't have to bother hiring and firing developers, and you can focus on your business.

  • Communication

A high level of communication is a priority for every dedicated development team services company. A dedicated team of developers deals only with your project so that you can discuss your requirements and your work results at any time. Nowadays, thanks to working online, even a different time zone is not a problem, and you have complete knowledge about the current stage of the development process.

  • Quick Start

By working with dedicated developers, you can quickly strengthen your existing team or quickly start a project from scratch - without wasting time recruiting additional employees. As a result, the time to market your products will be much faster.

  • Optimal Budget

Choosing a dedicated software development team also gives you more control over the project budget. You can immediately adjust the number of needed software engineers depending on the available funds. And if you get additional funds, you can expand your team anytime.

When do you need a Dedicated Software Development Team?

When do you need a Dedicated Software Development Team

A dedicated team is ideal when you need a group of technical specialists to complete particular projects. It's frequently used for side projects and to relieve the core team's burden.

There are three key indicators that you require a software development team with specialized skills:

  • Budget restrictions

For startups and small businesses, hiring in-house developers might be prohibitively expensive. Engineering salaries are high, but recruiting also takes time and money. Specialists who specialize in a certain area are always eager to get involved with the project and cost less than in house team.

  • Timelines

It will take a long time to put together your own team. Even if recruiters search for experience all day and find suitable candidates, they may not be a good cultural fit or have the necessary soft skills. If you have a limited time, you should look for a software development team that operates on a strict schedule. While recruiting takes little time, the hired experts will immediately comply with your instructions.

  • Direct management

You'll have total reign over your chosen experts with a dedicated team model. With other outsourcing models, you'll work with project managers.

How much does it cost to hire a Dedicated Software Development Team?

How much does it cost to hire a Dedicated Software Development Team

The cost of hiring a software development team depends on many factors. Whether you decide to work with a team from Europe or another continent is essential. Perhaps the external team from Asia will be cheaper, but the quality of their work will also be poorer. Another issue is the technology with which you will create your project. As a rule, the rates of developers of popular technologies are lower than those of developers specializing in niche technologies. The method of settling the payment for the project is also essential. Currently, the two most popular models are the Fixed Price Model and Time & Material Model, which we will introduce below.

  • Fixed Price Model

Settlement in the Fixed Price Model assumes that the price for the entire project is estimated in advance. The project's cost is usually determined based on the client's requirements and the work schedule. When implementing a project where you have clearly defined expectations and the deadline for completion is relatively short, it may be a good idea to set a top-down price. However, the Fixed Price has many disadvantages with larger, more demanding projects.

When valuing a large project, companies consider the stock that allows you to reduce the risk. The price is increased in case of unexpected difficulties or complications during production. In practice, you are not getting the lowest possible price.

Another disadvantage is the risk of specifying all design requirements early on. To estimate the cost of a complex project, a detailed specification is usually prepared before it is started. Therefore, any change in the course of the project carries an additional cost or even the removal of part of the work done.

Moreover, while preparing project specifications, adding new requirements and functionalities is associated with a noticeable increase in the cost estimate. When it turns out that the project's price significantly exceeds the assumed budget, it is necessary to narrow down the specifications.

It's crucial to recognize that the Fixed Price model is only available for a short-term project and can't be used with a dedicated team model. Because changes to the software might affect the price and overall development time, you cannot make any modifications following signing the contract. As a result, this model is considered to be the least flexible. However, this is the best alternative for you if you have a small project with a limited budget. You can anticipate the software fees from the start and save the remainder of your money for when it's required.

  • Time & Material Model

In the Time and Material Model, the client pays for the performed work. The amount of money paid at the end of the project is determined by how many hours experts work on it and their hourly rate. However, remember that business analysts, project managers, and designers require expenses. That's why the Time and Materials approach is useful when there are a lot of variables to consider. Time and Material will be a good choice if it is difficult for you to define the project's scope, schedule, and shape in the initial phase.

Platforms that help find Dedicated Development Teams

You may look for software development firms, acquire basic information about the firm, and read client feedback using several sites. The following are the finest platforms to allow you to analyze the different dedicated software development teams:

  • Clutch


Clutch is a popular platform that allows companies to locate dependable customized software development firms. Over 10,000 IT-oriented businesses are represented on the site, providing various services. Engineers, designers, and software developers are all here. Furthermore, this company gives clients evaluations as well as firm rankings.

  • GoodFirms


Another alternative is GoodFirms, which enables you to locate a software development team focused on your industry. GoodFirms classifies all professionals into various categories, making finding someone for your job simple. It also gives several research on various themes and industries to assist you in making an educated selection.

  • IT Firms

This service offers lists of top firms in several categories and locations to businesses. IT Firms may be used to eliminate irrelevant alternatives and leave only the finest options.

How to prepare for hiring of the Dedicated Software Development Team

When looking for a software development company, several critical procedures exist. To hire dedicated team, you must be well-informed and aware of the needs of your project (project requirements, unique business goals, needs, costs, and resources required). Finding the right development team will be challenging if you don't know exactly what you want to achieve. So, let's look at some pointers that might help you in the hiring process.

  • Discovery Workshops

You should know ​​what your project will look like and what problems it will solve. You can't just hire a dedicated development team and expect them to build quality software based on unclear expectations and requirements. If you do not have experience in this type of project, or you cannot precisely define the project's requirements and goals, consider cooperation with a software development company that has Discovery Workshop in its services. This workshop aims to verify your idea/project in terms of technical and business, with a small investment of time and money. Only the precise definition of the project will allow you to discover what resources you need.

  • Market research

However, suppose you decide not to use the Discovery Workshops. In that case, you must do everything possible to ensure that the dedicated software development team receives all the critical information about your project. One of the key issues is market research. You need to analyze the competition and make your product unique. Do not copy other designs. Find something that will make your application stand out. Products that add value to customers are the ones that will succeed.

  • Technology

Choosing a technology is not easy and is often challenging even for specialists. However, the choice of technology is essential for the entire project: the technology depends on the budget, implementation time, and even the possibility of implementing various application functions. The choice of technology also determines the choice of the appropriate dedicated software development team because it must have dedicated developers with proper qualifications and experience in its composition. If you don't have tech expertise, don't worry. A good software development company will definitely help you make the right decision.

  • Feature List

To create a high-quality software development project, you must provide a detailed feature list to an individual software development company. The initial feature list is estimated and may be modified after consulting with business analysts. After the cost estimate, the software may appear too pricey, and certain features will be removed. Dedicated software developers should know their responsibilities before working on the project to ensure they can produce a high-quality solution.

Additionally, business analysts may provide you with hints on features. Some initial features may be unnecessary for your app, whereas more effective ones can easily replace others. Business analysts' primary responsibility is to assist the product owner in fashioning a future software plan that will meet clients' needs and fit within budget constraints.

How to choose the right Dedicated Software Team?

How to choose the right Dedicated Software Team

It's time to contact the team and talk about your project at this stage after you've completed all of the steps. This point is ideal for determining whether this firm can meet your expectations and produce a one-of-a-kind product. Let's take a look at each part of the process separately.

  • Initial video conference

During the first contact, make sure to describe your project's needs clearly. The firm will build a specific software development team based on your information. The time it takes to put together a team varies depending on the number of specialists required and how long it will take.

Alternatively, if you need several developers, the business may instantly allocate them to you. However, requiring a team of 20 engineers with various abilities and experience levels will take longer.

It's possible that the firm doesn't currently have many dedicated specialists available. If this is the case, your technology partner might headhunt, interview, and hire new developers to build you a specialist software development team in the quickest time feasible. Even though it may appear sluggish, hiring independent contractors is still faster and less expensive than doing it yourself. Of course, you can always look for a company with the developers you need immediately.

When the team is complete, you can request CVs and interview each of them one-on-one. However, if you lack technical expertise, you may hire a third-party tech consultant to help you.

  • Discuss business requirements with a Dedicated Software Team

You must inform a dedicated development team about your company's objectives and go into considerable detail regarding the business. Tell them about the outcomes of competition research, how you plan to reach your target audience, and all software-related specifics. It is critical to maintain a dedicated team informed with everyone else. Remember that even if the experienced software developers are several time zones away, they are still a part of your organization. That's why to get the most out of the collaboration, you must treat a separate group as though it were an extension of your experienced in-house team.

  • Arrange an offline meeting

Offline meetings are the greatest chance to get to know your dedicated team better and understand your business's processes. A personal meeting helps you form a strong bond with your software development team and better comprehend your personnel's strengths and shortcomings. Furthermore, if you're pleased with the team and have a firm understanding of the project, signing a contract in person is your best opportunity to go over the details of the collaboration and sign it.

Of course, nowadays, everything can be arranged online, so an offline meeting should be an excellent option that can be helpful for long-term projects.

  • Establish a communication bridge

Finally, you should establish a reliable communication link between your dedicated development team and an in-house team. To begin, your in-house staff should realize that dedicated developers are coworkers, so they should treat remote professionals with respect. Suppose in-house workers believe they are better than remote employees. In that case, there's a good chance the dedicated team will feel excluded.

Take care of the communication lines as well. There should be an easy method to contact an in-house employee who can address any concerns from your dedicated development team. There are many tools on the market that facilitate remote collaboration. (e.g., Slack).

Furthermore, you or your project manager must teach all staff on both sides how they will divide the work. It's critical to properly partition the activities so that everyone understands their responsibilities and doesn't shoulder another individual's burden.


Dedicated development teams provide the most acceptable outsourcing option for businesses. They obtain both cost and time savings and access to a skill set that may not be found elsewhere. Hiring a dedicated software development team to work on your site means you'll have an additional set of eyes and hands looking at the code.

Hiring a specialized software development team is the most effective thing an organization can do for its product development requirements. When seeking a dedicated team, it's only natural to go with mDevelopers. We have professionals that handle the whole process, resulting in the highest quality results.

This entire article is based on our experience and best practices that we use in our daily work with clients. If you want to discuss your software project, arrange a free consultation, during which we will share our knowledge and experience.

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