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The success story of Feasibility Study and Discovery Workshop with UJJI

The success story of Feasibility Study and Discovery Workshop with UJJI



Tailored workshops

How is Discovery Workshop different from other workshops and training available on the market? First of all, these are tailor-made workshops, which are always tailored to the participant's needs.

Their goal is to verify your idea in terms of technology and business. It is the first step that must be taken to ensure the success of the project. When you come to our Workshops, you do not need technical knowledge or a large budget. The workshops are conducted by experienced specialists who are willing to share their expertise and advise you on solutions that will help you build a successful product. The workshop will result in documentation containing everything you will need to start creating your digital product. Depending on your needs, you will start building it right away with us or evaluate the project with another contractor.

How does it look in practice?

Many of our clients started their projects with participation in Feasibility Study and Discovery Workshops. The British startup UJJI focuses on personal development, self-development using neurological research, challenging games, and artificial intelligence. They are a portfolio company of the Oxford University Innovation Incubator.

UJJI wanted to create the world's first game-based self-coach app, which transformed their proven life coaching techniques into games and activities that help people achieve their goals through fun and prizes. The company's founders were looking for a provider that would help them in this task. They expected help with the following issues:

  1. Build a clear vision of the scope and timelines.
  2. Help conceptualize a product and find potential issues before you spend a ton of time in development.
  3. Takes the complexity of building a project and simplifies it.
  4. Provides them with well-thought-out strategies.
  5. Understand what it takes to create a successful digital product design.

We proposed the Feasibility Study and Discovery Workshop to begin the development process of application. We invited representatives of the UJJI company and our CTO, developers, graphic designer, and UX designer for this meeting.

At the very start, we established the target audience and set goals. It led us to look at how we were going to achieve them. The first task was showing key components. Once this was decided, it was time for tasks and deadlines, and finally, a feasibility and cost-effectiveness summary.

After presenting the architecture, design, and user flow, our team conducted an additional Prototyping Workshop. We were working with designers and developers to create a prototype of the application-generated mock-ups that were laid out. In addition, we tested whether it was possible to combine React Native application with Unity by examining their compatibility behaviors and performance.

We found that including AI algorithms would significantly impact user onboarding and game content when selecting the final tech stack and verifying it with the rest of the project. We did some budget planning as well and decided to implement them after the MVP stage.

During the workshop, an important question we focused on was thorough research and determination of user flow. The initial stage included creating an avatar by taking a personality test. The application engine would then assess the user's desires based on these decisions to adjust games to achieve the desired result. A survey of users found that initiating a game with an avatar, daily goal, and tasks leads to improved customer experience.

After an in-depth survey, we continued finding ways to improve this model by allowing the user even more freedom, so each day's goals are randomly selected. Tasks from days before can be replayed for easy completion.

Next, we will be implementing more games and artificial intelligence. Their task will be to build a system based on the past sessions of all players, which allows for optimal selection of tasks and tips given their personality type (personality test) to increase engagement with them as they attempt to achieve their goals.

Next steps

After an incredibly in-depth analysis of each project time, UJJI received complete project documentation, which was the basis for creating its digital product. Thanks to these materials, she was able to start developing applications on her own or in cooperation with a business and technology partner of her choice.

Finally, UJJI decided to entrust this project to our specialists from mDevelopers.

Successful product

UJJI application displayed on iphone

Our client's challenge has become our goal. We have created a mobile application for two platforms, iOS and Android, and a web panel. We are coding an artificial intelligence engine that will accurately assess the personality of a given user, suggest the most effective techniques to achieve the intended goal, and obtain the fastest effect in personal development.

The result of our collaboration is the world's first game-based self-coach app. UJJI's proven life coaching techniques were transformed into games and activities that help users achieve their goals.

The main distinguishing feature of the application is personalization, i.e., adaptation to the user's individual needs. As a result, each user gets what he needs, and his tasks are "tailor-made" tasks.

Each user can create an avatar to help him achieve his goals. Studies show that people effectively progress their real "them" when projecting themselves onto a virtual version of themselves. When downloading UJJI, you'll get to play with your virtual "you" to improve your authentic "you."

In addition, the design takes into account various personal growth areas that intertwine with each other, and the user can choose the sites on which he wants to focus.

During the tests carried out by the Oxford Cognition Laboratory, it turned out that 90% of tested users declare that they will continue to use the application, and 80% declare that they are ready to pay for the application!

Over 93% of people from the 400-person test group assessed the application as effectively supporting achieving goals.

93% of users are achieving their goals with application support

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