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Design Workshop

Two parts of design workshop

Our workshop consists of two parts:

1. Theoretical

Design Workshop is a milestone in the entire product development process and it begins with a brainstorming exercise that helps you and the design team to create a shared vision of the project. It is used to consider each new idea, discuss challenges, and verify all assumptions of the product. Such an approach guarantees that the final output of the workshop will meet both your and potential users' deep needs.

2. Practical

Theory discussed, time to act! Our workshops are one of a kind because, in addition to sharing knowledge, we also provide a ready-made prototype. It is developed in a fast and effective way so that you can test it as quickly as possible without wasting time and money. Qualitative knowledge, which you get at our workshop will be based on over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and in-depth market research. The information we share depends only on your needs and further plans. We are here to help regardless of your experience!

These two halves create a full-fledged workshop, after which you will have both knowledge and a finished prototype!

Start developing your product!

Why use
such a workshop

workshop research

Step 1

Our research will result in understanding of your potential end-client needs and pains.

workshop estimation

Step 2

You’ll get an estimated scope and budget of your project for business purposes

workshop design

Step 3

We will develop a unique design while still sticking to good practises of UX/UI.

workshop prototype

Step 4

Your idea will be forged into an existing prototype ready for market validation and pitches.

workshop relax

Step 5

Everything needed for such a workshop is provided by us, which makes it a fast and effective process.

Areas of

We have extensive experience in many industries, that's why we know that every project is different and should be treated individually. Areas of our expertise include but aren’t limited to:

 startup experts

& Startups

ecommers experts


real-estate experts

Real estate

agritech experts


goverment technologies experts


medtech experts


edtech experts


Start developing your product!

Your Team

Behind every great prototype is a greater team. That’s why we value our graphic designers and front-end specialists so highly. They’re the people who make sure that the end product looks as good on paper as it does in practice. We can act as an extension of your own internal development staff, or if you don’t have one - then we’ll be all you need to get started!

meet your team workshop team

Asked Questions

What comes after the prototype phase?

After the prototyping phase is over, it's time for development and validating the demand and usability of the product if it is created as part of MVP. Regardless of the situation, the best solution is to choose one technology partner who will help in every aspect. We are a one-stop shop which means that we can lend a helping hand at every stage of the development life cycle.

Do I need a design team or knowledge?

When you come to mDevelopers all you need is an idea of what you want to achieve. As part of the workshop, we offer a team of designers, so you do not have to spend unnecessary money maintaining an in-house team. Our team will create a prototype and initial graphics with you, supported by expert knowledge. Validate quickly, validate efficiently, validate with our help!

Should I invest in digital product?

Generally speaking, a digital product - a web or mobile application- is a great way to increase brand recognition and create a new sales channel. Starting with the prototype, you will be able to check if there is a demand for your product without wasting time and money creating a finished product that nobody wants.

Does the workshop have a fixed formula?

The workshop scheme is flexible and designed in such a way as to deliver maximum value for the customer. Each project is different - it differs in size, amount of work required, size of the client's team, etc. - depending on your needs, we will adapt our process to you! The result is always a ready prototype and an initial design that we create with its intended use in mind.

Who should participate in such a workshop?

Participation in the design workshops is challenging and responsible work. The whole team creates standard solutions that everyone must agree to and move forward. Therefore, make sure that people directly involved in the project participate in them. It is also worth inviting the actual users of the product; their opinion may be crucial in the following steps. Of course, business experts, designers, and programmers must also participate in such a meeting. If you feel that someone else should be present at the meeting, don't hesitate. Make good use of all your resources.

If you do not know if you are already at the stage where a prototype can be created, we have something especially for you! Sign up for our 4h complimentary Entry Discovery Workshop, where we will answer all your questions. The number of free workshops is limited!

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