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How To Outsource Mobile App Development

How To Outsource Mobile App Development



With imagination and hard work, your mobile app idea can become the next big thing. However, if you want to see whether or not it has what it takes to stand out from the competition, you'll need to allocate significant amounts of time and resources to the development, UX/UI design, and technical support. Allocate yourself enough hours for great ideas to turn into world-class products!

Outsourcing app development could be a viable solution if you're ready to face the challenge of creating an app but lack the expertise. To ensure your collaboration with remote developers runs smoothly and risk-free, here are some helpful tips to ease your stress levels and maximize productivity!

Many misconceptions surround outsourcing mobile app development, so let's clear up some of those myths. Get the facts on pricing and learn how to outsource your project effectively with this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide!!

What is Outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is straightforward - obtaining specialized services from external companies. The term originates in English and has been used for decades to aid organizations of all sizes, enabling them to focus on core operations while gaining access to quality outsourced services.

Third-party development companies usually offer a more cost-saving and efficient solution than recruiting highly qualified professionals in-house. By doing this, organizations can maximize their growth within their specific expertise.

When selecting the best outsourcing model for your business, it is essential to identify what each type of outsourcing entails. By doing so, you can make an educated decision that will benefit your company somehow. It's important to note that there are multiple outsourcing types, and one should be chosen based on specific needs and wants.

If you're just beginning your journey into mobile app development outsourcing, it's crucial to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of this solution. That is why we developed a range of outsourcing articles, as we strongly believe it is vital for success.

Why Outsource Mobile App Development?

If you lack the knowledge to build an application yourself, there are three paths forward: seek out a team of in-house app developers, take on freelance professionals for hire, or entrust your project to outsourcing experts.

When you bring on a dedicated app development team in-house, communication becomes incredibly easy as everyone is always close by. However, remember that you are responsible for compensating your developers even if there may not be enough work to occupy them at all times.

If you want to hire mobile app developers, freelancers can be a great option. They usually offer competitive rates and possess the experience necessary for your project. However, it is essential to remember that freelance work doesn't guarantee reliability and may sometimes disappear without warning.

By outsourcing mobile app development, you can rest assured that the work will be done reliably and cost-effectively. However, there may be communication issues when working with offshore companies. But it is often a price worth paying considering the many benefits of outsourcing that we have already mentioned.

First - Build an MVP

Investing years of hard work and hundreds of thousands of dollars into creating a full-featured application can intimidate any entrepreneur, leaving many unprepared to commit such vast resources. But opting instead for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach decreases the risk of launching a software business and provides an invaluable advantage in terms of time and money saved.

Build an MVP

When launching an MVP, you strive to do so with minimal resources to evaluate its viability. The main goal is for your product to be released as quickly as possible, allowing actual users to experience and validate your concept.

You can continue working on new features when your concept shows promise. And because successfully implemented ideas tend to draw in investors, you won't need to rely solely on your money or loans anymore.

Consider outsourcing your app MVP as an opportunity to launch your vision.

What is an MVP?

When creating a Minimum Viable Product, the focus should always be on resolving the user's core problem with minimal effort. Guided by the build-measure-learn process, an MVP typically consists of basic functionalities that solve predetermined problems to validate and refine ideas before entirely investing resources.

The whole objective of Minimum Viable Product is to develop a basic set of features for a product with minimal cost and time involved to gain deeper insights into our user base. Creating an MVP enables us to make smart decisions based on the data about how customers engage with our products or services.

This early feedback will be invaluable as it allows your team to identify the user's needs and suffering points while reaffirming the project's basic assumptions.

Refining our MVP is a constant cycle of modifications and revisions based on the gathered user feedback. It continues until we have created an item that resonates with users and is ready for launch in the market.

A Quick Guide to Outsourcing Mobile App Development

A Quick Guide to Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Moreover, we discuss the potential risks accompanying outsourcing app development and how to avoid them systematically. Let's get ready to outsource in the most beneficial way possible!

Define Project Requirements

Despite their differences, startups and established companies alike make the same blunder when delegating app development: they lack a clear goal of what is required.

If you have a concept that needs to become a reality, your first port of call should be creating an all-encompassing business plan. Forming this document will aid in assessing your resources and goals, evaluating the potential of success, and understanding what you anticipate from your outsourced app development partner.

How to Define Requirements of Your Project

First, assess the market, your particular area of focus, and those you aim to target through the app. Once that's done, answer the essential questions:

  • Which platforms will my app support at launch?

When deciding what platform support you need for your app, the earlier you make that decision, the easier your development process will be. Generally speaking, options are native apps designed for iOS or Android devices, a hybrid application compatible with operating systems and other platforms, and an all-encompassing web app development.

Native apps are constructed exclusively for one system, whether Android or iOS. As a result of this approach, you'll need to allocate time and resources by hiring two completely different teams - but don't let that deter you from the top-notch quality produced! Yes, native app advancement is more costly than other options. However, its worthiness pays off in the end.

In contrast, web apps are device-agnostic and can be built quickly - making them an inexpensive option for testing your ideas. They may not have the same features as their native counterparts. However, often, they offer sufficient capabilities to gauge interest in a concept.

Hybrid apps are an efficient, cost-saving solution combining the best of both worlds by allowing developers to create and adapt a single app to any platform. Not only is this financially beneficial, but its capabilities exceed web applications - virtually every function can easily be implemented.

Web development isn't enough if you're looking for an exclusive user experience. You'll need to invest in native app development and either begin with one platform or immediately dedicate a sizable budget. That way, your application will be accessible on iOS and Android devices immediately.

With a hybrid app development, you can quickly and easily test your idea without sacrificing performance.

  • What technologies should be the foundation of your app's development?

While it's not mandatory to answer this question, understanding technical requirements before outsourcing app development may save you time when seeking the perfect contractor. Additionally, discussing technologies with your chosen company can offer insight into their approach and capabilities.

The choice of the technology stack you make highly depends on the development approach you decide to take: native, web, or hybrid.

If you wish to have a native app, hiring two experienced developers is essential: one in Java or Kotlin for the Android version and another proficient in Swift or Objective-C for iOS. Do you need a different website? Ensure that at least one more developer onboard can also handle this.

When creating web projects, JavaScript is the language to use. To complete it and create a functional website, you must find a frontend developer who can work with Angular, React, or Vue.js and an experienced backend programmer who sticks to Node.js (JavaScript) or Laravel (PHP). Alternatively, hire one full-stack specialist proficient in both! The possibilities are endless when employing this done-in-one solution.

When targeting native-level performance, React Native and Flutter offer the best choices for hybrid applications built on JavaScript with additional frameworks such as Ionic or Cordova.

Additionally, you will need to analyze the databases and cloud services used in your project. Integrating with third-party services is also essential since they enable a quicker development process through ready solutions.

Defined parameters are invaluable in ensuring you and your tech partner understand the purpose of the app development process. With well-defined expectations, communications with your external software company will be more accurate and productive, resulting in a product that fulfills or surpasses all expected outcomes.

Research the Market of Outsourcing Mobile App Development Companies

Choosing the perfect outsourcing app development vendor can be a difficult task. Still, with these tips, you'll have no trouble making your decision quickly and appropriately:

Check Clutch or GoodFirms

If you're looking to accurately assess a mobile app outsourcing company's services and performance, then Clutch and GoodFirms are must-visits. On these sites, clients can provide in-depth reviews of their experience with a particular service provider so that you gain insight into how they handle projects.

Check Upwork

Upwork is an ideal way of finding the perfect outsource mobile app development contractor for your needs. Influential data, such as ratings and many completed projects, are provided to you so that you can get a precise understanding of who you're collaborating with before starting any project. Also, when signing up through Upwork, know that everything will be handled according to strict policies that provide extra protection and security.

Google Comes in Handy

To construct an Internet of Things product, search for "top mobile app development companies" to find a suitable technology partner with the correct capabilities. Likewise, if your goal is creating logistics software, look up "logistics software development companies." This technique will ensure that your chosen technological ally has what it takes and can help craft a superb product.

Contact With an App Development Team

Here are a few tips to help you assess if an outsourcing company fits your business needs.

  • Is the company interested in your project - The ideal company will seek to understand every detail of the product they may be producing, meaning many questions (even ones that might disrupt your process) signify their commitment.
  • Embrace difficult conversations - When selecting a contractor, choose one willing to discuss any shortcomings they may have openly. You should not be looking for flattery but rather competence and enthusiasm from the person you hire. By identifying and addressing their weaknesses, you can ensure your project will be completed successfully.
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue rather than one-sided communication - Prepare to answer potential inquiries, ask questions, and dispute any allegations. Put together a list of queries that will assist you in selecting your contractor, and never be afraid to mention each one!

Don't be immediately swayed by an attractive pitch. Take the time to examine and assess the skill set of each company on your list!

Rate Portfolios

As a non-technical founder, you might wonder what to look for when evaluating an outsourced mobile app development company. Fortunately, we're here to provide some helpful tips! First and foremost, always check out the portfolio of any potential partner you're considering. It will give you insight into their capabilities and quality of work.

Get an overview of the number and complexity of completed projects. A business may boast more than 200 finished works, but what matters is whether they can provide you with services tailored to your project's needs. When analyzing their portfolio, look for experiences similar to yours. If a marketplace is on your agenda, any e-commerce-related work should be assessed thoroughly!

Test out the demos. When considering an outsource mobile app development agency, request access to a demo of their applications and check them out! You should get a better idea about whether or not they are capable based on what you experience firsthand with their work.

Review the outsource mobile app development organization's active products. Is the company offering its web and mobile applications to a substantial audience? Request links, download apps, and understand how your final product could be presented. Does it meet your quality requirements?

If you want to evaluate a mobile app development company's developers accurately, use GitHub contributions. It is essential that you have some basic knowledge about programming or someone who can help you assess the code produced by the team. Evaluate if their work meets your requirements before making any decisions.

Once you've observed the aptitude of your prospective outsource app development partners and fully grasped the outcomes they can achieve, making a decision will be much simpler.

Discuss Payment Methodology

Establishing a budget for outsourcing app development can take time and effort. Nevertheless, finding an approach that benefits both parties is essential. To begin with, you must determine whether opting for the time, materials model, or fixed price agreement works best for your organization.

Time and Resources Model

Agile app development has made flexibility essential. Rather than relying on rigid deadlines and fixed pricing, the time and resources approach is preferred due to its ability to modify plans quickly in response to change. Determining the final product cost with this method may be more challenging. Yet, the improved quality of your result and superior market fit make it a worthwhile investment. This process allows for greater flexibility so developers can swiftly alter their approach and react to the marketplace to guarantee top-notch quality while ensuring a product–market fit.

Fixed Price Model

Fixed-price projects can be a great idea if you're sure that your product specifications will remain the same, as they guarantee an exact deadline and offer peace of mind. This technique is the perfect solution for products with straightforward specifications. However, many developers are beginning to realize how outdated this method is since time and resources allow them to create more meaningful results. If you opt for fixed pricing with an offshore company, it may give the illusion of control over the process; however, in some cases, specific issues may go unresolved when attempting to adhere to strict deadlines or budgets. Should any alterations to the requirements arise, developers might have to omit certain complications to satisfy both budgets and set deadlines.

When making this decision, consider all aspects, including your financial resources, previous experiences with web app development outsourcing, and the desired outcomes of your project.

Present Your Expectations and Requirements

Present Your Expectations and Requirements

Now that you have chosen your technology partner, it is time to decide on the most suitable development methodology. You can choose from Waterfall and Agile approaches - both of which are reliable platforms for completing projects efficiently.


The waterfall methodology is best applied with a fixed budget and timeline. You know precisely what the end product should be like as you move forward with each development step without making significant alterations or improvements.


Agile methodology offers unparalleled flexibility with its sprints, allowing for individual small pieces of functionality development. Your outsourcing team will be able to test and measure each component carefully before making any improvements to enhance their ability to meet customer expectations. This way, you can unlock the creativity that might have been locked away from your initial idea - creating a finished product that exceeds the end user's desires.

Utilizing an agile methodology for outsourcing web development is advantageous; it allows you to adjust to market shifts quickly and swiftly integrates innovative concepts.

It is vital to have open discussions with your offshore app development agency regarding the initial sprints and what you expect from each of them. Doing so will set the foundation for an excellent product, allowing it to reach its world-class potential!

Furthermore, the initial sprints will test your vendor's capabilities and dedication. If you find that the partnership isn't fruitful, it may be time to turn to another contractor since, ultimately, your business' success is at risk.

Summing Up

Outsourcing app development can be a daunting endeavor. With thousands of companies, it is hard to identify which one will provide the highest quality service and results. However, taking this risk could prove invaluable for your business's growth and success.

If you want a successful partnership with a top performer and to get the best outcome for your collaboration, make sure that you carefully select your outsourcing provider according to the tips we've shared.

These can guide you to our services, which we can provide you with mobile, web, and many more IT outsourcing services of top quality. So if you are looking for a top-notch app development outsourcing company - Contact us!

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