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20 Best Website Ideas to Inspire You

20 Best Website Ideas to Inspire You



A good website idea can start a fantastic business. Creating and implementing a website is a process that is time-consuming but brings great satisfaction. A good website must not only have a good UI/UX design but must also meet users' expectations.

We are a software development company and have been creating a website for many years. We know that each project should be approached individually because only then can a successful project be built. As an offshore outsourcing company, we know exactly what our clients need, and we want to share this knowledge with you.

20 Best Website Ideas

A website is often the first step toward developing a large, own business. Don't worry if you don't have technical knowledge - many years ago, it was a prerequisite for creating a website. Many solutions facilitate this process today, so focus on a good idea first and foremost. We hope that the following ideas will inspire you to create something extraordinary.

  • Personal Blog Website


Blogs are trendy website ideas that people sometimes start their businesses with. It happens that, in the beginning, the blog serves only educational purposes. Then it is used to build brand awareness and develop business. Many business people started as bloggers and now run companies that generate six figures of income (e.g., Arren Rowse, John Lee Dumas, and Pat Flynn).

It's easy to start a blog, and it can address any topic you are interested in. Starting a blog has several benefits: you may later use it as a platform to develop numerous other website ideas.

With a blog site, you can earn money in many ways. Displaying ads, promoting various products, and even selling your products such as online courses and e-books - are just a few ideas for a source of income.

You can set up a simple version of your blog without any costs using free templates available on the Internet. However, if you care about your own website, ask for help from a partner who, just like us, specializes in building websites.

  • Online Store


Another fascinating idea for a website is to build an e-commerce website. Many people believe this type of project requires a lot of technical knowledge, which is not entirely true.

You can quickly run an eCommerce website using many, often free, WooCommerce style platforms that are mostly WordPress based. These are effortless and intuitive tools that everyone can handle.

The downside to pre-made templates is that your website will be standard and unremarkable. Our experience shows that tailor-made websites perform best to the specific expectations of users. While a website based on templates may be sufficient initially, as your business grows, it will be necessary to consider cooperation with a custom web application development company to implement your website idea.

An e-commerce site allows you to sell virtually any virtual and physical product that requires shipping. Payments are made via standard payment platforms such as PayPal, which benefits both the buyer and the seller.

  • Membership Website

Membership Website

A membership website is another great website idea.

It may sound mysterious, but the idea behind such a site is that some of your site's resources are only available to members who pay a certain fee.

These can be additional articles, downloadable graphics, online courses, video content, or anything else you can think of.

You can also set up this type of website yourself. It's a good idea to use MemberPress, which is a WordPress membership plugin. The design may not be too bright, but it is an excellent way to test the potential of your idea with such a website. Of course, when website traffic becomes significant, then it is worth thinking about a tailor-made website.

  • Online Courses

Online courses

Online courses grew in popularity during the Covid -19 epidemic when many people suddenly needed to learn new skills to change jobs quickly. Others, in turn, wanted to use this time to develop their hobbies or deepen the knowledge they already had.

Therefore, creating websites offering online courses is a prevalent trend.

  • Dropshipping Website

Dropshipping Website

Dropshipping is a website business requiring little to no upfront investment. With drop shipping, you sell products online, but the seller ships the product directly to the customer.

This system negates the need for managing and storing items, inventorying, or shipping. You're also able to sell a more diverse array of products.

  • Affiliate Website

Affiliate Website

One of the most popular website ideas is to start an affiliate marketing site. Affiliate marketing is a type of agreement in which a business pays a fee to you (referral link) if users buy their goods through your recommendation link.

It is a vast industry that is developing extremely dynamically. Affiliate programs apply to almost every industry, and the operation mechanism is straightforward.

Suppose you create a website where you will evaluate smartphone models that appear on the market.

You will receive a referral fee if someone makes a purchase based on your recommendation. The fee depends on many factors, but the standard is that if the recommending person has the appropriate reputation, then their rates are higher.

  • Fashion Blog

Fashion blog

Another lucrative website concept with a lot of potential is fashion and lifestyle. There are a slew of fashion bloggers and influencers who earn large incomes. For many fashion bloggers, their website has become a springboard for success in other industries, such as film and TV.

With a website like this, you can earn money with display advertising, affiliate marketing, and multi-brand partnerships, and these are just a few ideas.

The more you publish valuable material, the more opportunities you will have for earning money.

  • Travel Website

Travel website

Creating a travel blog is an excellent way to build a website that is both easy and fun.

You can be an experienced traveler, vlogger, or marketer promoting various tourist destinations. You can also be an ordinary person who describes his vacation and recommends exciting places. You can earn from display advertising, travel partners, or bonuses. The list is virtually endless. Some TV personalities started their adventures with the media by running travel blogs. So if you can write well, are curious about the world, and document your travels with unusual photos, explore this website idea.

  • Food Website

Food Website

Pages related to widely understood food have been trendy for several years. Whether you choose the recipes page or the weight loss page, you will find many audiences.

Sometimes some people set up a website to document their fight against obesity, and over time the website turns into a website with recipes for healthy meals.

Most of these websites generate income using advertising, affiliate marketing, and selling membership subscriptions.

  • Podcast Website

Podcast Website

Podcasts are a rapidly growing niche with tons of monetization options, making them a popular website idea.

A podcast is an audio series that users can subscribe to and download, which they can listen to at their convenience.

Did you know podcasters can make money from sponsorships, ads, and product sales? Success could be yours if you have an idea for a podcast and are willing to put in some work recording and transferring files.

  • Job Hunt Website

Job Hunt Website

People change jobs many times throughout their lives. So it's no surprise that job search websites are trendy.

Of course, there are many giant portals on the market, but some people prefer smaller portals that specialize in a specific industry. Therefore, before canceling this idea, do some thorough market research first.

  • Local Marketplace

Local Marketplace

Buying local products is not only ecological but also very fashionable. Therefore, creating a website where other entrepreneurs will be able to sell their products is a great idea.

Consumers like such solutions because they support local businesses and save time and money.

  • Restaurant Website

Restaurant Website

Creating a restaurant website requires... having a restaurant. ;-) If you already have a restaurant, consider making a simple site that allows customers to book a table or order food online. Some restaurants on their sites allow you to place an order for a meal that will be eaten at the restaurant. All this, so the customer does not wait too long for the dish to be served.

Creating a restaurant website also allows you to promote it and helps build brand awareness.

  • Reviews Website

Reviews Website

The increased number of online purchases has translated into the increasing popularity of review sites for various products.

Consumers like to read testimonials and check whether a product meets their expectations. The review page can cover any industry or specific product group. The person writing the review must be objective and knowledgeable about the topic. It will only gain recognition, and consumers will visit the site more often in search of new references.

On the review page, the opinion of only one person (usually the creator of the page) may appear; it may be the opinions of many people, and it may also be content created by, for example, manufacturers of various devices. Here the only limitation is your imagination.

  • Photography Website

Photography Website

Photo websites are incredibly trendy. You can create a blog where you can publish your own work or the work of friends (this kind of gallery).

But it can also be a site where users can buy and sell displayed photographs or graphics.

Due to the increasing availability of photographic equipment, more and more people take pictures, which translates into this activity's popularity. People are also looking for places where they can ask for a reliable evaluation of their work to continue developing. That's why photography websites are great website ideas.

  • Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is an excellent idea for people who want to showcase their work, such as artists, sculptors, models, interior designers, writers, and so on. There is no limit to this list: it can be the work of a professional painter or the work of an old lady — passion and creativity count.

Such a site allows you to establish exciting business contacts and often helps the creator to believe in his abilities. If work is often positively commented on, it is because people like it, not because people like the creator of the thing.

  • Online Food Delivery Website

Online Food Delivery Website

Due to the change in eating habits, many people order food from home. It is due to various reasons: sometimes it is health issues, sometimes it is a lack of time, and sometimes it is just convenient. That is why online food delivery websites are trendy.

These websites are sometimes created for specific restaurants, but websites, where you can view several offers and choose the one that suits you at a given moment are much more popular among customers. It is simply easier for the client to browse through several offers on one portal instead of visiting the websites of several restaurants. Therefore, if you are considering this type of website, agree with several local restaurants so that different offers can be presented on one website.

Note that, unlike other sites, this site model can be difficult to implement without investment and with pre-made templates. Competition in this industry is fierce, so consider working with the food delivery app development company to prepare the best solution tailored to your needs.

  • Handicrafts Websites

Handicrafts Websites

Handicrafts have been experiencing a real renaissance for several years. Handmade toys, furniture, and even jewelery are very popular. At the same time, people who create these things often have a problem promoting them. Therefore, the perfect idea is a site where different creators can show and sell their handicrafts, and customers can buy them.

  • Pet Owners Community

Pet Owners Community

Creating a website where the pet community will gather is a bull's eye! The form of such a website is almost any - it can be a shop with things for animals or a portal where you can exchange experiences and ask for advice. It all depends entirely on your idea.

The pet industry is vast, and there are undoubtedly many niches to be developed.

  • News Website

News Website

The idea of a news page doesn't seem very good at first. After all, there are thousands of pages of news from the world of politics, business, and fashion.

However, note that people love having news that interests them all in one place. Hence the huge popularity of websites where local events for children or information about a given housing estate are published. Think if there is a niche that you could develop and go to work!


We hope the above ideas will help you find your place in the business world. Of course, earning money is essential, but don't forget that enjoyment is also vital in life. Therefore, create a website that will entertain you, inspire others, and earn money.

An ideal website is tailored to the needs of its users. Ready-made templates for building websites are convenient but will not provide uniqueness and originality. As a custom web application development company, we believe that only an individual approach to a project guarantees success in this crowded market. If you want to discuss your project, arrange a free consultation with our specialists. We have been creating successful software projects for several years and are happy to share our experience with others.

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