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Stages of systems development - how not to lose money?

Stages of systems development - how not to lose money?



Wanting to launch a new product, software or application, we rarely decide to invest a lot of capital without any tests among the target group.

This is risky. So how do we know if there is a market demand for the product we want to create? One of the solutions that the future product owner should pay attention to is MVP, which means a minimum viable product. The main assumption should be releasing an app, that has only functionalities that are enough to satisfy the early adopters. This allows for gathering data and feedback on users' needs as well as an opinion on future product development.

What will the inventor of the product gain?

First, programmers' working time will be shortened. These are often hundreds of hours saved, which would be devoted to the introduction of functionalities that will ultimately not be as much breakthrough as it seemed at the stage of planning work. A huge added value in the whole process is the fact that we focus our attention on the highest quality of usability and reliability - which has a fatal impact on the positive perception of the brand and also on a product that should be perfectly tailored to the needs of users.

MVP is a solution for both small and large!

If you plan to work on system development, it is worth considering the involvement of an external team. Starting such cooperation is much cheaper for you and your company than preparing and training internal employees [we wrote about it in our "How to move your project forward in COVID-19 epidemic time? You need a verified outsourcing company!" article].

MVP Model

MVP - in-house or outsource?

Based on many projects that developed with success at mDevelopers, we suggest two solutions:

  1. Team Extension Model (TEM) - expanding your internal IT team with programmers who will fill your staff skills gaps
  2. Dedicated Development Team (DDT) - entrusting us with the entire project, a dedicated team will be a separate entity for you with its own management and structures. Our experience allows us to work in many methodologies, although we believe that the most optimal application development process will be ensured by the use of the Agile methodology. We must be aware that during the project we will expand the product with new, often unplanned functions. By showing users more functionalities, we receive quick feedback from them. Collecting necessary requirements and making strategic decisions will reduce the risk of making a mistake.

Making decisions at strategic moments gives you a chance to react quickly and implement corrections.

What's more, keeping a fully functioning system is also associated with maintenance costs. At mDevelopers, we are aware of this, as well as the fact that the development of applications and its operation on the global (both European and American) market is associated with large investments. Take a look at IT costs in your company and open yourself to foreign markets. Look for developers outside of the USA. Where should you aim your attention? Poland, Ukraine, and Romania are the most popular spots when it comes to outsourcing software development in Eastern Europe.

The skills of programmers and the quality of services provided at an adequate price are the main reasons. Business requires an integrated and strategic level of outsourcing that will provide us, company managers, with a wide selection of experts along with an innovative approach to software development. In many cases, the success of the project is decided by the stage of creating MVP. At mDevelopers, we've worked with many foreign and Polish contractors for years.

Our team created systems for the Polish Government and companies such as BMW, Cushman & Wakefield, Future Processing. As a team qualified in the field of outsourcing, we care for good communication and the quality of delivered software.

Our procedures developed over the years have allowed us to implement practices that effectively lead the product through the subsequent stages of creation. From business consulting, through programming and testing, to product implementation and maintenance.

Do you see the possibility of optimizing processes at your company? Let's talk about your project.

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