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How to move your project forward in COVID-19 epidemic time?

How to move your project forward in COVID-19 epidemic time?



Nowadays, every company faces the optimization of operating costs. The coronavirus crisis and pandemic are forcing us, senior managers, to make difficult decisions related to reducing costs and jobs. Maybe you are already facing these challenges? Many of us, in the field of broadly understood Information Technology, will look for savings in process automation, system maintenance or IT services outsourcing.

Why should you opt for outsourcing?

Many leading technology companies, such as Apple, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, have opened outsourcing centers in Eastern Europe. Medium-sized American and Western European businesses outsource projects because of high development costs. India and China remain the most popular goals for large firms that are looking for IT outsourcing and business processes. Meanwhile, small and medium-sized businesses are looking for technology talents in the growing IT outsourcing market - Eastern Europe.

Therefore, it is worth considering whether your company is ready to start cooperation on the basis of IT outsourcing model. The essence of success is to choose a reliable company that offers high-quality services and has experience in outsourcing.

When looking for savings in the company's budget, focus on reducing OPEX expenses. You can reduce system maintenance costs by hiring programmers outside of your company. In this way, you will avoid expenses related to employee retention or continuous training.


Which countries should you focus on?

Poland, Ukraine, and Romania are the most popular directions when it comes to outsourcing software development in Eastern Europe. These are places where you can find high-quality programmers with lower rates, without compromising product quality. Our region is well known for a large number of qualified programmers.

Poland, as an EU member with the fastest growing economy, offers favorable conditions for US companies that are thinking of overseas development centres.

Our country remains one of the main destinations in Eastern Europe thanks to over 400 programming companies employing over 279,000 qualified specialists and stable growth of the IT market of 5-10% per year. Additionally:

  • In the Top Coder ranking, Polish developers currently occupy 4th place in the World in terms of skills.
  • Poland is the third country in the World that has the best programmers, according to the results of HackerRank in 2018.

Outourcing Polska

Choose professionals!

Providing programming services at the highest level is the key to mDevelopers' operations. We have been expanding our client teams from around the world for years. Over 200 completed projects on the account and the best practices in the management of international programming teams make us one of the most-chosen companies from Poland. mDevelopers work with BMW, C&W, Future Processing, and many others. We can say that we know this industry better than anybody and we know what challenges our contractors are facing.

We make decisions regarding the development of outsourcing software based on the recommendations and opinions of other managers of corporations using this solution. This is one of our partner's opinion, in which he explains why he prefers the outsourcing model:

I do like the model of outsourced developers that can scale up and down at reasonable prices. In my experience, the biggest factor in the success or failure of those projects is communication. Right expectations upfront. Weekly check-ins. Transparency with good and bad news. If your team can 'feel like' the client’s team, you'll do great things.

Do not wait, start thinking about it now before the consequences of the crisis affect your industry. We will guide you! For more details please contact us here

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Milo Miszewski - Chief Executive Officer

Milo founded mDevelopers in 2010, bringing his over 10 years of sales management, B2B solutions, and business relations. Milo acts as the general director, as well as a mentor and advisor. In everyday work besides managing the company, he supports the sales department in networking and building relationships.

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