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Custom mobile app - why is it worth it?

Custom mobile app - why is it worth it?



Nowadays, almost every company has a mobile application for its clients or employees. It is due to the expectations of modern users and the highly dynamic development of the mobile phone market. Currently, 6.64 billion people use a mobile phone, 83.72% of the world's population. The number of unique mobile users is growing every year. So it is evident that almost every company aims to create its mobile application in such a situation.

In the pursuit of quick solutions, many companies decide to build applications using ready-made platforms. Unfortunately, companies are often disappointed because ready-made platforms usually do not fully meet their expectations, and any modifications are either difficult or impossible. Meanwhile, the uniqueness of the application is the main factor that helps to gain a competitive advantage.

Therefore, building your own custom mobile app is the best solution.

What is Custom Mobile App Development?

Custom Mobile Application Development is the process of creating applications specifically tailored to the needs of your business. Custom applications ensure uniqueness and solutions tailored to users' specific needs and expectations. Almost all applications that have been spectacularly successful are tailor-made / custom apps. Some of them contain ready-made functions, which have been used as general solutions, but usually, such integrations are created, for example, for chats and CRM (but not always).

Benefits of Custom Woman Interface

Like any solution, custom mobile app development has advantages and disadvantages. Below you will find our opinion on this subject, based on over 12 years of experience building such mobile apps.

  • High level of Security

General apps are frequently not equipped with specialized security features, which might put your data at risk. Developing a unique application allows you to take specific security measures related to your firm and eliminate possible threats and dangers through data encryption. Furthermore, the bespoke approach meets the demands of various operating systems and APIs.

  • Maintenance

By building a custom mobile app tailored to the needs of your business, you have full control over its development and maintenance process. Meanwhile, using general applications depends on the unknown development team and does not influence the quality of the application's maintenance.

  • Scalability

The high level of scalability of the application allows for the quick introduction of new functions and increases the processing of the amount of data. In such an app built on ready-made platforms, the level of scalability is never a priority, so if your company is growing and you expect to add new functionalities, then generalized applications are not for you.

Custom application development is a process in which the creators focus on creating a unique application that will be easy in scalability.

  • Customer engagement

Businesses can give their consumers individual, customized messages, notifications, and updates about their products or services in real-time using bespoke mobile apps. They also allow companies to track customer preference and behavior, allowing for personalized marketing.

  • Competitive advantage

A unique, custom mobile app is the only way to gain a competitive advantage. Every month, around 60,000 new mobile apps are published through the Google Play Store and 25,000 via the Apple App Store. Only applications that fully meet the expectations of a specific user and that have dedicated solutions can achieve market success. Millions of apps are on the market, but many differ only in background color or font. Only non-standard applications can stand out from the enormous competition.

Disadvantages of Custom Mobile Application

Disadvantages of custom mobile app

In our opinion, the disadvantages of custom mobile apps are as follows:

  • Time

The development of custom mobile applications takes time and takes many key decisions. However, our experience shows that it is worth investing time and energy to create an original application that will not disappear in the maze of similar ones.

  • Money

Creating and implementing a custom mobile app is much more expensive than standard applications based on ready-made platforms. The only trouble is that there are millions of such ordinary applications, and they have no chance to stand out from the very beginning. In today's market realities, it is better to spend some time and energy on gaining investors, for example, than launching another similar application on the market.

How to create a custom mobile application?

There are two most popular ways to create custom mobile apps:

  • Creating an application from scratch

Building an application from scratch guarantees market uniqueness. It is certainly not the easiest task, but finding the right technology partner is the key to success. Moreover, the mobile app development process should be obvious and precisely defined. If you want to know the steps of this process, please read our article. Building your mobile application from scratch is the best solution, but unfortunately, it is not the fastest and the cheapest.

  • Using ready-made solutions

Another way to build a custom mobile app is using ready-made solutions that can be modified to some extent. The advantage of this method is undoubtedly the saving of time and money. Unfortunately, this solution's main disadvantage is that the application created in this way will be unique only for a short time. Because if your company can transform a standard application into a custom one, your competitors will do it too quickly. Moreover, an application created this way does not always fully meet business requirements.

How to choose your software development partner for custom mobile app development?

Hands shaking choose software development partner

Choosing the software development partner is only a seemingly easy task. Below, we present a few points that must be taken into account. But if you want to go deeper into this topic, please read our article on this topic.

  • Business needs

Appropriate setting of business goals is critical because it makes it easier for your partner to understand what you want to achieve and for what purpose. Suppose the team creating custom mobile apps does not know your and your customers' expectations and project requirements. In that case, there is a good chance that the effect of the work will not be satisfactory. Therefore, carefully consider your goals and expectations and consider short-term and long-term business needs. It will allow you to run the project effectively, creating an ideal mobile app.

  • Experience

Find a partner who has experience in developing the applications you need. Please familiarize yourself with his portfolio and check his references. A good software development company can show its achievements, knowledge, and experience. A good partner must be able to advise you on the best solution for you and your project.

  • Transparent process

The process of building each application consists of many stages. Make sure your partner has each step of the process carefully written out. Only this approach gives you full control over the project, and you can be sure of what you buy.

  • Communication

Communication is the basis of good cooperation and every project. Therefore, establish precise rules of communication in such a way that, on the one hand, you have ongoing control over the project, and on the other hand, you do not feel overwhelmed by an excess of information. Together, define the channels of communication and the person or persons who will contact you. Perhaps you only prefer to talk to a CTO or Project Manager, or maybe you are eager to talk to developers. An experienced technology partner will suggest a solution that will be good for both parties. If your partner is based in a different time zone, ensure their working hours are proper for you. As a rule, an experienced software development company can provide constant contact between your companies almost around the clock.

  • Agreement

We believe that you must sign a contract even with the most trusted business partner. Such a contract also protects us in situations unrelated to the partner, so it is worth signing. Each contract should include such issues as price, payment terms, work scope, and project completion date. Remember about issues related to copyright and code rights. Nowadays, signing a contract with a partner is not an expression of distrust but of caring for your own project.


General technological solutions may not be enough for your business. Each company is an individual organization with its specific goals and clients with different requirements. Therefore, creating a unique, own app is often the best solution.

Whether you are considering a mobile or web app, a non-standard one will always distinguish your company from the competition.

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