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14 Best Ionic Apps of 2022

14 Best Ionic Apps of 2022



Ionic is a cross-platform solution that is becoming increasingly popular, so it's no wonder you've heard of it. If you are wondering if this is the right technology for your project, you may be interested in our article "Mobile App Development Technology Stack - What's the best? How to choose one?" in which we describe in detail how to choose the appropriate technology. In short, the best way to choose a tech stack for your project is by conducting a product discovery process. Remember that mobile app development is a time-consuming and pretty expensive process, so picking the right technology should be your number one priority!

This Ionic framework is a great choice for developing custom mobile apps when you don't want to settle for just one platform. This is something that native apps cannot match.

The frontend user experience and UI interaction of an app are what Ionic focuses on UI controls, interactions, gestures, and animations. It's simple to learn and connects with different libraries or platforms, such as Angular, React, or Vue. Alternatively, standalone without any frontend framework using a minimal script include is possible.

Since the Ionic framework is the most popular cross-platform app development solution, over 5 million such applications have been created. Therefore, we have selected a few of the most interesting, which may interest you enough to try Ionic during your project.

Ionic App Development

However, before we get to know the most interesting applications, let's find out what Ionic really is. Ionic is freely available, open-source, and a front-end SDK framework that enables you to create mobile-based applications for iOS, Windows, and Android phones using the same codebase. It proves to be a cross-platform tool for mobile development. Ionic is a solution that we successfully used in many projects. If you would like to take advantage of our expertise, head out to our Ionic services page!



This is a free Ionic app available for Android and iOS. MarketWatch helps you discover the most recent business news, analysis, and stock market data. This implies that customers may utilize the program to obtain personal financial counsel and company news, as well as stock market quotations.

It’s targeted to anyone interested in news coverage and analysis about the markets and personal finance. MarketWatch is owned by Dow Jones, publisher of The Wall Street Journal. The MarketWatch development team began with a three-tab design and modified it from there, utilizing ion-lists, slide boxes, and modals as the main user interface elements.

The Director of Product at market Watch Brian Aguilar said "We picked Ionic because of how heavily it leans on existing technologies that we are familiar with and use regularly, but we wanted something that also didn’t compromise on the app experience. The fact that the framework is so performant only reinforced our decision. We’re incredibly pleased with the outcome and think Ionic has made our app stronger.”



This is a mobile ionic app that helps its users manage stress, anxiety, and depression. This may sound silly science this is just an app. Nothing could be more wrong, since in this app you get professional care from therapists and psychiatrists. The app was created using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a basis.

Sanvello is completely free to download and use, although its premium version allows for unrestricted usage of all tools and is accessible through many health care plans. Its developers wanted to use the Ionic framework to make the application as accessible as possible, which is why Sanvello is a cross-platform app.

Sometimes the app development process is more complicated than you think. Sanvello's founder Dale Beerman said, "There's no way we could have launched both iOS and Android as quickly as we did if we went native."

The founders' prior experiences and views on hybrid development led them to start working on Sanvello right away, and they managed to finish it in only three months.



Calla is a professional system for managing green areas in commercial facilities such as shopping malls and offices. It allows you to manage buildings, floors, and plants located there.

It is an extensive system that works perfectly in designated green areas. One of the main goals of Calla is managing the tasks that should be performed in the care of these plants. It also offers a collection of tips and guidelines. Its task is also to manage employees and assign them specific tasks for specific days as part of the care of these plants, as well as generating reports on the work performed in selected buildings and the time scope.

The system offers a web application to manage the above points and a mobile application, available for Android, for employees to mark selected tasks, take photos of plants and provide their temperature and soil humidity.



This is the financial app that helps your family save money, achieve your financial objectives, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Firstly is available on both iOS and Android, as well as a mobile web and desktop web app, offering free collaborative budgeting, saving, and bill-tracking tools that enable family members to work together toward their family’s financial goals.

Firstly is the finance manager for your whole family where you can personalize your money tracking and budget tracking, create custom budget categories, comment on transactions, and receive up-to-date reminders across your entire family.

The app is constantly updated to improve its performance. In addition, it is extremely popular, easy to use, and reliable, which is perfectly illustrated by its rating on the Google Play Store, i.e. 4.5 stars out of 5.



JustWatch is a streaming guide mobile app with more than a million downloads on Google Play Store. If you remember the traditional TV guide where what movie was shown and where it will be available, JustWatch will seem familiar to you.

This Ionic app is a search engine app for online streaming content. It brings to you the contents that are legally available and are popular in the online market. Some of the services listed in this section include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and HBO Now.

As Ionic comes with Ionic templates which can be used to simplify the app development process, JustWatch is a cross-platform app. Thanks to its web developers It is also available as a web app.



The InstantPot Ionic app makes it simple to find recipes, bookmark favorites, take notes, and even create grocery lists so that you may get down to business with cooking your meals. Aside from getting the most out of your pressure cooker, the app's interface is what makes it stand out.

Users will continue to return for more delectable recipes and advice thanks to a very easy-to-use interface. This is one of the best Ionic apps since it is made for InstantPot pressure cookers which is the number one selling brand on

This application made with the Ionic framework is rated so well for its design. The mobile app looks nice but is also readable and easy to use, and the combination of these features is almost always a recipe for success. This is one of the best free mobile applications available on Android and iOS devices and it holds the #32 place in Food & Drinks in the app store.



If you've ever tried to use fitness apps but they often didn't meet your expectations or were just uninteresting and you lost interest in them, Sworkit is for you! Whether it was for losing weight, meditation, or strength building Sworkit is the perfect health app.

With over five million installations on Google Play, It offers a personalized plan for each user, based on their needs, time, and fitness level. The mobile app development of Sworkit contained designing an algorithm that gives you the workout you need according to your goals, current fitness level, and time.

Furthermore, Sworkit is a fitness mobile app that was downloaded by more than 25 million people. Through this Ionic app development, the creators made sure that the application was as universal as possible. Therefore it contains an enormous diversity of training exercises and videos. This app is suitable for almost everyone since It is one of the hybrid apps so it means that It's available on Android as well as on the iOS platform.

But the best thing about this app is the fact that it is helpful no matter where you want to exercise. Whether it is a gym or your home it provides clever guides and exercises that even don't require any equipment.



ChefSteps is a high-tech cooking company dedicated to revolutionizing the way people prepare meals. The ChefSteps team collaborated closely with Ionic co-founder and CEO Max Lynch to make sure that this app would be an excellent example of the capabilities of app development with Ionic.

“I like to say that it teaches you to cook like a real chef at home. There are some tutorials that are really serious, making top-quality recipes that you might not ordinarily learn at home,” said Max Lynch.

Users may use this Ionic app to access video lessons, recipes, and useful tools that will help them in the kitchen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps


Joule is an amazing Ionic app. First of all, it is an application with tips, recipes, and cooking instructions, but the factor that sets it apart from a million similar cooking applications is that Joule can connect to a smart device in your kitchen and control it in such a way that your dish is perfectly heated, fried, or cooked.

Joule is one of these mobile apps that approaches the problem from a completely different angle, and her use of smart devices proves it. Instead of giving inaccurate advice, Joule will advise what temperature our water should have, how much time, and on what mode we have to bake the chicken or when we should flip our stake.

From their App Store description, we can read "Joule App includes groundbreaking features like Visual Doneness, precise temperature control from anywhere, and a robust collection of recipes and cooking guides created by the ChefSteps team." This is an app developed by using the Ionic framework and it's completely free on multiple platforms.



The Ionic framework-based Cryptochange is a cryptocurrency tracker app. This program is said to keep track of over 100 different cryptocurrencies. Apart from obtaining knowledge about cryptocurrency's history, you may utilize this app to buy cryptocurrency.

You can also use this application to find out how volatile the said cryptocurrency's value is at any moment of the day or week. You can save any coin which is available in Cryptochange as a favorite. Additional information such as the rank of a coin or the current market capitalization is also displayed.

Do you want to know which coin has the highest value increase for different periods? You can search through various native or ionic apps, but Cryptochange has developed another area for bitcoins and altcoins in which the exchange rates are sorted according to the respective percentage.



The free Ionic app Untappd is a social networking platform dedicated to beer enthusiasts. This app lets them discover new beers as well as find the popular ones in and around the world. Five icons are among the most prominent items on each display of the app. These symbols represent a profile view, activity feed, finding friends, searching for neighbors, and notifications.

This app is popular since it allows you to earn points and badges for drinking like Untappd Groupie.

During app development, you may face many adversities. Sometimes, however, a new perspective is a good solution. That's what Greg Avola, co-founder, and CTO of Untappd and his team did, “Our app was always built with Cordova, but our code had turned into spaghetti, as we were not really using a framework,”.

Avola also said something about how Ionic helped their project, “Ionic seemed the perfect match of our need for dynamic binding and easy, simple UI elements.”



Shipt is a delivery service that works similarly to those provided by Just Eat, Uber Eats, and others. You simply provide your zip code, and the algorithm returns nearby grocery shops. After that, you “do your shopping” remotely and place an order. Then a Shipt employee fills your order and delivers your groceries to your home the very same day. There is nothing better than having a service like this these days.

With a curated marketplace of retailers, Shipt offers access to a variety of stores and product categories including fresh foods, household essentials, wellness products, pet supplies, and alcohol.

You may also include specific grocery instructions to ensure that your shopper receives everything you require. It's not only time-saving, but it may be a lifesaver when you really need something but can't obtain it yourself. Shopping couldn't be easier with its stylish design made possible by using the Ionic framework.



The well-known Diesel brand has its own Ionic app. It aids the sales team in generating reports and analyzing each Diesel shop and product. Furthermore, it helps the company in finding new methods to market themselves.

The Diesel app makes use of MobileCaddy's OTA-style apps updates and offline-first behavior, which was required owing to the business environment in which users do their line-of-business duties.

“We believe Ionic is the best hybrid framework for us to offer to Salesforce enterprise clients, because it has the benefit of being stress-tested across large quantities of consumer-based users, along with the flexibility and speed that enterprise-grade apps need,” says Justin Halfpenny the CEO of MobileCaddy.

Because of the Ionic framework, the app boasts excellent performance and high-quality UI, making it appear and feel like a native app.

StockPlan Connect


Ionic Framework is a framework for developing hybrid mobile applications that are also capable of working as online components. One of the most difficult apps to construct on the Ionic platform was StockPlan Connect, which aims to reach people who have opened Morgan Stanley stock plans. People can use this app to sell a stock, check their balance, and improve their stock performance in the future by utilizing clever predictions.

Furthermore, the app utilizes dynamic data visualization to provide users with an illustration of essential investment data. This feature allows you to understand the market better and generally simplifies navigating the data, for both experienced and new users. The versatility of this application made with the Ionic framework does not end here. The app support over 110 currencies and 12 languages.

The program also has a Knowledge Center, which may be accessed by the user to gain access to online educational materials. To access this app you must be a stock plan participant with plans serviced by Morgan Stanley and have previously registered on their website.


The Ionic framework has thousands of apps that are among the most popular in the Android and iOS stores. The apps are cross-platform, which means they're built with a single codebase that works on both Android and iOS devices. Ionic templates may help you streamline your app creation process, as previously said. So if you have a mobile app idea, and consider creating your own application in Ionic, or in any other solution, get in touch with us!

We hope you have been inspired by these Ionic apps and that we have shown what Ionic is capable of. It makes app development much easier and gives you a lot of possibilities. So if you have a mobile app idea, and are considering creating your own application in Ionic, or in any other language, please contact us. We are always happy to help.

If you are unsure what to look out for when choosing a software development company to develop your Ionic-based solution, head out to "Choosing the right software partner - guide (2022)".

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