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13 Examples of Successful Angular Apps

13 Examples of Successful Angular Apps



There are plenty of companies that use Angular technology, including airline, finance, and publishing. To provide a simple user experience, they leverage Angular to optimize their web pages and mobile apps.

Popular websites employ Angular to create a more user-friendly aesthetic. These include email service providers, information databases, and stock photo galleries. The top enterprises that utilize Angular will be presented in this article. But what exactly is Angular? Continue reading to learn more.

What is Angular?

Angular is a JavaScript framework that is part of the Big 3 - React, Vue, and Angular. It's a full-fledged package for frontend development with an excellent MVC architecture, directives, two-way data flow, and dependency injection.

Google created Angular for the frontend development of dynamic web pages using JavaScript. Originally, it was launched as Angular JS, but it was completely reworked, and a new version - Angular 2 - debuted in 2016.

Angular is a popular frontend framework for developers wanting to build a user-centric web application. Angular sites are highly adaptable, feature-rich, and simple to use.

Angular is a perfect structural framework for creating dynamic web applications. Angular makes it simple to create websites. Web developers may rapidly develop dynamic online applications with MVC architecture, HTML templates, bidirectional data flow, and expandable template language.

What are the advantages of Angular?

Advantages of Angular

Built and Vetted by Google

Google engineers have maintained every Angular version since its debut in 2016. The continuous maintenance of Angular by Google has established a large community for individuals and businesses to learn from.

It also implies that clients can get what they want quicker. Companies that use Angular can quickly outsource and hire vetted frontend developers, as the framework is now open-sourced.

Efficient Design Architecture

Many organizations that employ Angular manage web apps with hundreds of features and components while still attempting to achieve acceptable page loading speeds and user engagement.

Angular's modular architecture and cross-platform architecture enable fast development, so teams can quickly deploy ready-to-use apps.

Code Reusability

Developers can reuse code to create new applications because of its modular code design and split components. It enables businesses using Angular to easily transfer features from earlier versions to new releases or entirely different web apps.

Reusability is crucial for small and medium-sized companies wanting to create large-scale business apps.

Angular's advantage in the web app market is that it can be reused across small-scale and large-scale applications.

By integrating Angular into the frontend, businesses may ensure that their application's scale matches their business demand over time by using it.

Faster End-to-End App Development

In the software development life cycle, 'Angular' has an excellent model-view-controller (MVC) architecture that encourages faster development, testing, and maintenance. The MVC design pattern is a web application development process method.

The MVC architecture has become popular among businesses for isolating application logic from the user interface layer and encouraging a separation of concerns.

Developers would previously struggle to integrate logic, and things would become very chaotic. With Angular's inclusion of MVC logic, applications become easier to update, reduced development time, and collaboration between many developers becomes possible.


The directive was created in Angular JS and has evolved more with each update. The directive alters the behavior and data of DOM trees by manipulating their structure.

You can enhance your user interfaces and provide a better user experience by utilizing this technique. Furthermore, because directives are used in Angular websites, they have excellent performance and efficiency.

Two-way Data Binding

Two-way data binding is used in Angular, making it simpler to maintain consistency across layers. It's beneficial to have a bi-directional flow of information between the components. Any changes made in the View layer are instantly updated in the Model layer, thanks to the two-way binding. It ensures that all layers remain in sync without requiring any additional effort or cost.

It translates to time savings and cost savings for enterprises that employ Angular.


Angular is a cross-platform development framework. You may create projects for various platforms, such as progressive web apps (PWA), native mobile apps, and desktop applications. Furthermore, many popular operating systems, such as macOS, Linux, and Windows, support Angular.

Built-in Support

Angular has a wealth of pre-built code libraries and components to help you with everyday chores. The Angular-CLI project includes essential foundations such as RxJS, making it easier for coders to work.

It also has many APIs and frontend libraries that can be used to extend functionality, eliminating the need for extra plugins or component libraries.

Some interesting facts about Angular

Some interesting facts about Angular

The Angular development framework, which is ten times faster than its precursor Angular JS, is developed and maintained by the technology company Google Inc.

The concept of Angular is unrivaled. Nobody else employs this technique. Unlike other platforms, Angular is a "next-generation" platform that may be used with any additional development tool.

The architecture is based on the concept of MVC, but it adds additional features such as Router, Dependency Injection, Data-Binding, and TypeScript.

Superpowers of Angular Apps

Aside from its cross-platform capabilities, Angular provides businesses with a tried and true framework based on one of the most widely used programming languages.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are another feature of Angular's development that the addition of native modules has accelerated. A PWA is a mobile-optimized website that behaves similarly to an app on the user's device, using technologies such as push messaging and background sync.

13 Popular Websites Built with Angular Framework

Angular is actively used in various industries, including food, finance, eCommerce platforms, and email services. It may be used to develop all sorts of websites worldwide because it's utilized by businesses worldwide.

Because of its high capability and robust features, Angular is suited to every company and sector worldwide. Its pre-built components established community, and comprehensive libraries show it is a valuable web development tool.

The following businesses have effectively created their websites with Angular, giving users a rich online experience.



Google is a multinational IT corporation that provides internet-related services and digital products. Google Play Store, Google Voice, and Google Arts & Culture are just a few of the applications written in Angular.



Gmail was created by Google (the company that developed Angular and continues to promote it) in 2004. In 2017 it had a subscriber base of over 1.4 billion people. With that number of active users, Gmail has become the most widely used free email service. Google offers Gmail users a choice of more than 100 languages.



Youtube is a video-streaming firm that uses Angular and AngularJS to create its applications. The YouTube TV platform allows you to watch television channels over the Internet, while the PlayStation version of the YouTube app is built on the Angular JS framework.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office

It is where Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook reside. This one doesn't require much explanation since it includes Microsoft Office Online, which provides free access to these programs in addition to OneNote, a separate online calendar, and OneDrive, a free online storage service. With subscriptions to Microsoft Office 365, subscribers get the most recent versions.

Microsoft was also responsible for the creation of TypeScript, which is a native language in Angular.



Many people believe that the finest Microsoft-owned Angular website is Xbox.

The Xbox is Microsoft's online gaming and content distribution service for the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One video game consoles. You may play games against other people online on this platform and download demos, trailers, and even full games from the Xbox app.

The official Microsoft Xbox site developed with Angular is sleek, immersive, and highly appealing. The site is designed with a playful touch and offers various games for both offline and online play. It has easy navigation and a dash of fantasy for younger audiences. It can handle significant traffic while still providing an enjoyable experience to users.



Mixer is a free video game streaming software and service produced and released by Microsoft, which has gained favor among comparable rivals such as Twitch and Youtube Gaming.

Mixer adopted Angular into a video streaming application, in contrast to other businesses that utilize it.

Mixer, the world's first game-streaming platform launched in 2016, uses Angular to enable real-time single-page data updates.

The software also includes creating and managing streaming schedules, moderating live streams, co-hosting channels from your channel, and receiving notifications when channels you follow start streaming.



Another web service that utilizes Angular to connect several geo-locations to the website is Weather.com, a weather forecasting platform. The site also offers real-time news, live broadcasts, and facts, as well as amusing stories, in addition to predictive weather forecasts.

Wearther.com has a basic, straightforward layout with a few blocks but includes a wealth of weather-related data. It also contains high-definition videos of overhead shots and other news.



Forbes, the subscription-based magazine empire, has already broken new ground in April 2020, with 173.5 million page views.

The publishing firm uses Angular JS in its front end to boost page loading speed and adaptable user experience.

Stories and articles may be instantly updated for subscribers to see in Angular, thanks to the web interface's real-time rendering.

The Guardian

The Guardian

The Guardian is a well-known newspaper in the United Kingdom that is regarded as the best in its field. Thousands of individuals see the Guardian's website daily because it delivers trustworthy news worldwide.

The staff of developers behind the news web app built with AngularJS created a very readable and accessible internet application that provides world news to everyone who visits it.



PayPal is a popular online payment system that is used all around the world. PayPal uses Angular to create cutting-edge security measures.

The PayPal website and its mobile application are both built on the Angular JS platform and have shown to be effective in handling real-time transactions.

Using the online money transfer system is a safe, secure, and simple procedure even for individuals unfamiliar with internet technologies. With checkout.js, an Angular software, sending money over the Internet may be completed in only a few minutes.

PayPal does not integrate third-party payment systems for authentication or reviewing receipts, as in other online money transfer applications.

Deutsche Bank

Deutche Bank

Another example of an Angular website is Deutsche Bank AG, a German multinational corporation that provides investment and financial services. For its developer portal's front page, it employs AngularJS.

Deutsche Bank's developer portal allows developers to use the bank's API program to connect the transactional systems to their online applications.



Upwork is a popular location for freelancers and businesses seeking remote employment arrangements. It uses Angular components in its technology architecture to create a flexible one-page web application that appeals to its users.

Udacity - Web Development Online Courses


In today's world, eLearning and online courses are gaining popularity. Udacity is the most well-known provider of eLearning in the world. The web page for Udacity's services was designed using Angular with security and seamless distribution in mind.

Udacity offers a variety of courses on several themes, such as programming, data science, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and more.


Angular is a flexible platform that lets you modify the functionality and interactivity of your web applications to improve them. Single-page web apps like Gmail and Upwork, powered by Angular, made it possible.

The Angular development framework allows developers to create app-like experiences using modern web platform capabilities, known as Progressive Web Apps. Developers are empowered to recycle their code with other less-experienced developers, allowing them to create basic templates quickly. Both AngularJS and Angular are excellent options for web and mobile application development. When developing dynamic single-page applications, AngularJS should be chosen over Angular 2 since it works on various platforms.

The success of a website is determined by its popularity. This article contains the most effective Angular websites and web applications on the Internet today.

Angular has an extensive range of features, making it ideal for all your program needs. AngularJS apps can be well-written and effective thanks to the many capabilities it provides.

mDevelopers will work with you to develop the proper web solution for your firm. If you want assistance, our Angular developers can give expert help throughout the web app development process.

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