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Simple Coding Project Ideas

Simple Coding Project Ideas



Learning to code allows you to create excellent digital products and follow changing trends. Coding is a creative process that results in your own software products.

As a software development company, we employ many programmers who create excellent mobile and web applications. We focus on the latest technology trends, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Our wide tech stack allows us to create products that meet all the requirements of users and investors.

Please read our article and find out how to start your coding adventure.

What is a Coding Project?

Coding projects are simple applications that novice programmers should work on to improve their programming skills.

New developers often find it easy to create these types of apps because they usually have one function, such as a to-do list app or a random number generator, and can be conceptualized and built from beginning to end without help.

Coding projects challenge you to find the most effective programming language for a specific task and force you to plan out the project structure and add features. It makes coding projects an excellent introduction to actual working life as a programmer.

Coding Project Ideas

Fun programming projects are designed to teach new programming skills and show that you can have fun simultaneously.

Below you will find computer programming project ideas that require writing high-quality code, logical thinking and working on a user interface.



By creating a calendar, you can use some of the built-in libraries for programming languages. For example, if you want to create a Gregorian calendar, Python has a module you can use as a data source.

This project can be approached in several ways, which does not mean either way is better or worse. You can focus on maximum simplicity and create a calendar that shows the dates and days of the current month. You can also make the calendar have more functions, such as marking the birthdays of loved ones or reminding them about appointments.

Duplicate Text Checker

Duplicate text can be a helpful tool for learning how to analyze and interpret the text. It is an essential skill for any mobile & web developer.

The idea is for the text checker to locate and remove duplicate entries. The task may seem simple, but it teaches logical thinking and consistency.

Magic 8-Ball

Beginner coding projects should be simple, fun, and inspiring. Magic 8-Ball programming meets all these conditions. This toy uses simple programming logic: the ball should display a different message each time someone shakes it.

As a developer, you need to bind a specific text string to a variable and then randomly select a specific variable each time the user shakes the ball. The task is quite simple, but it is fun and rewarding.

One-Page Website

If you're starting your journey in web programming, creating a one-page website is a great place to begin. This is another of those fun coding projects which are perfect for your portfolio if you're planning on becoming a web developer. It's not only fun, but it will also showcase your skills to potential employers. To begin, you need to construct the foundation of your site. It includes brainstorming each section, its location on the page, and the corresponding styles. If you're stuck for inspiration, luckily, there are many sites you can use as examples. For those more experienced with a programming language, animations and saving user input data are also options to consider including in your project.

P2P File Sharing App

This project is exciting, but it is worth remembering that you shouldn't start your coding adventure with it as it requires more coding skills than beginners.

This project aims to enable computers to share files directly without going through a server. This type of system is called a peer-to-peer (P2P) system.

Developing a P2P file-sharing application will improve your coding skills related to tonetwork protocols, multimedia encoding, and storage architectures.

Ping Pong

Building a video game is a great way to do so if you want to learn programming skills like interactive features and dynamic results. For beginners, we recommend starting with a ping-pong game.

The game's mechanics are easy to understand and can be built using various coding languages. For example, if you want to make a game that can be played online, you would write the code in JavaScript and then use HTML and CSS to create a website where players can access it.

Stock Ticker

Stock Ticker

Stock Ticker is perfect for beginning programmers who want to see the advantages of using an API. Out of all the available stock APIs, choosing one will provide you with all the necessary data.

For this project, it is also worth considering designing the user interface. There are many possibilities for an attractive presentation of, for example, historical data or graphs showing trends. The new functions must be visually attractive, easy, and intuitive.

Weather App

Building your weather app is one of the best software engineering projects. This project involves learning how to program applications that use data from third parties.

The data for your weather app can come from an API, such as the one offered by OpenWeatherMap. After you learn how to use the API, all the data you need will be accessible.

The weather application can be a simple or a very complex project. The scope of this project depends on you.

If you're looking for a simple project, you can display the numbers for a specific day. If you want something more demanding, try to copy functions from other applications, such as automatic location detection and graphics showing different types of weather like many popular weather apps have.

Promoting Your Coding Projects

Promoting Your Coding Projects

As already mentioned, the main goal of coding projects is to acquire new programming skills. However, these projects can also be used to build a portfolio so that their creator can present their work and find a suitable job to suit their qualifications.

Below you will find a few tips on where to promote your projects.

Personal Website

A personal website is the first tool to promote your projects. It is worth making every effort to present these projects attractively and originally because, for many people, it will be a kind of business card.


Prepare your projects in the form of a portfolio. It is the favorite form of all recruiters. If you have many projects, think about the criteria by which you will present them. There is no one-size-fits-all answer here. You can sort projects according to the types of programming languages or according to the industry to which they were dedicated. You can also sort them chronologically so that they show your progress as a developer. The number of possibilities, in this case, is infinite.


LinkedIn is a fantastic way of getting attention for your latest projects. Using the featured sections on your profile, you can showcase the achievements you are most proud of.


Adding your projects to GitHub is a great way to show off your coding skills to recruiters. They will be able to see the code you wrote and how you implemented the project. You can also include a Readme file that discusses your thought process and how you built the project.


Coding projects require learning new skills and translating theoretical knowledge into practical application. The created applications will also help the novice developer to become known in the software industry, as a portfolio of many exciting projects will surely interest recruiters.

Creating digital products gives enormous satisfaction, so learn to code. However, it is worth remembering that programming is a field where you have to learn and develop all the time because it requires constant, dynamic development of technology. Check out our wide portfolio and see what fantastic products our experienced programmers create.

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