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Most Exciting Goal-Tracking Apps

Most Exciting Goal-Tracking Apps



These days, goal setting and planning are part of our lives - both private and professional. Unfortunately, often despite a clearly defined goal, we fail to achieve what we set out to do. While the unrealized goal of losing 2 kg does not have serious consequences, failure to complete mobile app development within the assumed time limit will undoubtedly have financial consequences.

Very often, the reason for failure is the lack of tracking our path to achieving goals. A tool that can help us with this is the goal-tracking app. The goal-tracking app enables you to manage your projects by monitoring project progress, so you have full knowledge of where you are on your way to achieving your goal.

Importantly, these types of applications can be used individually and by entire software development teams that, considering the software development life cycle, work on creating an application or website development. A good tracking app should allow companies to track the progress of work on projects, provide transparency, timely implementation of tasks, efficient use of resources, and define all crucial aspects related to achieving the goal.

Why is Goal Tracking so Important?

Just setting goals is not enough to be successful. Monitoring goals helps to achieve them. Therefore, each goal must be monitored on an ongoing basis because smart goals are built on a ladder of tasks, so implementing each subsequent task brings you closer to achieving your goal. Tracking complete tasks is very important because it allows you to keep control over the entire process of achieving goals.

In addition, goal tracking helps you stay motivated and synchronize efforts when the whole team is involved in the process. Then not only personal goals are essential, but also the goals of the entire team.

The essential benefits of target tracking include the following:

  • Strengthening motivation
  • Ensure focus on specific tasks
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased productivity
  • Increasing openness to non-standard ways of solving problems
  • Accelerating the process of achieving the goal
  • Help in developing good habits and eliminating bad habits.
  • Reducing the risk of failure
  • Strengthening teamwork

Targets can be monitored traditionally, i.e., with a piece of paper and a pencil. Still, this method is not very effective in today's digitized times. There are many apps out there that can help you stay on track when it comes to achieving your goals. Whether you're trying to lose weight, save money or get fit, these tools can be a great way to keep yourself accountable and motivated.

Most Exciting Goal Tracker Apps

The best goal-tracking app allows you to track the progress of your tasks, has a motivating reward system, and allows the user to show off their progress to specific people (friends, family, team members, etc.). The application and its functions must meet all your requirements because this tool is supposed to help you, not frustrate you. Many free goal-tracking apps are available for Android and iOS devices. Below is a list of 9 mobile apps worth considering when choosing a goal-tracking app.

  • Strides


Strides is one of the best goal-tracking apps out there. It is available for iOS users. The main advantage of this application is its flexibility, as it offers four different types of trackers. Thanks to them, the user can control a single goal and the entire project, create new habits, and know the average time to complete a given task.

Strides is also distinguished by a highly intuitive dashboard, where you can see all your goals in one place. You can prioritize tasks with tags and set reminders. Setting goals is also straightforward and requires only 3 simple steps. To facilitate tracking goals, the application allows you to synchronize all your devices to check your progress regardless of time and place.

The basic version of the application is free. You can also purchase a monthly plan.

  • is a fantastic goal-tracking app. If you want to develop a new habit or get rid of another one, consider using this app. is available for both Android and iOS users. The main distinguishing feature of is simplicity: select the habit you want to work on from the list, and you're done. You can share the progress of your work with the community, and you can also observe the struggles of other users who have chosen the same goal to achieve. In addition, the application has a reward system, which affects users' motivation.

The basic version of the application is free. However, you want to be able to use personal coaching conducted by specialized trainers. In that case, this option is paid extra.

  • ClickUp


ClickUp is another goal tracker app. It is aimed at individual entrepreneurs, large teams, and companies to help them achieve their goals. The main distinguishing feature of ClickUp is the massive number of functions that allow you to manage projects and goals and coordinate the entire team's work. This application increases productivity in all phases of the project and tracks progress toward completing each task. With this track goals app, you can set individual and team goals, which significantly impact productivity.

The app is free. An attractive cooperation model is prepared for entrepreneurs, the price of which depends on several factors, such as the team size or the subscription's length.

  • Way of Life

Way of Life

Way of Life is probably the most refined application in terms of design. But in addition to being beautiful, it also has many unique and innovative features that make it highly appreciated by users. To use this app, decide which habit you want to adopt or lose. After that, set a goal, and the app will send you daily reminders of your progress. Way of Life track progress on each task separately, which will only make it easier for you to achieve your goal. The application shows you daily progress in implementing your tasks using clear charts. In addition, you can take notes on a given task directly in the application and share them with others.

It is one of the most interesting free goal tracker apps available for iOS and Android.

  • ATracker


ATracker is a brilliant app for those who want to learn how to manage their time effectively. It is especially helpful in managing routine tasks. ATracker monitors how you spend your time. It will help you manage routine tasks to focus on more critical ones. When you start tracking your time for daily repetitive tasks, the app will present it as a graph. Thanks to this, you will know exactly how much time each task takes you. ATracker will show you statements from the last day, week, month, or other range you specify. You can share your graphs and your progress on social media.

ATracker is a free application available for both iOS and Android devices.

  • Habitica


Habitica is a very original application and stands out from other goal tracker apps. It may seem unusual, but Habitica helps you build habits and increase productivity by playing exciting games. So if you're a fan of games, this app will surely be perfect for you.

The games involve different tasks, and after completing a particular stage, you get rewards with which you can level up your avatar. The prizes are specially selected for game fans. Don't be surprised if you get combat armor, magical pets, or accessories to fight monsters. You have to be vigilant because, in addition to the fact that the application rewards you, it can also punish you for bad habits.

Habitica has a large community that shares its progress toward achieving goals with each other.

The app is free for individual iOS and Android users. The business version is additionally paid.

  • Toodledo


Toodledo is the most flexible goal-tracking app. It offers many functions, so you can perfectly match it to your needs and preferences. It offers to-do lists, the ability to write long notes, creates custom lists, structure outlines, track habits, and much more. You can boast of your successes to your family and friends because the application also has a function.

In addition, the application offers many organizational facilities, such as the ability to create folders, tags, or search filters. In addition, Toodledo imports and exports data from other applications. If all these features are too much for you - don't worry. Toodledo also offers the option to turn off reminders and other distractions, making the application a breeze.

Like the previously discussed applications, this one is free and available for iOS and Android users.

  • Goals on Track

Goals on Track

Goals on Track is an app for setting and managing goals. It helps to achieve the goal by dividing it into smaller parts. It allows users to focus on one task at hand.

Goals on Track attaches great importance to the fact that your goals were in line with the idea of S.M.A.R.T., i.e., specific, measurable, attractive, realistic, and time-bound. It helps to increase motivation and productivity.

The application is intuitive, and the dashboard contains all the information you need to help you track your progress. An exciting feature is an ability to create a visualization of your goals to increase motivation. Task management features let you add tasks and take action toward your goals.

The application is paid and dedicated only to iOS users.

  • Clockify


Clockify is an all-in-one goal-tracking app. Both individual users and business teams can use it. The application allows you to set and monitor any number of goals, offering users many valuable features. Goals are divided into smaller tasks, which is a great help for users. You can track the time of a given task using a special timer, but you can also enter the time manually. A well-designed dashboard helps minimize wasted time and improves productivity. You can also track your progress offline. And detailed weekly progress reports can be exported and shared with the entire team.

The app is free and available for both Android and iOS users.


Goal-tracking applications have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Individual users and entire software teams or even large companies can use them. Goals can relate to everyday life but can also connect to huge business projects such as mobile app development. If you want to create your own goal-tracking application or need support with your project, make an appointment for a free consultation with our specialists. We have been creating successful projects for many years and love sharing our knowledge and experience.

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