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Managing robots - what a challenge!

Client: Skriware

Services: UI/UX Design, Product Design

Technologies: Kotlin, Swift iOS

Workshops: Discovery Workshop, Prototype Workshop

Karol Górnowicz

“It was a pleasure working with the mDEVELOPERS team. They are excellent in mobile applications development, they build a friendly environment of cooperation and they have delivered before the expected timeline.”

Karol Górnowicz

Skriware CEO


  • Delivered before expected time
  • Solution efficient in its performance
  • Support students' learning process
  • App easy to integrate with sensors in the future


According to Forbes magazine, the value of the edtech is worldwide set to reach $252 billion this year. Over 3,200 companies are reported on a platform Crunchbase, of which 43% are based in the U.S. The Edtech market requires continuous innovation from companies. It is a great challenge for the mDEVELOPERS team to help Skriware to be one of the best at it!


The Skriware team had the challenge to choose a leading mobile technology partner that will lead them through the process of redesigning and rewriting a mobile application. The selected software house should help to choose technology, native or hybrid for managing robots and understand STEAM learning process philosophy and students behaviour and needs.

mDEVELOPERS was asked to build a scalable, flexible and open for new integrations with new sensors interactions solution. At this project time was critical. Skriware needed to show investors a new version of a mobile application, so the mDEVELOPERS team had only three months for iOS and Android development.

Managing robots - what a challenge!


We were chosen as the best mobile technology partner and design agency. The mDEVELOPERS team knew that the timetable is critical. Workshops were established in the first week of our cooperation. Mockups were very focused on kids behaviour and interactions with the new interface. It was a time to start development.

We suggested building a native application in Swift and Java. It was obvious that the application should be built in those technologies. At that time React Native framework had only one thread on JS so you could not calculate and animate at the same time asynchronously. The Skriware application needed the high performance to manage with a lot of interactions and animations. It required a seamless motion of a robot. Those features were one of the main reasons to choose native programming languages.

A new application needs to be:

  • modular and configurable to work as different educational sets (Mars rover or a piano)
  • supported by the kid (without animator)
  • focused on components (user defined blocks) that allows build new app
  • scalable
  • redesigned for students behaviour and interactions
  • user-friendly
  • efficient in its performance
  • easy to integrate with planned sensors

Managing robots - what a challenge!


The best way to describe the results of the mDEVELOPERS team is to quote Jacob Zaborowski, Skriware's CTO. Jacob said that “mDEVELOPERS delivered a redesigned app with all required functions even before expected time and it was great. And… I would highly recommend working with that team. It was a great pleasure”.

Cooperation with Skriware is another example that the mDEVELOPERS team works. If you want to know more about us please contact us: [email protected].



Skriware will soon release a new mobile application that will have extended functionality and have new modern design. It will allow students to have greater fun from the STEAM learning process, pleasure from building new sets and ability to solve new tasks thanks to integration with new sensors.

The application developed by mDEVELOPERS is a robot programming interface. It allows kids of all ages to play “Mission to a Mars destination” adventure and build musical sets and many more. It has a user-friendly interface. Now students' learning process is supported without a teacher or animator.

Now the number of new possibilities to extend Skribot increased. The new architecture allows further integrations with planned new sensors, configure and scale solution.

The new interface of our app is great. Thanks to new functions developed by mDEVELOPERS students can have more fun out of it. I can not wait for the new release” - said Karol Górnowicz, Skriware CEO.

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