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If you want to build a web app that will have a well-structured and robust code under the hood, Laravel may be the answer.

Find out why Laravel is called the best PHP framework!

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 Laravel app development

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a web application development open-source framework firstly introduced in 2011 by Taylor Otwell. Building an application with it is web developers-friendly. It has several built-in features that limit tedious and repetitive activities in development, such as authentication or caching. In addition, thanks to such an ecosystem, the development team's work is made more accessible and much faster! Laravel is a server-side web framework that is responsible for the whole technical background of an app.

Why Laravel?

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks in the world. With many clients satisfied with the end product quality. If you are still not sure about the use of Laravel, take a look at its benefits!

Quick development

Quick development

Nowadays, having a web application is one of the best things a company can do to gain recognition and attract customers. If you don't have a web app yet, use a framework like Laravel to change it as soon as possible. Solutions used in Laravel make the development process faster than ever! Experienced Laravel developers can deliver more code than using other PHP frameworks.

Great security

Great security

Security is one of the most important things we pay attention to when developing. The Internet is constantly evolving, and so are cyber attacks. The framework is equipped with systems that protect against both CSRF and XSS, such as special filters to catch requests from unidentified sources. Applications developed in this environment are also protected against many attacks that take advantage of security vulnerabilities. What's more, thanks to its modularity, many different security solutions can be added to Laravel, which results in resistance to any attacks.

Smooth performance

Smooth performance

To ensure the best performance of your website, Laravel has the feature of caching implemented from day one. It allows the app to use fast data retrieval when the CPU is very busy, and page loading without caching would eat up forever. Depending on the needs, developers can also use various development tools that boost performance.



Building a web application using Laravel is a great option when it comes to saving funds. Compared to other web frameworks, Laravel is open-source, which means that you will have to pay only for web developers' time, not for the tool they're using for development. Moreover, because Laravel development is pretty quick, you'll pay for a lot less time.

Easy integrations

Easy integrations

The integrative nature of PHP Laravel comes in handy not only for developers but also for your business. It is because you will be able to connect your CRM or any other software that your company uses or will use to your newly created web application without any hiccups along the way.

User friendly

User friendly

The list of user-friendly solutions in Laravel is long, so start a project with us if you want to know more! If you target different countries, you can be sure that the language of an application will not be a problem because Laravel has built-in translation features. Then, if you want your web application to require logging in from the user, it will not be bothersome for him because Laravel has built-in solutions from the authentication family. To confirm that everything is working, the user should receive an email. Laravel has a mail API service that allows for easy integration with the mailing software.

See if Laravel fits your project needs!

If you are still wondering how to approach Laravel development in your project or want to hear more about it from industry experts - let’s get in touch!

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Communication during a project is crucial. That's why you'll have your dedicated contact, who will be happy to answer any questions you have about deadlines and organizational aspects. Your contact will also keep you up-to-date on your project as it progresses so that the final product is exactly what you've envisioned!


We're thrilled to be able to offer you help in building your Laravel web app, whether it's for a startup or an established company! We have years of experience doing this, and we know what works best. If you are looking for someone who can make the process as streamlined and enjoyable as possible, look no further than us. You'll get the expertise that will take your idea from concept through development to deployment with ease.

Work Culture

Our process is designed to make everything easy for you! When we start a project, our team will always be there when you need assistance. You'll have access to the entire crew, and all of us are happy to advise on any topic that comes up during development.

Business approach

We understand that your time is valuable! That's why our web application development starts with a free consultation - so we can help you decide which path will work best for you. But don't worry, because no matter what decision you make, we'll be there to guide and support you every step of the way.

Great quality

We have a motto that is fast becoming our hallmark. It's simple, but we've found it to be the keystone of any successful project: "Quality above all." We help clients across industries reach new heights thanks to brilliant ideas and innovative products tailored specifically towards them. More unique businesses looking for assistance in launching an MVP are sure not disappointed when they turn to us either!


We're here to guide you through the process of building your Laravel app from scratch or rebuilding it. We'll be with you every step of the way - whether that's by providing a simple meeting space for feedback and information exchange or by giving detailed resources on what we know best! If anything feels too overwhelming, don't hesitate to reach out so one of our team members can help alleviate some stress.

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Frequently asked questions

Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks for building modern web applications today. A friendly and powerful Artisan command-line interface has been integrated with Laravel to help developers build excellent web applications faster than ever before- based on the Symfony Console component! Artisan is used for managing database migrations or generating boilerplate code.

The Laravel framework is a popular and efficient way to develop web applications. Its elegant syntax, structure, scalability, and rich functionality make it an ideal choice for creating highly interactive websites. Moreover, Laravel works great as an API for many kinds of applications. Furthermore, the Laravel Framework integrates well with any third-party software. That's why many businesses so often choose it all across the world.

Laravel is a PHP framework with an expressive and elegant syntax. It utilizes the model–view–controller (MVC) architecture.

Let's start with the heart of Laravel - PHP. It is an open-source backend scripting language designed for writing web pages and web applications.

It is estimated that up to 80% of websites on the Internet are based on PHP. Frameworks created with it offer many code libraries where you can find pre-programmed modules.

The advantages of such a solution include faster development because developers no longer have to write each line of code separately and much better conditions for later maintenance.

Laravel operates on MVC architecture which divides the application into exactly as many parts as the abbreviation has letters:

M (Model) - data,

V (View) - an interface on which you can see the data and modify it,

C (Controller) - operations that can be performed on the data.

Structuring the application in such a way ensures that there is no clutter in it, and the code is well organized, which provides much more excellent stability for your web application.

Laravel uses the Symfony PHP framework as a skeleton but adds a lot of its logic and features that cannot be found anywhere else.

The list of Laravel's features is long; find out about the most important ones for your business!


Laravel has built-in translation solutions for easy multilingual web app development. It makes it ideal for websites that need to be translated into other languages or international projects.


Web development is all about making access fast and easy for the user. Laravel's expressive and unified API for cache backends enables web applications to be more efficient by taking advantage of lightning-fast data retrieval.

The result is always a tremendous performative web app!

Dependency Management

This feature allows you to implement various packages (including third-party) into a code without needing to do it manually. It makes using packages faster and fully compatible. Composer, which is a PHP dependency manager, is responsible for this.


Modularity is the degree to which a developer can combine, separate, and then recombine an app's components. Laravel's modular packaging system makes it easy to add functionalities to your application without building them from scratch.

Modularity enables you to develop large-scale applications quickly and efficiently while ensuring fewer errors.

Unique Unit-testing

Laravel framework offers a unique way to test a web app. With Laravel's built-in unit tests, developers can run several different cases and make sure that the changes don't harm the web app in any way. Website developers can also write the test cases on their own.


Authenticating is both the most important and one of the most time-consuming things in web development. Laravel makes it simpler and faster with an in-built authentication system that only requires models, views, and controllers to be configured for your app to work flawlessly.

Laravel comes in with its template engine called Blade Templating Engine. It can create great performative views by encoding templates into cached PHP code.

Compared with other templating engines, Blade allows developers to use plain PHP code.

Laravel has had 20 versions since its initial release. The list of its versions is as follows:

 Laravel 1
 Laravel 2
 Laravel 3 (3.1; 3.2)
 Laravel 4 (4.1; 4.2)
 Laravel 5 (5.1 LTS; 5.2; 5.3; 5.4; 5.5 LTS; 5.6; 5.7; 5.8)
 Laravel 6 LTS
 Laravel 7
 the newest Laravel 8

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