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 Swift iOS development

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Ensure the success of your native iOS app by partnering with a trusted and experienced Swift app development company. We have years of experience in native development, and we know what works best. If you are looking for someone who can make the iOS development process as streamlined and enjoyable as possible, look no further than us. Get the expertise that will ease your idea from concept to deployment.

Why choose Swift for native iOS development?

Built with security in mind

Built with security in mind

In Swift, developers have access to an advanced error handling system that can prevent common faults. This system transforms production and security testing functions, transforming a significant business advantage for those who have it.

Faster and more performant

Faster and more performant

If you are concerned with speed and the ability to perform well, native Swift development is your best choice. Swift apps tend to run faster than cross-platform ones because the Swift language is supported by the platform's ecosystem. Additionally, Swift allows for continuous integration, and deployment, because developers can code in real-time!

Feature-rich apps

Feature-rich apps

Developing an app with Swift gives you access to many of the native features people enjoy on their smartphones. Swift is also an excellent language to work with because it isn't hard, and there isn't much code. If you plan to implement biometrics, geolocation, or features that depend on Bluetooth in your app? Native applications tend to be easier and more reliable for implementing these functionalities.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

Swift has both debugged lines and the app's run-time code integrated into one single file, simplifying the process of maintaining code. After the design, app development, and launching of a new product, developers often encounter issues related to maintenance and running the code. But hiring a Swift development company can help by debugging an application to get it running in no time at all.

Future-proof and scalable

Future-proof and scalable

If you consider a product that will evolve over the years, native Swift iOS development will be your best bet. Unlike cross-platform frameworks, Swift is less likely to change dynamically and has more support among its community. Since it's a mature, well-supported language, Swift apps tend to stay ahead of the competing platforms because only one platform needs to be configured. Keep this in mind if you expect your app will scale or change in the future.

Excellent UX/UI

Excellent UX/UI

Developers writing native applications only have to write code specific to one platform, eliminating the need for compromises. Swift allows you to get a seamless user experience because it is used to build native applications. The native apps which focus on one given platform, have a clear and visual-appealing user interface that users always appreciate.

Find out how we can accelerate your native project

Native Swift app development projects are our strong side here at mDevelopers.

If you want to know how we can help you, meet with our CTO at Free Consultation.

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Why do clients choose us?


We have been creating native applications for over 12 years. Development of native mobile applications for a given platform is one of our main services. In addition to native development for iOS using Swift, we also do native development on Android using Kotlin!

Work culture

The moment cooperation starts, you become part of our team. We respect our customers very much; therefore, we want them to feel as safe as possible with us. Therefore, when you start working with us, you can be sure that you will become part of our team, and we will always keep you informed about what is happening with your project.


Our team is at your disposal, and we are happy to answer questions. If any questions arise during the cooperation, or you will want some functionality to be added, our team will be at your disposal. All the elements produced by us will be your property, and at the beginning of our cooperation, we will sign an NDA!


We always keep the set deadlines. The timeline will be created at the very beginning of the project. Thanks to this, you will be able to focus on your work and you will not have to worry about shifted deadlines.

Check how our process will work for you!

We approach each project individually. Therefore, meet us at our Free Consultation, and we will fine-tune our process to your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Swift is a powerful programming language primarily used for building iOS apps. Swift language has been extremely popular among iOS developers. In a recent survey of professionals from StackOverflow, it ranked as the 6th most loved programming language. Swift can make the development process faster and more rewarding. It helps them create stable, secure applications with impressive performance. Swift 2 is even faster than Objective-C, the most commonly used language for building Apple's operating system apps. If you would like to learn more about our Swift development services, get in touch with us!

Swift is a programming language created by Apple to develop iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It's designed to offer unprecedented creative freedom as well as ease of use. Swift source code is open-source, so anyone with an idea can develop it into something incredible.

Use a specialist; look at their experience. The application scope is not the only deciding factor. Often, customers select a contractor based on their portfolio. They might think, "these guys have already made an app for one restaurant, which means they'll do well making our app." But professionals on the development side know that similar previous work isn't necessarily proper for you. In other words, apps created from the same components and controls will have similar features. The chat functionality in a dating app may suit you better than the other applications developed for food delivery services. If your RFP is detailed enough, ask for estimated timelines and pricing. Customers often ask for an app but are unclear about what they truly want. They may try to compare the features and prices of different offerings before settling on a final decision. When a potential customer asks you, "How much does it cost to build a house?" imagine how we feel. To ensure that your product is quantified according to accurate particulars, provide a detailed description of your services in an RFP (documentation after Feasibility Study). This way, the proposals from interested vendors should be more accurate and can compare competitors without worrying about contractors misunderstanding specifications. If you would like to find out how we could help you in the matter of developing your iOS app, get in touch with us on our Free Consultation, where you'll meet our CTO - Peter, and CEO - Milo. Regardless of whether you are looking for mobile app development services or a dedicated team of Swift app developers, we can surely help you!

People spend in front of the smartphone screen approximately 4h a day, according to eMarketer research. It means that a smartphone application can be a full-fledged channel for generating business. The growing dominance of mobile apps makes it much more difficult, if not impossible, to stay on the market without such a tool. What's more, by having a mobile application, you have a chance to increase the visibility of your brand and reach a wider group of users.


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