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Whether you want to build or rebuild an application in Symfony, the mDevelopers development team is here to help.

Find out why it is worth investing in this PHP framework when creating a web solution.

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 Symfony app development

What is Symfony?

Symfony is a web application development open-source PHP framework and a set of reusable PHP components. It was firstly introduced in 2011 by Fabien Potencier and is backed by SensioLabs. This framework is responsible for the whole backend of a web application. Building an application means that it will be delivered fast and with excellent quality because of the built-in Symfony components such as form management, limiting tedious activities during development. It also leads to a more accessible work environment for developers and your future self! Symfony is most often used for large projects. However, we also have smaller projects made using it.

Why Symfony?

Symfony is used for many reasons, but mainly because of its benefits. Please take a look at them!

Rapid and quality development

Rapid and quality development

Symfony's components make creating web applications really fast! Instead of tediously rewriting lines of code, the PHP developer can use Symfony libraries, which allow to implement elements and focus on the essential things quickly. Such a solution lowers the development cost too! Many other competing Frameworks, such as Laravel , are based on Symfony components which only shows how valuable those are.



Symfony is built in a modular way, which means that it integrates easily with extensions (bundles) and has its PHP code libraries. Such a large number of additional modules allows you to create both large web applications for enterprises and smaller ones for SMEs / startups because there will always be a solution. Moreover, your application can be easily edited because it will be created on independent elements. That's what is called flexibility! With Symfony, you can build a whole complex system, make your framework or replace only a given element in an existing project.



The Symfony structure: Model View Controller allows for much better maintenance after the end of web development. It is because MVC divides the application into a business structure and a visible structure. Changes in given systems will not interfere with each other. Moreover, it is easier for developers to cooperate thanks to such architecture because everything is nicely broken up. Updating an application written in Symfony is a pleasure!



According to the official Symfony website, the Symfony PHP framework is already used by 600k developers. Symfony trumps any other PHP frameworks communities! Thanks to such a large technological community, it is constantly developing, and you can be sure that it will be supported for many years to come. Creating web applications using Symfony will always be successful from the technical point of view because we are great PHP experts. We are also supported by a multitude of materials provided every day by Symfony users.



Symfony is the perfect choice for your long-term needs, that's because it was developed by SensioLabs and is still backed by it. Thanks to that fact, Symfony comes in with guaranteed 3-year support for all the major versions, while security-related issues are supported for life! Taking all this into account, you can be sure that once created, Symfony web solutions will stay with you for a long time!



Nowadays, speed is crucial to keep the user with you. The bounce rate jumps by up to 30% with each subsequent second of loading! Fortunately, Symfony is considered to be one of the fastest PHP frameworks on the market. If you want the user to be satisfied with the performance of your application, Symfony is a good choice!

See if Symfony fits your project needs!

If you are still wondering how to approach Symfony development in your project or want to hear more about it from industry experts - let’s get in touch!

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During the Symfony project creation, we want to make sure you get the best possible experience. That's why we provide you with many ways of communication, such as daily meetings where we can answer your questions and keep you updated with progress on every move undertaken in the project. We'll also work hard to understand your idea so that what you envisioned will be achieved at the end of it all!


We love working with Symfony, and we do it since 2013, so be sure that you are dealing with experts, using only the best practices. It means that company size doesn't matter for us because our experience combined with the flexibility of Symfony lets us get on a project quickly and guarantee a quality end product

Work Culture

We're committed to our client's success. Once you contact us, we'll care for all your needs, focusing on delivering excellent customer service and quality artistry. We are excited to be a part of your team and happy to answer any questions you may have throughout the development process.

Business approach

Time is money, and that's why we are going to help you save both! We will analyze all the decisions you want to make and propose the best solutions for time and money. Moreover, we will do our best to understand your idea in 110% to propose the most convenient paths to success.

Great quality

We are the go-to company for any of your business needs. From new ideas to products, our quality assurance team is on top of it! Are you looking for a helping hand towards building an MVP? You can count on us too. We've delivered dozens of Symfony-based projects over the years and never had a complaint!


At mDevelopers, we are focused on help, so our services do not end with development from scratch. To understand you as well as possible and ensure your success, we have workshops, no problem if your application needs rebuilding. You can also always contact us for a free consultation where our CEO or CTO will assist you.

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Frequently asked questions

Symfony is a PHP framework based on components. It utilizes the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. Let's start with Symfony's heart - PHP; it is an open-source backend programming language used to write web pages and accounts for up to 80% of websites in the world! Frameworks offer many preprogrammed modules that make development faster. Developers no longer have to code each line themselves or search through libraries such as jQuery separately but can implement them right away into their projects without delay. Symfony business logic pattern - MVC. It divides the application into three separate sections: M (model) for data, V (view) as an interface to view and modify this information, and C (controller), which are operations that can be performed on our web applications. This structure ensures less clutter in your code, so you have more stability with high-performance levels. The components in the Symfony framework are nothing more than free and reusable PHP code libraries that cut down the routine coding tasks. Interestingly many PHP solutions are built on Symfony components.

As said before, SensioLabs developed Symfony, and, firstly, the initial release was in the year 2007. The name "Symfony" was created during brainstorming when the company decided to launch the open-source framework and needed to change its name from Sensio Framework.

Before version 5.0, developers could use both the Twig templating engine and PHP for templating. With the arrival of Symfony 5.0, PHP templating is no longer supported, and Twig has become the main engine. PHP templating was replaced with Twig because developers can write more readable templates and friendly web designers. These templates also offer many advantages over PHP templating languages because they're easier for developers to use and work with during the design process. Moreover, according to Symfony's official page, Twig is "{...}in several ways, more powerful than PHP templates."

It is an excellent question, and the answer to it is straightforward - tests. When writing the lines of code, we consider that there may be an error somewhere, so we carry out both unit testing and functional testing. That way, we are always sure that everything works at full throttle.

There are many PHP frameworks on the market, but the Symfony framework is one of the most popular. Symfony has many features that translate into its business benefits and more accessible work for developers (for example, PHP components that improve workflow and reduce repetitive code). The popularity of this framework is evidenced by the fact that a lot of books have been published about it. One of the oldest is "Symfony 1.3 Web Application Development" by Tim Bowler and Wojciech Bancer.

Symfony is used across many different web app projects, but the biggest ones include Spotify, Blablacar, Trivago, or Dailymotion. The world is full of Symfony-based Web Applications, and it is estimated that over 36k companies use this framework all across the globe.

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