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Feasibility study & Discovery Workshop

Feasibility Study and Discovery Workshop is an ideal solution for Startups and SMEs that are just having an idea for a great digital product or are starting work on creating one. 

This is the first step in a development that should be taken to ensure the success of the project. When you come to our workshop, you don't need to have the technical knowledge or a great budget. 

The whole purpose of ​​our workshops is to verify your idea/project in technical and business terms, with a small investment of time and money. Therefore, the workshops are run by our experienced CTOs, whose knowledge goes beyond the book, and they are eager to share it with you!

As part of this service, we guarantee you the creation of documentation with everything you’ll need in the beginning and further on. What's more, we will do our best to offer you the best paths, which you can choose when developing so that your product has a guaranteed stable position when entering the market.If you decide to stay with us, we have a complete process that will be waiting for you after the workshop. Avoid the risk trust the specialist!

Lack of experience or technical knowledge does not disqualify you

We have designed all aspects related to the course of the workshop in such a way that both an experienced Project Manager and a freshly baked Startup founder can benefit from it. During our service, we will ensure that we provide you with knowledge and a plan in a manner suited to your competencies. All this so that you can start building your product as soon as possible!

Complete roadmap and avoid costly mistakes

A trip at the very beginning of the road can be very costly and time-consuming to fix. Therefore, it is worth building your digital product well from the ground up, so that further development runs smoothly. To avoid mistakes, we will design a complete roadmap that will allow you to predict the development and acceptance of the project. Our expert knowledge and market experience are a guarantee of strong and stable foundations on which your project will be able to grow.

Understandable estimation

You no longer have to wonder what budgets and how much time your project will consume - we will provide you with all the necessary materials in this field so that you are always sure what resources you need. What’s more, we will explain in detail the aspects related to the cost of given functionalities, so that you always know what you’ll be paying for.

Our thoughts are yours

All documentation written during the workshops will be yours - it is your choice whether you want to stay with us after the discovery phase. And when it comes to your thoughts, they will also remain yours, because if you want we can sign the NDA.

Foundations for attractive mvp / mmp

If you want to create an MVP or MMP at a later stage, the materials and knowledge provided at our workshop will certainly make your task easier. We will also make sure to select the optimal MVP, which will not have unnecessary functionalities. Moreso we will analyze the possibilities of application scaling so that you can be sure that what will be created is future-oriented.

Increased chance of getting funding

By following the documentation provided as part of the workshop during development, your app has a much higher chance of catching the eye of investors than ever before. Our recent clients had problems with obtaining funding. After starting creating an application in accordance with our guidelines, they got it without any problems.

Greenlight for development

Immediately after completing the workshops, you will have all the necessary materials to start creating your digital product. Depending on your needs, you will be able to start creating it right away with us or evaluate the project with another contractor.

Everyone understands your vision

The documentation that will be provided as part of the workshop helps your vision to be understandable to development teams, designers, and business partners. Thanks to that you avoid misunderstandings during the project implementation, which speeds up work on it and saves your budget.

discovery workshop

Why Discovery Workshop ?

  • Written documentation summarizing the workshop output.
  • Software Development Plan.
  • Initial estimation of time and budget.
  • Located hidden pitfalls.
  • Definition of MVP (minimum viable product).
  • Validated idea.
  • Strong foundations of your product.
  • Product feasibility report.


Supporting interesting and innovative projects is in our blood. Therefore, if you have an interesting idea for a Digital Product, leave us your e-mail. We will contact you and check wheather you qualify for our free entry workshop!

your Experts

We know that the beginnings of both company and product are not easy, and finding a great CTO is simply hard. With this in mind, the workshop will be run by our CTOs - get to know them better

Peter Koffer

Peter Koffer

Chief Technology Officer

Our main CTO without whom we would not be able to create over 160 successful projects. His 13+ years of experience in the IT industry, in-depth technical training, and fact that he had contact with every possible architecture make him a great mentor and advisor in technical and business-related issues. His knowledge and experience translate into the fact that he is present during the entire SDLC from the Discovery phase through MVP, to the release of the end product and further support.

Matthew Owen

Matthew Owen

Chief Technology Officer - North American Region

An 8-time Inc. 5000 winner and a Built-In Chicago "Top 50 Startups to Watch" nominee. Matthew is recognized as a visionary force in the rapidly changing tech arena. His track record includes launching two successful startups, with expertise in all aspects of building companies. Matthew can boast of figures such as 25 years of professional experience in technology and digital transformation; 2+ million documented problems solved; 1000+ IT projects completed with a 99% success rate. Matthew is our North American Region CTO and advisor.

Find out if you are prepared to build a new product!

Areas of

We have extensive experience in many industries; that's why we know that every project is different and should be treated individually. Areas of our expertise include but aren’t limited to:

Enterprises  & Startups

& Startups



Real Estate

Real Estate








Asked Questions

Who will own the outputs of the workshop?

Everything that will be created during the workshops will be your property and you will be able to do whatever you want with it. Including the use of the collected documentation to check the offers of further development with competitors. If you are concerned about your idea, we can sign an NDA. Our workshop is here to help!

How long does such a workshop last and what is its cost?

Discovery & Feasibility workshop duration will depend on the scale of the project. The shortest workshop lasts 12 hours (8 hours of workshops with the client and 4 hours to create documentation). The cost is fixed at 100$ per hour.

I already have a technical team, so why do I need a workshop?

Participation in our workshop allows you to validate your idea / initial project and helps in identifying risk factors involved in developing and deploying the digital product. Planning for risk analysis also narrows the business alternatives and enhances the success rate by analyzing different parameters associated with proposed project development. All that with a relatively small investment in money and time. Your technical team can be of great support to us during workshops and on the other hand, we can support them in planning development perfectly.

What are the steps to join the workshop and what after it?

Our process is very simple and transparent. Click on any CTA on this page and give us your e-mail address. We will get back to you within 24 hours and offer the time of the initial intro call. Then, if you want, we will sign the NDA. Before the actual workshops, you should send us as many materials about the project as you can. All you need at the meeting is an open mind. After the workshop is over, you can stay with us and further develop your product or check the competition's offers. We will only add that development with us is an end-to-end service, so everything from the discovery phase to the release of the application and further support is done by us.


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