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Create cross-platform apps with a near-native feel and performance.

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We love working with Ionic, and we have had Ionic app development services on our menu since 2018. Our Ionic-based solutions were implemented throughout many industries, from Agritech to Insurance, and the satisfaction rate is always 100%. Our Ionic development team consists of highly educated and motivated developers who will be happy to be a part of your success!

Why choose Ionic?



The current Ionic version allows us to create lightning-quick applications, and the user can enjoy smooth 60 fps while scrolling. Regardless of whether your application is to appear in the apple app store or google play store, you can be sure that it will work efficiently and quickly on each and every device. Thanks to the use of built-in features of Ionic, such as accelerated transitions or pre-rendering, your application will be lightning fast.

Cross-platform app development

Cross-platform app development

Choosing a cross-platform solution means you don't have to create several separate native apps focused on each mobile platform. Ionic is a solution that allows you to create multiple applications based on a single codebase. The Ionic team can provide one code to rule them all! It is a great solution both in terms of saving time and money! By creating an application with Ionic, you can also save the budget and time of your company!



Even though Ionic is used to create apps for mobile devices, it is based on proven and stable web solutions. The components contained in Ionic are written in CSS, HTML, or JavaScript. Such a component structure allows for quick and easy changes in the application user interface. Ease of introducing changes allows for quick iterations of your application based on feedback from users!.



Ionic is a Software Development Kit, which means it has a lot of libraries that contain pre-created components for building an application. We can distinguish UI components, plugins, entire front-end code elements, and much more among these components! If you want your application to have analytics, payment, or mailing system, Ionic will allow you to integrate them easily.

Great UI/UX

Great UI/UX

Ionic comes in with adaptive styling, which is a revolutionary solution. It allows for providing a native-like experience of an app. Each Ionic component adapts to the platform's requirements on which the application is running. Basically, it means that each platform has its design language, and Ionic tailors the application to the given guidelines by imposing a theme. Therefore, the ionic hybrid app is indistinguishable from the native app, and the user experience remains at the highest level.



Ionic uses Cordova plugins which makes integration with native APIs very easy. Thanks to these plugins, Ionic app developers can access the native APIs and take advantage of functions like a flashlight, GPS module, camera, and more! Usage of such plugins saves time significantly because developers don't have to write new lines of code for every new integration. Instead, they can use ready-made ones from the Ionic library.

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Why do clients choose us?


We will help you with every challenge you face. Connect with an Ionic app development company that'll help you reach your goals. mDevelopers offers services that go above and beyond the basics. We focus on understanding our clients to provide them with unparalleled, tailored solutions for their needs - no matter how complex they may be! If you want to forge your idea into an existing app, let's meet at our Free Ionic app consultation!

Work culture

Starting a project with us, you will become a part of it. We're committed to ensuring that your experience with us is a successful one. We'll work hard on everything you need, from UX and UI design through development and maintenance, so that the end product will be exactly what you envisioned! However, if we notice that some functionalities can be improved, we will surely get in touch with you. Saving your time and money is our goal.


Applications are developed openly without secrets. Working with mDevelopers means full transparency. In the beginning, we sign the NDA to guarantee the security of your project, and then we go along the arranged process, so you always know at what stage your Ionic app development project is. We also provide you with daily, or weekly meetings, thanks to which you'll be always in line with current works.


We make sure our clients always get top-of-the-line work. Your business is our priority. We'll work with you to build the perfect solution for your needs, whether it be an MVP or a fully-fledged product! We've delivered dozens of Ionic-based projects over time and never had any complaints about the quality of the end product - we're always on top of things here at mDevelopers.

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We approach each project individually. Therefore, meet us at our Free Consultation, and we will propose a process that best suits your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Ionic is the solution if you want to build an application that will work on iOS and Android. Nowadays the bar has been set very high when it comes to mobile app development. However, the Ionic mobile app framework allows us not only to catch up with the competition but to overtake it. All this is because Ionic apps are built based on various web technologies, such as React, Angular, or Java. We can create hybrid mobile apps, progressive web apps, or even desktop apps using only one codebase thanks to such great flexibility! As we mentioned, Ionic development allows you to choose which user interface of the framework we will work in, which significantly speeds up the work and reduces costs.

Our productive Ionic development services are primarily used for cross-platform mobile app development. As we already said, it means that you can develop fully functional mobile applications for different platforms while using only one codebase! Ionic is based on Angular and uses web components such as CSS, HTML5, and Saas. It results in the fact that the possibilities of this framework don't end with just mobile applications. Ionic can be used for building dynamic web pages and even to create desktop apps! In a word, Ionic can be used to develop one app for various platforms. We can offer you Ionic outsourcing services, maintenance services, Ionic app migration services, end-to-end Ionic mobile app development, and more! Get in touch with us to learn more.

Let's start with the basics. The Ionic framework includes a library of UI components, which we mean when we talk about components. These are ready-made reusable pieces of code that Ionic developers can use instead of writing new lines of code themselves. Components are built with web standards (CSS, HTML5, and Saas). Simply put, these are the blocks from which experienced developers can quickly and effectively build your application. Ionic components are highly customizable, so developers can adjust them to your needs while saving meaningful resources. After all, time is money. Components differ depending on the platform they are used on. It's called theming, and it's a reason why the Ionic app is indistinguishable from a native app.

Ionic is a Software Development Kit and a framework. It is based on Apache Cordova and Angular. It uses web development technologies to build mobile apps. It means that Ionic converts code written in CSS, HTML5, and Angular to a great and flexible mobile app. Apache Cordova stands for implementing native elements, such as plugins or UI components. Ionic hybrid apps are a mix of native code and web code. Ionic consists of a vast library with various components, which Ionic professionals can use on drag&drop rules. Thanks to that fact, developers can easily construct interactive prototypes because mobile-optimized UI components can be quickly changed. Ionic apps are hybrid ones but are still retaining a native feel because of theming, which forces the app to look different on a given platform. When it comes to testing, Ionic allows you to use a device's browser built-in tools to test an app. It can be done anywhere, and a dedicated team of developers doesn't need additional developer credentials or access tokens other platforms need. Ionic app development is the best choice when you want to create an app for multiple platforms.


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