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Build your native Android app with a programming language endorsed by Google!

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 Kotlin app development

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If you want your application to run natively on the Android operating system, we're here to help. Our Android development services are based on the Kotlin framework, which Google chose in 2019 as the preferred language for Android app development. Our Android app developers are highly educated, and always ready to lend a helping hand. Create your native Android app the right way, with mDevelopers!

Why choose Kotlin for native Android development?

Fast development

Fast development

Writing application code in Kotlin is much faster than with Java or any other framework. Kotlin was developed with productivity in mind, after all, it was created by a Software Company. Kotlin has an intuitive syntax and clean language design. It means that development with this framework is an ideal solution if you want to develop an Android native app quickly.

Mature solution

Mature solution

Kotlin was created in 2011 and had only been growing since then. 60% of the top 1000 apps on the app store were made using Kotlin. Creators of Kotlin - JetBrain company constantly updates and improves this framework, so you can be sure that your application architecture will be supported for a long time.

Go-to native programming language

Go-to native programming language

Kotlin is a preferred programming language for Android app development. Google has endorsed it. Kotlin replaced another programming language - Java. After proving its worth, Kotlin was adopted by big players such as - Pinterest, Netflix, and Slack. In fact, in 2017, over 20% of Android apps were already developed using this programming language which proves that Kotlin is rising strong!

Reduction of bugs

Reduction of bugs

Kotlin code is much cleaner than it would be with Java. Clean code means fewer bugs and errors. The JetBrains company - creators of Kotlin put the code in the first place. That's why apps developed with Kotlin have a 20% lower chance of crashing, and features such as compiler help detect errors at compile time so that they never happen on runtime.

Quality code

Quality code

Kotlin code can be even 30% shorter than Java one. It is also well-organized. Thanks to that, technical debt is relatively rare in Kotlin apps. In software development, there is the phrase "technical debt". These are all quick fixes and shortcuts made by developers to make it before the deadline. The build-up of such treatments can cause the application code to stop working. Kotlin prevents this from happening.



Kotlin programming language replaced the previous programming language - Java but is still compatible. The project can be written in both Kotlin and Java at the same time. Thanks to this flexibility, Android application developers building your Kotlin application can use Java libraries containing Java files. Due to the fact that Java is one of the oldest programming languages, these libraries are very extensive. Their use significantly speeds up the time and quality of development. Moreover, a transition from existing java code to Kotlin is made super simple!

Looking for a solution that will make your idea come true?

If you have an idea for a native Android app, come to us, and we will be more than happy to forge it into a successful end product.

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Why do clients choose us?


We are experts in native Android development. Developing Android apps is one of our core services. We have had the great pleasure to build custom Android apps for companies from all over the world!

Idea forging

We will go above and beyond to fulfill your idea. When you come to us with your app idea, we will do everything we can, to make it come alive! Forge your idea into a successful Android app, with a trusted partner.

Focus on goals

We make every effort to guarantee your success. When creating an application for Android devices, you can be sure that this is the right decision. We start cooperation with workshops in which we set all the goals on which both we and the application focus!

Thinking out of the box

We always advise on choosing the best possible solutions. Software Development is an industry where there are no good or bad solutions. With this in mind, we will carefully analyze your project and propose solutions that will best suit it!

Kick-start your Android project with mDevelopers!

If you have any more questions or would like to start creating your native Android app now, meet with us at our Free Consultation.

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Frequently asked questions

Kotlin is the choice if you want to create an application focused mainly on the Android platform. In 2019, Google, the Android owner, announced that Kotlin is the official language of preference for Android developers. Kotlin fully cooperates with Java and Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which makes applications developed with its use very flexible, and the development itself is fast and hassle-free. More technically speaking Kotlin is a statically typed programming language developed by JetBrains - a Czech software company.

Kotlin is touted as the best way to develop an Android app and compiles to everything. Its concise syntax and better safety features make it more popular with developers. Kotlin and Java have strong ties because Java is Kotlin's predecessor, has a steep learning curve, and is less of an android developer community that can contribute fixes and updates for new operating systems. Java apps are capable but require verbose code while dropping errors in exchange for compatibility across all major platforms, which could be problematic if these issues don't get addressed before release. Java code is much more complicated than Kotlin code, so app developers have to fight tech debt and time when building a Java application. The most important element that proves Kotlin is superior to Java is that it is the preferred language for Android development.

We at mDevelopers use Kotlin for Android application development services. Thanks to the fact that Kotlin is an object-oriented framework development with its use is fairly quick and the quality of end-code is always at the highest standard! Over the years we've developed many successful Kotlin apps, so we know what the best practices are.

Kotlin is the best solution when you want to focus on Android. Over 500 apps in the top 1000 of the Play store are made with this brilliant framework. Kotlin can also integrate with android studio. It even has tools to convert Java to Kotlin! Kotlin also has extensive support for other languages like JavaScript and JavaFX or data science models. You can even use Kotlin in your builds with Gradle, thanks to its scripting capabilities, meaning you'll never have to choose between using a framework or building scripts again!

Boilerplate code causes a long development time for the application. Simply put, this is code that has been written once, but instead of "recycling" it, the developer writes it again. Kotlin prevents this from happening because the developer can create functions that he will use repeatedly, instead of rewriting the same code.

People spend in front of the smartphone screen approximately 5h a day, according to Statista research. This means that a smartphone application can be a full-fledged channel for generating business. The growing dominance of mobile applications makes it much more difficult, if not impossible, to stay on the market without such a tool. What's more, by having a mobile application, you have a chance to increase the visibility of your brand and reach a wider group of users. When you decide to cooperate with mDevelopers we can guarantee that this investment will pay off. If you would like to find out more about our Android mobile app development services, get in touch with us!

Yes. Custom Android app development, like any mobile app development, is an ongoing process. You will need to fix bugs that arise, update your app to suit changing market needs, and stay updated with evolving regulations. Our team provides ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your app offers high performance and grows in line with your business ambitions.

When it comes to native development, our main technology is Kotlin. Kotlin is the best choice if you want to create an application that works on Android platforms. Google, owners of this specific mobile operating system announced back in 2019 that Kotlin is now a preferred development language for Android developers. Ipso facto Kotlin took place of Java. More than half of the top 1,000 apps on the Google Play Store are written in this language. If you want your app to run on different platforms then we can offer you languages such as React Native, Flutter, or Ionic. All of those languages are made for cross-platform and hybrid app development.


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