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Do you want your app to run on Android devices? Nothing easier!

Entrust Kotlin - the modern programming language used by 60% of Android developers in the world, and officially endorsed by Google! Take a look at the benefits Kotlin can bring to your business.

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 Kotlin app development

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin should be the choice if you want to create an application focused mainly on the Android platform. In 2019, Google, the Android owner, announced that Kotlin is the official language of preference for Android developers. Kotlin fully cooperates with Java and Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which makes applications developed with its use very flexible, and the development itself is fast and hassle-free. More technically speaking Kotlin is a statically typed programming language developed by JetBrains - a Czech software company.

Why use Kotlin?

Kotlin has been chosen by thousands of developers and the creators of Android themselves. Find out why!

Strong Solution

Strong Solution

Kotlin is a preferred programming language for Android app development, endorsed by Google. It replaced another programming language - Java. After proving its worth, Kotlin was adopted by big players such as - Pinterest, Netflix, or Slack. In fact, in 2017, over 20% of Android apps were already developed using this programming language which proves that Kotlin is rising strong!

Reduction of bugs

Reduction of bugs

Kotlin code is much cleaner than it would be with Java. Clean code means fewer bugs and errors. The JetBrains company - creators of Kotlin put the code in the first place. That's why apps developed with Kotlin have a 20% lower chance of crashing, and features such as compiler help detect errors at compile-time so that they never happen on runtime.

Fast development

Fast development

Kotlin was developed with productivity in mind, after all, it was created by a Software Company. Writing application code in Kotlin is much faster than with Java or any other framework because Kotlin has an intuitive syntax and clean language design. It means that development in Agile methodology (in which we work) with this framework is an ideal solution.

Less code

Less code

In software development, there is the phrase "technical debt". These are all quick fixes and shortcuts made by developers to make it before the deadline. The build-up of such treatments can cause the application code to stop working. Kotlin prevents this from happening because the code developed with it is shorter and better organized. In fact, Kotlin code can be even 30% shorter than Java one. 

Mature solution

Mature solution

Kotlin was created in 2011 and has only been growing since then. Google estimates that 60% of the top 1000 apps on its store were made using Kotlin. JetBrain company constantly updates and improves this framework, so you can be sure that your application architecture will be supported for a long time.



Kotlin programming language replaced the Java programming language but is still compatible with it. The project can be written in both Kotlin and Java at the same time. Thanks to this flexibility, Kotlin developers building your application can use Java libraries containing Java files. Due to the fact that Java is one of the oldest programming languages, these libraries are very extensive. Their use significantly speeds up the time and quality of development. Moreover, a transition from existing java code to Kotlin is made super simple!

See if Kotlin fits your project

If you are still wondering how to approach Kotlin development in your project or want to hear more about it from industry experts - let’s get in touch!

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Being up to speed with your Kotlin project may be an uphill battle, considering the remote mode of our work. That's why you'll have a dedicated contact who can answer any questions and keep you informed about how things are going in order for the end product to meet YOUR expectations!


We're thrilled to be able to offer you help in building your Kotlin mobile app, whether it's for a startup or an established company! We have years of experience doing this and are experts at what we do. 

If looking for someone who can make the process as streamlined & enjoyable as possible look no further than us - You'll get expertise that takes the idea from concept through development & deployment with ease.

Work Culture

Let's work together and make everything easy for you! When we start a project, our team will always be there when you need assistance. You'll have access to the entire crew who are happy to advise on any topic that comes up during cooperation; it would be an honor if one of them could assist with your question or concern today - just send us an email at [email protected]

Business approach

Our team is here to do whatever it takes for you! We'll help find the perfect path that works with your schedule. Whether or not this means just one consultation, every decision makes sense because we're committed and passionate about helping people reach their goals without wasting any time along the way.

Great quality

Quality is our mantra, and we're convinced it's the foundation for any successful project. Everyone deserves high-quality products tailored to their needs! More unique businesses looking for assistance with launching an MVP will not be disappointed when they turn inwards us either--we've got you covered from start (MVP) all the way through launch day.


We're here to guide you through the process of building your Kotlin app from scratch or rebuilding it. We'll be with you every step of the way - whether that's by providing a simple meeting space for feedback and information exchange or by giving detailed resources on what we know best!



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Frequently asked questions

We at mDevelopers use Kotlin for developing Android apps mainly. Thanks to the fact that Kotlin is an object-oriented framework development with its use is fairly quick and the quality of end-code is always at the highest standard! Over the years we've developed many successful Kotlin apps, so we know what the best practices are.

Kotlin is touted as the best way to develop an Android app and compiles to everything. Its concise syntax and better safety features make it more popular with developers. Kotlin and Java have strong ties because Java is Kotlin's predecessor, has a steep learning curve, and is less of an android developer community that can contribute fixes and updates for new operating systems. Java apps are capable but require verbose code while dropping errors in exchange for compatibility across all major platforms, which could be problematic if these issues don't get addressed before release. Java code is much more complicated than Kotlin code, so app developers have to fight tech debt and time when building a Java application. The most important element that proves Kotlin is superior to Java is that it is the preferred language for Android development.

Kotlin is the best solution when you want to focus on Android. Over 500 apps in the top 1000 of the Play store are made with this brilliant framework. Kotlin can also integrate with android studio. It even has tools to convert Java to Kotlin! Kotlin also has extensive support for other languages like JavaScript and JavaFX or data science models. You can even use Kotlin in your builds with Gradle, thanks to its scripting capabilities, meaning you'll never have to choose between using a framework or building scripts again!

Boilerplate code causes a long development time for the application. Simply put, this is code that has been written once, but instead of "recycling" it, the developer writes it again. Kotlin prevents this from happening because the developer can create functions that he will use repeatedly, instead of rewriting the same code.

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