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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence sounds like it’s out of this world, but nowadays, such solutions can be implemented in companies of any size. With the help of such technology, you can take your business to the next level and unleash the great potential of your idea / existing product. No time to lose, let’s build your innovative app together!

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Custom AI development

AI implementation is a big step forward, so we make every effort to ensure that it is ideally suited to your needs. Come with an idea, come out with the product!


Do you have an application and would like to implement AI in it? At mDevelopers, we can rebuild your product so that the result is an innovative product for today's times.


If you want to create a new application based on the cognitive abilities of artificial intelligence, you could not have done better. We will guide you through the entire end-to-end development process.

Development process



Data acquisition & organization

Data acquisition & organization

Continuous maintenance

Continuous maintenance

Model building

Model building



Model learning

Model learning




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How can we help you?

AI integration

Thanks to our excellent experience in building software, we can effectively implement AI in your product. So if you would like to improve the performance or expand the potential of your product - both technological and business - we are here for you.

Machine Learning

Make your application learn and self-improve by analyzing large amounts of data with ML. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, your application will predict solutions and adapt to new situations.

Custom AI development

AI is a modern technology that has many great uses. If you are wondering how to use AI in your project, please contact us. We can forge your idea into an existing product. Let's meet at Discovery Workshops, during which you will tell us about your project, and we will advise you on how to fulfill it.


Use the latest technologies to gain recognition on the market, increase commitment and improve the user experience. Natural Language Processing can take many forms, from chatbots to search engines. It is a convenient form of communication between the company and the client, which can be adjusted depending on the company's profile and the expectations of its clients.

Process automation

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we can eliminate the burden of repetitive and boring activities that previously had to be performed manually by a human. Thus, reducing expenses and saving valuable time. Please find out more on our process automation page.

Deep learning

The computing power of the human brain is a fascinating topic. With deep learning, it is possible to make cognitive applications that work and learn just like humans do by using ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks). Deep Learning apps are capable of both supervised and unsupervised learning processes. Moreover, the learning process with DL is much more efficient than with ML.

Why is it worth implementing AI in the first place?

Reduced operating costs

People no longer have to perform routine and repetitive tasks, now AI supervision is enough. Let the algorithms do tedious work, and your employees will focus on more critical and developing tasks. In addition, thanks to the use of AI, we reduce the risk of errors and speed up processes.

Increasing customer satisfaction and retention

AI is used in many areas of today's life. From faster and safer security features such as face ID through ChatBots, the customer can always receive an answer to a question. These applications can recommend songs based on previously listened to. Thanks to greater personalization and adjustment to the needs of an individual user, all these solutions increase user engagement and satisfaction.

Increasing the productivity of your business thanks to Process Automation

Artificial intelligence can increase business productivity because it is much more efficient than a human - it does not need sleep, rest, or a coffee break. In addition, AI algorithms are constantly learning, so they continuously improve the processes they perform. If you are interested in the Automation Process

Still not sure about AI in your company ?

If you are still wondering how to approach AI in your company or want to hear more about it from industry experts - go to our free consultation!

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Why is it worth to implement AI with us?

Work methodology

We work in an agile methodology based on sprints. Thanks to this solution, we can introduce changes on an ongoing basis and always by your needs. What's more, cooperation is always based on conversation and mutual understanding, which is why workshops are an essential part of our software development. We believe that a person learns all his life, and it is worth sharing this knowledge.

Full development life cycle

We are a company that can create a product from scratch. We always start with getting to know and verify the idea, and then we create an accurate action plan and implement it. As a one-stop-shop company, we have specialists in various areas and technologies. If you only want an AI module - we will deliver it with the highest quality. If you're going to build an entire application based on artificial intelligence - we will help you in every aspect of your work. The scope of our cooperation depends on you. We are here to help you.

Knowledge of both ML and DL

Most companies on the market mainly offer Machine Learning as AI-related services. At mDevelopers, the customer always comes first. Our offer includes both ML and Deep Learning, thanks to which all services are provided by one subcontractor, which results in reduced costs and shorter delivery times. Regardless of whether you want your application to be more complex and learn without supervision or more straightforward and automate basic tasks, we are here to deliver.


Our AI team has had many successful projects to its credit, and our CTO is working on a Ph.D. in this field. The experience and knowledge gained allow us to advise on the selection of the best solutions, and the skills of our programmers allow for effective and safe implementation of AI solutions.


Want to experience the highest quality of our services?

If you want to experience the highest quality of our services firsthand, meet us at a 4h complimentary Entry Discovery Workshop. This service is always tailored to your needs so that the results are satisfactory.

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