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System that simplifies fleet management

Client: ReCargo

Services: UI Design, UX Review, Product Design


Every year, passenger ships are becoming more modern and the range of services offered onboard is still growing. This means that today's shipowners need tools that will manage both a single ship and their fleet. Our challenge was to create a system that helps to cover most of shipowners’ duties within a couple of clicks.

System that simplifies fleet management


We’ve created  allows to manage, among others staff, passenger list and their onboarding process. The module for administering the infotainment system on the ship is also very useful for longer trips. The most important functions of the system: solving logistic problems, crew management, passenger management, delivery management, management of the ship infotainment system, creating reports from critical systems.






UX Review

System that simplifies fleet management


The development of the system allows for: detailed planning of each cruise (cost, crew, passengers, entertainment), limiting the number of human errors by 80% and expediting the cruise organization time by 35%.

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